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RRW Weekly roundup for week ending November 21, 2015

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 22, 2015

It has been some week.  If you told me ten days ago (the day I was on Capitol Hill) that the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program would dominate mainstream media (not to mention virtually all talk radio), move Congress to pass legislation with bipartisan support in an attempt (a weak attempt, but an attempt nonetheless) to constrain it after holding the first critical House hearing on the program since before 9/11, cause about 30 governors to pay attention to it and want to curtail it, and become a major topic in the 2016 Presidential race, I would have said you are dreaming!

I’m joking (sort of), but after eight years of following this issue, I have to admit, I’m getting tired of the word “refugee” and see retirement on the horizon.  Seriously, it is a thrill to see so many of you focused and working so hard to save America from the NO Borders agenda of the international Left!

Our average daily readership jumped ten fold many days this past week, and getting a post on Drudge really drove the numbers higher.

Here are our top three posts of the week, led by the one that made Drudge.  Top three daily posts are in the right hand sidebar.

Top Three Posts

1)In first six weeks of FY2016 we resettled 827 Somalis; all but one are Muslim

2)Dead Somali ISIS fighter had ties to Lewiston, Maine

3)Watch the death of Europe in 19 minutes….

Here are the top ten countries from which readers arrived at RRW this past week (excluding the US).  We had some new and interesting ones!  And, Poland drove Australia out of the top three.

Top Ten Countries






Romania (new to the top ten)

Moldova (new to the top ten)




And since we have thousands of new readers, here is what you need to know:

I apologize as always for not being able to read all of your e-mails, answer all of your comments, or get to all of your phone calls.  It is just me here (LOL! a reader sent me an e-mail about a subscription problem and asked that maybe one of my staff could check on it for them.  I have no staff! My time is my charitable contribution to the cause.)

And since I have no staff….

You might try finding your answers at our relatively new—Frequently Asked Questions (linked above in the header).

Also, try typing a few key words into our search window and see if you can find what you are looking for—-I have to use it all the time because with over 7,000 posts archived here, I need to find out what I’ve said in the past on a given topic.

I screen comments, so if I’m away from the computer, yours might not be posted for hours.  Sorry about that, but there is life to be lived.

I very much appreciate all of your requests for me to speak to your groups, but I am not taking any more speaking trips for the foreseeable future (except two I had previously committed to for 2016) mostly because I believe my strength is in researching and reporting the news while traveling gobbles up enormous amounts of my time.

Go here to a previous message from me for more tips on getting the most out of your visits to RRW.  As I said, we have over 7,000 posts archived here so you might need some guidance in finding useful information.

Follow me on twitter because there is so much breaking news on refugees that I can’t possibly post it all! So please follow me on twitter or follow the twitter feeds in my right hand sidebar to keep up with the news!  I am @RefugeeWatcher, click here.  I’m posting articles there that readers send me, but that I simply can’t post for lack of time.

Our facebook page, here, passed the 11,000 ‘likes’ mark this week!

And, our first Youtube video from last spring is approaching 2 million views.  If you haven’t seen it, click here.  See also a video (not too long) of a talk I gave recently in the DC area (at VDARE).

3 Responses to “RRW Weekly roundup for week ending November 21, 2015”

  1. conprof said

    Not sure where best to post this but those of us working to get our county commissions/councils and governors to push back got a terrific boost from the TenthAmendment Foundation, although all you need to know is in Federalist Paper #46: From:
    Sent: 11/22/2015 4:56:43 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
    Subj: I Don’t Know if You’ll Like this, But here’s the deal on Syrian Refugees and States

    Syrian Refugee Situation: What You Need to Know

    Here’s the deal, and while I’m not certain you’ll like it, I’ve put together some tough answers to a lot of tough questions. I’ve explained how the process works, covered some of the proposals in states, pointed out some nonsense from the mainstream media, and suggested ways that states can succeed.

    This is a long article, but I think it’s important that you get all the details and facts. I do hope you find it a useful tool for your own activism and conversations. Please take a little time, read it, and make up your own mind from there..

    Thank you.
    Michael Boldin — Tenth Amendment Center



  2. futuret said


  3. […]… […]


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