In first six weeks of FY2016 we resettled 827 Somalis; all but one are Muslim

As I mentioned in my post this morning on governors, while we are going crazy over Syrian Muslims coming into the US, the beat goes on with the resettlement of Somalis which we have been bringing for over two decades (once a resettlement starts it doesn’t end) and dropping them off in your states.

Top five ‘lucky’ states are Minnesota, Arizona, New York, Ohio and Texas.

Here is a map showing where the first 827 Somalis have been resettled since October 1 (the beginning of the 2016 fiscal year). Last year the total was around 8,858 (well over 100,000 now)  Why?  Why are we still bringing in Somalis at this high rate?  And, by the way, we are picking up Somalis all over the world and there is no data on them either!  Tell me how you vet someone who has “made his way” to Indonesia or Malaysia? Or, to Malta for that matter after launching from Libya?

Poster boy (here) for Somali resettlement to America?


map Somalis 2015


Surprise, there was one Christian in the batch of 827!  Search data here.

***Update*** November 18th The bill supported by Speaker Paul Ryan, authored by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC), and expected to be voted on tomorrow in the House, merely calls for the administration to certify that any refugees brought here from Iraq and Syria are not terrorists.  Why are Somalis not included?  More Somali former refugees have left the US to fight with al-shabab and ISIS than any other ethnic group.

***Update***November 19th  See Iraqi resettlement numbers for these same first six weeks of FY2016, here.  Did your state get Iraqis?

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    1. You got it! But, that is what happens, the spigot opens and never shuts. We take Syrians today and they will still be coming in 20 years from now!


  1. Obama’s importing terrorists to vote for Democrats who import more terrorists who vote for more Democrats…

    Get the picture?


  2. In my small community in MN we have had a huge influx of Somalis. How we can vet them is beyond me. They all have similar names and birthdates of 1/1/xxxx. how can you differentiate one from another. I am an election judge and it is horrible when we have dozens of people come to the polls who can’t read or write English, let alone speak it, register to vote. We are not allowed to ask for citizenship proof. We just register them and let them vote. Very frustrating.


  3. Arizona – Phoenix Somali’s started being settled during the Bush era. They were around McDowell and 40th Street and took over the HUD/Section 8 homes of Hispanics and Caucasians. Next they’ve grown to encompass the entire square mile + swing over to 44th Street near Oak. They’re shopping at Costco and Fry’s. I was wondering why Costco put their bacon products in 1 location off to the side when they used to be scattered throughout the store. They’re very clique-ish. You smile at the women in the aisles and they stare through you. I understand its hard to come to pick up and come to another country but why are Somali’s coming at all these days? I thought they had their first democratic elections.


    1. The UN is actually returning Somalis to Somalia from their camps in Kenya. Others we have resettled travel back and forth to Somalia for whatever reason and do so safely. So, yes, the big question is why are we still bringing in about 8,000-9,000 a year to live in America?


  4. First Obama creates the chaos by “leading from behind” (aka having his head up his a*s) that created the refugees. Now he’s importing these subhumans so they can slaughter us in our homes.

    Why travel to the Middle East when Obama is bringing Benghazi here?

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      1. Why even have congress? They seem to be a waste of $$$ & time. They cannot or will not stop King o so what merits their continued existence? Name one thing that congress has done for the citizens of America.


    1. Congress is in on it too. Congress allows Barack Hussien Obama to get away with breaking the law by not enforcing illegal immigration.

      Congress is hand in hand with Obama.

      Congress does not have the courage to impeach him.

      Republicans and Democrats alike/.

      So the problem is Washington DC power and money corruption.

      Time to elect Mr Trump to kick ass and smoke out the Washington DC crooks.

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  5. There’s a time coming when historians will look back on this period as being the biggest mistake our short-term politicians ever made. But by that time it’ll be too late and they’ll have new civil wars to analyse and comment on, in the USA, Europe and Australia.

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  6. I received a response from Senator Durbin that is filled with lies. Readers who live in Illinois might want to e-mail him on his contact link ( and call him out.
    Here are just a couple of excerpts from his response:

    “Over four million Syrians have become refugees, the vast majority of whom are women and children.” (They are 75% men.)
    “We have rigorous processes in place to screen refugees for security threats that must be respected.”
    “Refugees are the most carefully vetted of all travelers to the United States, with extensive biometric, biographic, intelligence, and law enforcement checks involving numerous agencies. ” (Untrue according to the FBI.)

    This response came yesterday. Durbin wants 100,000 “Syrian” refugees and is digging in his heels. Illinoisans, please contact this man and ask how bankrupt Illinois intends to pay for these people.


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