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Meet Reema! White House puts out childish propaganda video on Syrian refugee screening

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 27, 2015

Remember Julia?  Reema is the Syrian Muslim Julia!  This will make you want to scream!  There is nothing to “crosscheck” her “biographic and biometric” data with—there is no data available from Syria!

Interesting that it confirms that it is the UN High Commissioner for Refugees sending the Syrians to your towns!  And, that they have 23,000 in a pipeline to America at this very minute.




26 Responses to “Meet Reema! White House puts out childish propaganda video on Syrian refugee screening”

  1. […] First Reema (from Jeh Johnson) and now this as the administration pulls out all the stops to get those 10,000 mostly Muslim Syrians resettled in your towns. […]


  2. SOMALI DNA FRAUD – Can you imagine that people born in East Africa are dishonest towards the very people spending the money to save them from civil war and famine. DNA testing required in wake of widespread Somali family reunification fraud. Immigration officials suspected that some were inventing “ghost children,” and filling out applications for children not related to them. There had even been some reports of brokers who sold the ghost children’s slots for profit, according to a U.S. Department of State official who spoke to FRONTLINE but asked not to be named. So in early 2008, the State Department launched a pilot program to determine the extent of fraud by testing relationships using DNA. In the initial pilot of 476 applicants in Nairobi, Kenya, only 16 percent were genetically related to every person they said was in their family. Another 39 percent tested false for at least one family member. In the remaining 45 percent of cases, applicants either refused to participate or didn’t show up for the test. Officials interpreted these results as proof of widespread fraud. The P-3 program was suspended, and did not reopen for more than four years. This stunned refugees around the world, many of whom had spent years waiting for P-3 applications to be approved. Most were told to apply for an alternate visa, but it was even more restrictive than P-3 and soon had a multi-year waiting list.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Mark, we covered this extensively here starting in 2008 and since. I’m glad to see though that so many people are now catching on! LOL! I can retire!


  3. this is a danger to our country. simply the fact that they say that our immigration system is broken is because their government does not have records of them, that same problem is happening with refugees all over. go to the FBI web page http://www.FBI.GOV and just search their news for “Bosnian” and look at home thousands of these refugees; while Slick Willie was the President, that lied on their application and have been deported. it took more than ten year for our government to figure this out.


  4. […] Meet Reema! White House puts out childish propaganda video on Syrian refugee screening November 27, 2015 […]


  5. Come on , REALLY? This BS coming from Pinnociobamas mouth piece puppet, Jeh Johnson means about as much as ISIS/L saying “Just KEEP those borders open, and we promise we’ll behave”!!
    And there are actually ANY brain dead morons that would fall for this “BS propaganda” ? Will the LUNACY EVER stop? I’d have to say….it AIN’T lookin’ good!!


  6. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:



  7. This just boggles the mind. Any thinking person knows they can not “vet” all these people. Love how Johnson says at the end that “we will” do it. No one asked me.


  8. Purely Propaganda. This shares mention of some immigrants who have become successful citizens. No one denies that there are successful immigrants and refugees. But notice how there is not one mention of the hundreds, thousands of acts of violence in American and across the western world by the very type of people who they are bringing into our world to prey upon us again. Even a “community organizer” like Obama can figure out that there will be one or two or more terrorist jihadists who get through and causes great harm. Just one terrorist in the midst of these 100,000 refugees is a given. And it only takes one “refugee” to do this:


  9. Great presentation! I again ask your readers-have you personally spent time with any refugees to hear their stories. I doubt so, You are fighting a losing cause, The states will los and if they refuse to process Food Stamps there will be more challenges. How many terrorist attacks by refugees in the US in the last 10 years -not many. Are u afraid of children and women. All of this is political-if Obama says yes-you on the right say no. I think if we had a moderate Republican President in power, he would be accepting refugees and there would not be a protest. Such hypocrisy! The Syrians are coming one way or the other. One of the agency heads I spoke to will provide financial assistance if there is a logjam in courts regarding the state refusal to provide services to Syrians. Frankly the fearmongering and Islamaphobia is way out of control. Do you still not believe there is a decent screening process given how few relative to the total population as to number of violent crimes have been committed by refugees. Should we not be more concern about urban crime and social breakdowns given the preponderance of crime by our African American population. That is where are resources need to go


    • Mack Elder said

      Mack Elder said “when they come for you there will be no one left to speak up for you”. Oh you sheep of little knowledge and less common sense. “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you”. I’m glad you have tax money to pay for these people – – – that is if you’re not blown away in the meantime. Pay the share being stolen from me since only a fool would add to the foreign population at this time. AND SPEAKING OF HYPOCRISY ON YOUR PART, THE BLEEDING-HEART LIBERALS AND THE POMPOUS POLITICIANS WHO PLAY THE GULLIBLE LIKE A FIDDLE – – – what about the multitudes applying to come into this country legally some having been on the list for years ? ? ? No jumping ahead here, right ? ? ?

