Yes! Refugees and children of refugees have been connected to terror plots in the US

Abdirahmaan-Muhumed (1)

The No Borders Left and the refugee resettlement contractors (in that conference call yesterday) are telling everyone who will listen that no refugees have committed terror acts, but it just isn’t so.  We have many cases of terror arrests/convictions (and some dreadful murder and rape cases) perpetrated by refugees or their children in the US archived on these pages.

I don’t have the time to dig them all out, but I don’t have to as the UK Daily Mail has pulled them altogether here today and so has Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily, here, yesterday.

Remember this guy?  We learned about him here in 2014 (over 23,000 readers clicked on this post this week!).  Virtually all Somalis in the US are here as refugees or the children of refugees.  The US Refugee Admissions Program has brought in another 827 Somalis in the last six weeks alone.

***Update*** November 19:  A reader reminded me of the Idaho Uzbek refugee terror case, here.

7 thoughts on “Yes! Refugees and children of refugees have been connected to terror plots in the US

    The Somali Civil War was between 1992 and 1995, while Bill Clinton was the President.

    Here it is 2015 and we are still spending million every year and still getting Refugees from this country, WHY? There cant be a possible threat still, the Somali are flying back and forth to Somali and the USA. We need to remind everyone where Islam headquarters are located in Saudi Arabia, you know Mecca. Saudi Arabia dishes out the same punishment as ISIS, Beheadings, paedophilia, rape, burning people alive, jihad, female genital mutilation, oppression of women, slavery, honor killing, hostage taking, crucifixion, lashes, stoning… Why are we still getting somali refugees? Their civil war ended in 2006.


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