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Watch that horrific video again…..

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 13, 2015

…..while you are watching the news from Paris where early reports are that the killers are Syrians, have a look at that video about the invasion of Europe we told you about here last night.

Breitbart has linked a new copy of the video, click here.



On the streets of Paris…..


Europe is reaping the whirlwind now because they “welcomed” the invaders for decades and ironically France has moved quickly to close its borders tonight (too late!).

Are we going to wake up now?

12 Responses to “Watch that horrific video again…..”

  1. […] only seeing this news on the UK Mirror so far…..And, it isn’t clear if it is a result of the attacks in Paris by Islamic terrorists. Fire has reportedly broken out at the ‘jungle’ refugee camp in the […]


  2. […] it isn’t clear if it is a result of the attacks in Paris by Islamic […]


  3. […] Watch that horrific video again….. November 13, 2015 […]


  4. ELN said

    Reblogged this on ELLIOT LAKE News and commented:
    BUT … PM Justin Trudeau of Canada will still import 25,000 unknown “Syrian” foreigners, all in the name of “compassion”, of course.


  5. […] it isn’t clear if it is a result of the attacks in Paris by Islamic […]


  6. Watched this video yesterday on YouTube before it had its audio muted due to a music copyright infringement claim.

    Very informative, but I note that it insidiously builds an anti Jew narrative.


  7. […] Watch that horrific video again….. November 13, 2015 […]


  8. There is no doubt if we would of had a leader the last 7 years this crisis in Europe & here would not of happened. The world is a much much more dangerous place because we have an excuse for leadership.If America does not elect a strong leader on immigration in 2016 we will be Europe twice over.


  9. You are doing a great job Ann. You are not alone in this fight. I hope we in the US can organize/mobilize before its too late. BTW, I include your articles in my news reports at because you are attacking the invasion infrastructure.


  10. Thank you Ann — Let’s hope enough people finally start paying attention! Also, re: “….for decades…” –so true! wake up America -most of these terrorists in France/Europe ARE 2nd generation Citizens of these countries & INTENTIONALLY being Recruited (by the Thousands–No Exaggeration!) for that SPECIFIC reason!!


  11. lehi48 said

    The Public West of the to the California border minus a few pockets. The DC cadre, Wall Street and Academia are too smart to use common sense or try a ground level perspective where ISIS and the migrants will be coming from not top tier sports cars and yachts. This class if they’ve never lived Overseas amongst the people think the whole World is on the same wave length and responds to money and kindness. They’ll take both and still blow your head off.


  12. jstro61283 said

    Thanks Ann. Hopefully people will wake up but I wouldn’t count on it happing until it lands in their lap.


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