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House Immigration Subcommittee to hold hearing on Syrian resettlement Thursday

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 17, 2015

This is a hearing we have been wondering about literally for months.  What took them so long?

Trey Gowdy is Chairman of the Subcommittee, go here for details.

Here is the witness list (what is this “invited,” haven’t they agreed to show up?):

Anne Richard cctv

Asst. Sec. of State for PRM Anne Richard. See bio:

Ms. Anne C. Richard (Invited)
Assistant Secretary
Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, United States Department of State

Ms. Barbara L. Strack (Invited)
Chief, Refugee Affairs Division, Refugee, Asylum, and International Operations Directorate
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Mr. Seth Jones
International Security and Defense Policy Center, RAND Corporation

Mr. Mark Krikorian
Executive Director
Center for Immigration Studies

Mr. Mark Hetfield
President and Chief Executive Officer
HIAS  (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, one of nine federal resettlement contractors)

Go here to our archives to learn more about Anne Richard, and here for Mark Hetfield.

See Subcommittee members here.   I’m assuming the hearing will be televised by C-Span.

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  2. michellefromsandiego said

    House Committee on the Judiciary Hearings has a Youtube channel

    Scheduled for Nov 19, 2015


  3. How do we get you invited to future hearings?


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