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Why is Obama so angry over the refugee issue?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 18, 2015

A couple of thoughts as I was doing other-of-life’s duties this afternoon….

Obama has staked his Presidency on changing America and one important, and arguably the most fundamental way to do that, is by changing the people—remember his Task Force on New Americans plan to colonize, to “seed” American towns with diversity?  It is still going forward, but if those concerned with security succeed, that plan will be chilled somewhat as the numbers of ‘seedlings’ are reduced in this last full year of the scheme.

obama angry

Obama is very angry today because he is not going to be awarded humanitarian of the year. He was expected to deliver America to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees by leading the world in resettling huge numbers of Syrian Muslims to your towns and cities.  The way things are going, he could fail. See Unloading on Republicans:

Indeed, the refugees aren’t even anywhere near the largest group of immigrants getting into the US these days, but their wide range of ethnic diversity makes them a critical part of the plan.

But that isn’t all of it…..

Obama must satisfy the United Nations

Obama must bring in a large number of Syrian refugees to carry out the United Nations agenda.  For decades, the US has admitted half (or more than half) of the world’s resettled refugees and the UN uses that number to pressure other countries to take more.  Oh, and when I say “resettled refugees” I don’t mean those migrants (and wannabe asylum seekers) on the move across Europe and elsewhere in the world.

I am talking about the refugees who are chosen by the United Nations which does the first screening and then persuades westernized countries to take them PERMANENTLY—to make them voting citizens of their new first-world country.

When the Syrian civil war began in earnest, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres told western countries that they must take-in for permanent resettlement 130,000 Syrians (again, these are mostly Syrians in UN camps, not those who have decided to move west—invasion-style—on their own).

And, so 65,000 became the magic number the US was expected to take.   All of that is chronicled in several posts here at RRW in the last two years. (I should have explained where the 65,000 came from when I wrote this post.)

The UNHCR fully expected the US to take that number—65,000—long before now because if the US took the lead and moved aggressively to do that, the UNHCR would use it as a pressure point on the other countries dragging their feet on making commitments.

In that recent Georgetown gig we attended, Guterres hinted at the importance of the US leading the world (sort of like a Judas goat).  Of course, Germany (and Merkel) are upstaging Obama now in the race for ‘humanitarian’ extraordinaire of the year and so….

Obama looks exceedingly weak for not being able to deliver America.

And, therefore he is really (really!) angry as he unloaded on GOP candidates’ earlier today, here.

9 Responses to “Why is Obama so angry over the refugee issue?”

  1. […] in (as are the Syrian refugees), is vitally important to Obama’s goal of changing America and the angry man only has one year left to satisfy his masters by getting a lot done and putting policies in place […]


  2. […] why Obama is angry (in my opinion). His job was to get them in here as part of the UN agenda, and he has hit a […]


  3. […] why Obama is angry (in my opinion). His job was to get them in here as part of the UN agenda, and he has hit a […]


  4. I believe all Western leaders want to see this same thing (Paris) happen in their own countries, and I believe this desire is compatible with end times prophecy – indeed, that prophecy demands it. To wit: implementation of a police state and the stripping of natural rights, ultimately leading to the final one world totalitarian dictatorship.

    This is why Barry will smilingly bring a bunch of these guys into the US despite Paris. He’ll have no problem politically sacrificing himself or his party, because once he finishes all of his destructive lame duck projects, the process will be too entrenched to unravel.

    I also think we’re starting to see a very clear black and white distinction between good and evil, which will lead to a Christian revival in some areas, and the separation of the wheat from the tares that will signal the end of the Gentile times.


  5. Dave Gorak said

    Obama has been weak from Day One. I was born and raised and lived much of my adult life in Illinois, and nothing he has done has been impressive. He did nothing in the Illinois State Legislature, did nothing in the U.S. Senate and now, thanks to the stupidity and wishful thinking of millions of “Americans,” he is pretending to be the POTUS. He is George Soros’ “chosen one” to lead those who have no use for the nation-state and all that goes with it.

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  6. jstro61283 said

    Its time to warehouse the word “diversity” since it implies that white folks would be part of the mix. Obama wants the US to be renamed “New Zimbabwe”. Wherever this thing goes it has changed course forever. Consciousness has been raised. Eastern Europe are fully awake even if Europe is not, Trump is pretty much a lock for the nomination, and Obama’s sneaky plans are in the light of day.

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  7. Nancy Anderson said

    I heard its Lutheran social services and Catholic charities plus I think Bethlehem Lutheran is behind the refugees coming to St. Cloud and they all make BIG bucks doing this as the CEOs of Lutheran social services makes 300,000. Some salary and I find it very hard to donate to this association. What do you know about this?

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  8. […]… […]


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