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Ed Hunter’s novel polling says it is Trump; French reporter gets a shock

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 15, 2015

I feel sure our friends at VDARE won’t mind if I post Maryland grassroots warrior Ed Hunter’s letter to VDARE about what happened on Friday evening when the indefatigable Hunter unfurled one of his highway overpass banners for French TV.

Here is Hunter’s banner for this week, but you can see others of his novel campaigns to circumvent the mainstream media and get his message directly to American citizens, at Blue Ridge Forum.

Overpass Trump can't be bought

Can’t Be Bought Trump

This is what happened on Friday evening as a French TV crew filmed him (from VDARE where you should go for links).  In Ed’s words, but emphasis is mine:

Last week the Washington desk of the French TV station “France 2” contacted us at the Maryland Tea Party and said they wanted to go up on the overpass and conduct an interview on the Donald Trump phenomenon***. About 2 PM we arrive at the bridge over I-95 Northbound, and we set up the banners and are waving to people on the interstate below.

The rush hours is beginning and the traffic is starting to slow down as it passed under us. The French TV crew arrives about an hour later around 3 PM. They get out their big expensive TV camera, and the French reporter Valerie begins asking questions.

Ed Hunter shows how to get his message directly to citizens and around the MSM.

Some of them were hard to answer such as “What does Donald Trump mean?” or “Is this a popular provocation?” (The usual French stuff. How can you answer those types of questions?) Anyway, they get around to the subject of immigration and I can sense I am up against the usual PC wall as they try to get “racist” stuff out of me. So she says “Okay just try to summarize Trump in a way that makes sense to people in France.” So I said “Donald Trump is an American version of Marine Le Pen.” Then she asked if I supported Le Pen and I said, “Absolutely”.

I told her that Muslim immigration will be the end of France and Europe.

Then I asked them (off camera) if they felt that way, and they replied “Oh no…it is all a stunt, we do not have a immigration problem in France. These Muslims are French. They came to France to help us rebuild France. I said. ”French built France. Why can’t you rebuild it yourself?”

They looked at me as the typical redneck American. So as we are talking the noise from the honking from the interstate is rising to a crescendo. The honking and cheers for the Trump banners are getting so loud we can’t continue the conversation. The French say goodbye and get into their car and leave. I am asking myself “What is going on? Why is everyone reacting to the banners, which read ‘CANT BE BOUGHT…VOTE TRUMP’?” The whole Interstate has erupted. Everyone below as far as I can see is going nuts and cheering and leaning on their horn and screaming out the windows “Donald! Donald!” And we are waving back and this is going on for about an hour. And we can’t figure it all out. So it’s 5:30 PM and getting dark and cold. We take down the banners and drive to Starbucks for coffee when someone calls with the news about the Paris attacks.

The very moment that the French media elites were repeating the PC leftist party line… “We do not have an immigration problem. We are multicultural” etc., the news of the Paris attacks is hitting the car radios of the people on the highway below and they are going nuts in support of Trump and his defiance of the political, media and academic elites.

I called Valerie the French reporter and she had just heard the news. All she could say is “I am so shocked…so shocked!!” I said ”Why? You had to know this was coming, you were told a million times—”. At which point she hung up. The next morning I read Ann Coulter in Mediaite: “Donald Trump Was Elected President Tonight.” And I believe he was.

I saw it happen. I watched an almost physical wave of noise and cheering and honking roll up I-95 from as far as I could see south towards DC, to where it disappeared over the horizon to the north, up towards Baltimore, New York and points beyond.

All of this only confirms again for me—for middle class Americans, immigration is THE issue of 2016.  And, I urge all of you to find your place in the battle to save us—to save America.  You might not have Ed’s guts to get up on a highway overpass, but find your talent and put it to work to save us from becoming Europe!

***One last thing….when we attended the Georgetown Law School pro-open borders gathering in DC a couple of weeks ago, attendees were in complete shock over what they described as the “Trump phenomenon” here.

This post is filed in a category we hope to use more often—-called creating a movement.’

Addendum! Angry about Paris?  READ THIS POST and do it!  Tell Congress to stop the funding for the Refugee Admissions Program NOW!

7 Responses to “Ed Hunter’s novel polling says it is Trump; French reporter gets a shock”

  1. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:



  2. […]… […]


  3. petzlx said

    The villains in this are the French themselves.
    Particularly their politicians who have been blatantly welcoming the rape gangs the crime and worse to enter and stay in France,
    Whenever terrorism happens in a Nation the finger needs pointing at those politicians who let, in fact, welcomed them in!
    The attack did not come from a Moslem country it came from Frances Parliament and the traitors representing it!
    This and these expected attacks were from “our” traitors in control of “our” Nations,


  4. I do not agree with placing blame on Donald Trump, or anyone that speaks the truth. Donald Trump speaks a truth, and by no means is he alone in doing this – As hard as Trump may come across, this truth rather one wants to see it as a truth or not is but still factual. –

    If one were a Christian and lives their best by the teachings of the Bible, then it would only come to reason those people would live a life with attributes taught by their belief. – The same would apply to one who is Muslim, and has been brought up doing their best at living life in accordance to the Qur’ān.

    They are taught to hate all people groups regardless of their faith, if one doesn’t believe as a Muslim does, they are taught by their own word to kill them, this is very evident in the actions which took place the other night. –

    Muslims are taught to convert us to become Muslim or kill us, something is defiantly askew with this mind-set; one cannot live among poisonousness snakes and expect to survive once the snake becomes hungry. Eventually the Muslim way and their culture will become as it is in the Middle East, chaos and destruction is their way of life.


  5. said

    Another great post Ann! I have used VDARE for years to get articles no one else will print. I know they are good for my PO opened a package from them saying they had ‘The right to protect their revenue flow. Mike, Chelan, Washington 98816


  6. Diane said

    Thank you for posting, I have be forwarding your posts to all I know

    Sent from my iPad



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