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Arabs in Dearborn support governor’s decision to curtail Syrian refugee resettlement

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 22, 2015

Yesterday we reported that many Christian Syrian immigrants in Allentown, PA oppose resettlement of the mostly Sunni Muslim Syrians in the pipeline to America, and now look at this!  The mostly Shiite Muslims in the Dearborn area don’t want the Sunni Syrians there either!

Muslims against ISIS

Dearborn Muslims protest ISIS in 2014. ISIS is Sunni, many Dearborn Muslims are Shiite. Obama doesn’t seem to care that we are admitting to the US both sides of the centuries’ old conflict in the refugee stream. Photo:

Before you read this latest news, be sure to check our recent post—98% of Syrians admitted so far are Sunni Muslims (ISIS is Sunni as is al-Qaeda).

From NBC News (what is happening to the MSM, are they starting to get-it?):

They’re not rolling out the welcome wagon for the Syrian refugees in the Arab immigrant enclave of Dearborn, Michigan.

And some longtime residents told NBC News they even agree with Gov. Rick Snyder’s decision to suspend efforts to bring the long-suffering Syrians to his state after last week’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris.

“We don’t need no more troubles, you know?” said Hicham Dawil, who immigrated to the U.S. three decades ago. “I feel bad for the people. On the other hand, look what’s happening in France. This is crazy, you know. It’s just evil.”

Dawil, a father of five college-aged kids all born here who runs his own heating and cooling business, said the ISIS attacks turned his stomach and the fallout affects him as an Arab immigrant.

“We just cannot afford being looked at like, ‘Oh, well, you are one of them,'” he said. “Let’s say I walk into a lounge … I can see people look at me.”

So Dawil supports Snyder’s move “100 percent.”

There is much more here.

9 Responses to “Arabs in Dearborn support governor’s decision to curtail Syrian refugee resettlement”

  1. MeThePeople said

    Wouldn’t it be great if it were true, but I doubt it.

    When Watters interviewed people on the street in Dearborn,
    They were just about as detached from reality as Columbia Law School Students. ISIS bought the sign and said pose or die.


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  4. I told you earlier not to believe these Muslims. Look who’s actually wanting them in MIchigan.


  5. dotsword said

    * * * Absolutely Ecstatic in Houston!* * * p.s. Ann It’s Sunday =pour glass of wine &Put your feet up* * *You’be been Superwoman this past week!   -don’t pass out from Exhaustion  😉  best wishes,Dorothy 


  6. sodiumpen said

    Perhaps we should learn from Denmark’s experience? Ironic how Merkel, etc. are importing millions of Syrian and other Muslims to replace the aging workforce anticipating the “new Europeans” will keep Germany’s welfare programs intact. Clearly, experience does not support this. The EU and the USA are importing another burgeoning welfare class.

    “Syrian refugees will not integrate: Only 17 percent in job after four years in Denmark.

    A review of employment among the four largest refugee groups in Denmark shows that after four years in the country only between 13 and 17 percent are employed.

    Only 17 percent of Syrians are employed after four years in Denmark. Only 13 percent of Afghans have found work after four years.”

    I’ve seen similar numbers cited by other “welcoming” countries.


  7. Michael Travis said

    In the first majority-Muslim U.S. city, residents tense about its future

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m not buying this at all. These Muslims can say one thing and want another if it helps their cause. Muslims practice the art of lying or Taqqiya so saying they don’t want Syrians is rather questionable. If your aware that CAIR also says their against ISIS but they are also for Sharia law and more and more Mosques, Muslim cemetaries and anything thats Islam. Muslims don’t assimilate. They want to destroy our culture just as they are doing in Europe. These Muslims are saying this now because of all the Muslim terrorism going on in the world. It looks good when a photo is taken with them holding this sign. We also see Illegals from Mexico who do the same thing by waving the American flag while demanding we give them everything they want. Amnesty for all and open borders.


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