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Showdown? Dem Mayors say “yes” to Syrian Muslim refugees while governors say “no”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 20, 2015

Expect a showdown in the next few weeks as hundreds of mostly Sunni Muslim Syrians (selected by the UN) are already en route to Democratic Party-run cities.

baltimore_mayor2 (1)

Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is featured in the CNN article. Rawlings-Blake is working with Muslim Brotherhood affiliated charity Islamic Relief USA to bring in more refugees from Africa and the Middle East to beleaguered Baltimore.

I’m betting these mayors, who are bucking their mostly Republican governors, are also presiding over sanctuary cities for illegal aliens.

This news is from CNN:

WASHINGTON (CNN) —Democratic mayors across the country are clashing with mostly Republican governors who say their states shouldn’t accept Syrian refugees.

More than half — 31 — of the nation’s governors, most of the Republicans, say they oppose letting Syrian refugees into their states. The final say on allowing refugees into the country falls with the federal government, though governors can slow down the process and make placing and aiding refugees more difficult.


Because the United States Conference of Mayors has not changed its refugee policy since the Paris attacks, the group’s communications director Elena Temple-Webb told CNN Wednesday she believes the mayors will continue to welcome refugees.

More here.

At some point this will all make its way to the Supreme Court.

One Response to “Showdown? Dem Mayors say “yes” to Syrian Muslim refugees while governors say “no””

  1. Letting in immigrants without discrimination goes against our culturist immigration policy history. Please learn about it here:


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