Syrians entering US in first six weeks of 2016 fiscal year; 98% Sunni Muslim

Here is where the 291 Syrians who have entered the US in FY2016 have been placed.  California, Texas, Kentucky, Arizona and Ohio make the top five.  (I selected for my search October 1, 2015 to November 15, 2015 and assume the data base is up to date to the 15th, but can’t know that for sure).

The flood gates have been opened and they will arrive hot and heavy now (will the governors have any power?).

map Syrians first six weeks of 2016



At the Refugee Processing Center (click on reports and select interactive reports, you will be able to figure it out!) you can also check the religions of arriving refugees.  Here is the breakdown for the 291 so far this fiscal year (assuming data base is up to date as of November 15th, two days ago):

3 Catholics

1 Christian

1 Orthodox

286 Sunni Muslims

As we have reported many times, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees picks most of our refugees and in the case of the Syrians they come from UN camps populated by mostly Muslims.   He has 20,000 chosen for us already.  At a recent immigration conclave in Washington, DC, we were there to hear him say that the Syrian Christians are not persecuted because the “regime” (Assad) was protecting them.

As long as the UNHCR is choosing most of our refugees, I don’t expect the percentage of Muslims in the stream to change much.

One other bit of confusion flying around in the mainstream media is that somehow we will be getting Syrians who have flooded into Europe, we won’t be (at least not in any great number for now).

31 thoughts on “Syrians entering US in first six weeks of 2016 fiscal year; 98% Sunni Muslim

  1. I read that WBRZ ( in Louisiana) is reporting that one of the Syrian Muslim “refugees” that Catholic Charities sneaked into New Orleans, has gone missing. Catholic Charities say it is not their job to keep track of the refugees they bring into the USA. True – their job is to gobble up taxpayer dollars to dump refugees” into USA cities and towns – for taxpayers to support (and apparently keep track of).


    1. Can you find a link for the story, because the Syrians in LA have only been there for a few weeks at most…CC is supposed to keep track of them for at least 3 months.


        1. Another report says the missing man was found in DC. Didn’t ISIS recently say Washington, DC was next on their list? Coincidence?


          1. Also the Syrian was in baton Rouge not New Orleans. You might find this excerpt interesting

            “The case file was turned over to the feds, and Catholic Charities does not track them once they leave the area” (link – found in above Treehouse link)

            Sounds like if a refugee skips town – CC washes their hands.


  2. Obama is offended by the suggestion that we allow more Christians to come here, saying that the use of religion as a qualifier is un-American, “not who we are”.

    So why are the huge majority of “refugees” Sunni Muslims, mostly military age young men who appear to be in great condition? No questions are being asked or answered about the
    obvious implication that these men will be used to enforce the continuing destruction of our
    once dominant Christian based country.

    Our President has used every opportunity since taking office 7 years ago to falsely project Islam as a preferred religion and diminish Christianity in our lives.

    None of those refugees are Yazidis, (influenced by a combination of Christian/Islam beliefs),
    they are being horribly slaughtered by ISIS. Men and boys are beheaded, so that they will
    not be able to father more Yazidis, and wives and girls become sex slaves.

    What kind of compassion drives Barack Hussien Obama, arguably the most reprehensible,
    ruthless, cold-blooded leader in recent world history, certainly the most pathological US President EVER!


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