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A reader suggests we repeat the appeal to sign the White House petition

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 16, 2015

So here is our post from a couple of days ago.  Heck if all the readers arriving at RRW today signed it, it would be close to being done!  You did a great job with governors today!  Don’t forget to call Congress (scroll down)!

Send the message to Obama that we don’t need any more colonization of our towns and cities.

Gates of Vienna reports that a petition in the wake of the Paris terror attack seeking the halt of all refugee resettlement to the US from Middle Eastern countries has been placed on the White House ‘We the People’ petition site.  Please go to GoV, see comments and follow links!

And, don’t forget that a sure fire way to stop the influx is to persuade Congress to use the POWER OF THE PURSE.  Go here for our post yesterday on that effort.  We must make our voices heard in a big way!

Sign the petition!

And, then call your members of Congress and US Senators and tell them to pull the plug on the funding!   Unload especially on Speaker Paul Ryan.  (Remember that US Senators Patrick Leahy and Lindsey Graham are pushing for $1 billion to be ADDED to a funding package to reach the Senate floor on or before December 11th to increase the Syrian flow to America).

6 Responses to “A reader suggests we repeat the appeal to sign the White House petition”

  1. […] Indeed, I gather that no other immigration patriot groups have helped this petition drive except Ann Corcoran’s indefatigable Refugee Resettlement Watch. [And, Joe Guzzardi points out, Californians for Population Stabilization]. Additionally, I’m […]


  2. MeThePeople said

    Ben Carson is also doing a petition. Maybe cutting into the action.


  3. […] And, then call your members of Congress and US Senators and tell them to WAIT, THERE’S MORE… […]


  4. domstudent11 said

    Don’t forget the FAX at NumbersUSA at which goes to your congressional representatives. NumbersUSA also has 2 good articles posted today on the “Syrian” refugee situation.


  5. murlimews said

    I encourage you to post it at the end of each blog post until the Dec. 14th deadline.


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