      I hope you sleep good at night – – – no blood on Macbeth’s hands here, right ?


    • domstudent11 said

      It is not fear mongering. I read the European press daily (Wormser Zeitung, BBC News, Der Spiegel). Do you? It doesn’t look like women and children are invading Europe. Mostly men. It only took a few terrorists to cause the mayhem in Paris. Let’s say that only 5% of the 10,000 refugees Obama wants to bring in might be potential terrorists. That’s 500 people! Even 1% would mean 100 potential terrorists. That is not acceptable! And it is not fear mongering or Islamaphobic to say so. The only “religion” committing violence in the world today is Islam.


    • mjazzguitar said

      If they are so easy to vet, then why aren’t the arab countries taking them in?
      And why do they discriminate against the Christians, and say they can’t be allowed in because they aren’t real refugees?


    • 7delta said

      Are u afraid of children and women

      Are you really that naive?

      All of this is political-if Obama says yes-you on the right say no. I think if we had a moderate Republican President in power, he would be accepting refugees and there would not be a protest. Such hypocrisy!

      Stick around. If we get a Republican, you’ll likely get to see that some people don’t pick their principles up from behind elephants or donkeys. I’m guessing you’ve not been paying attention to the beating the Republicans have been taking from people who would normally be considered their base after it was confirmed that the position of the elected people they gave the House…then the Senate…was perched on the Great Wall of China. The only good thing anybody can say about the mini-Maos is that, at least, they’re right of the Democrats…slightly.

      Frankly the fearmongering and Islamaphobia is way out of control.

      I concede that nobody knows more about fear mongering that the progressive left. They invented it. And the International Institute of Islamic Thought created “Islamophobia.” The OIC liked it so much, they adopted it. Progressives love it too. It doesn’t matter to them that it’s a nonsensical word thought up in the bowels of an Islamic think tank. It just sounds so, ya know, smart, like psychobabble is supposed to. Really, it’s time to update. Those narratives are so last decade.

      Do you still not believe there is a decent screening process given how few relative to the total population as to number of violent crimes have been committed by refugees.

      Do you know more than the FBI? Intel agencies? Do you believe President You-Can-Keep-Your-Doctor-It-Was-A-Video-Not-Interested-In-Intelligence-Reports-Change-Intelligence-To-Make-Me-And-My-Homies-Look-Good-In-An-Election-Year? Seriously? Based on what? And don’t tell me about Republican lies. I’m pretty sure my list will dwarf yours. And just to be clear, I’m not a Republican. I’m an equal opportunity employer in my dissection of our hired liars.

      Should we not be more concern about urban crime and social breakdowns given the preponderance of crime by our African American population. That is where are resources need to go

      I think most of us can chew gum and walk at the same time.

      If you want to talk about the black community, you’re in luck. I’m your huckleberry. Do you know why there are so many uneducated, angry, dependent blacks now? Do you know why black males suffer the highest unemployment of all demographics? Do you know why black American children are doing so poorly in school? Do you know why black gangs have bloomed over the last 30-40 years or so? Drugs? Unwed pregnancy? High incarceration rates among blacks? Do you know that black Americans are now outnumbered by Hispanics, most of whom are here illegally? Do you know how immigration, including excessive refugee resettlement, impacts black Americans…on top of illegal immigration?

      Do you know why California, once one of the largest economies in the world, now has the highest poverty rate in the country? Do you know why the black (and white) American population has dropped dramatically there, while the Hispanic and refugee populations have surged? Boy, that diversity stuff is really working out great, isn’t it?

      Don’t try the shame game/hypocrisy mantra around here, Ralph. Your moral high horse crumbled from termite infestation a long time ago. You may feel better about yourself by choosing to be blind to the truth, but some of us are paying attention to what people say and do, what Islam says about itself and what the consequences have been and will be for choosing feel-goodism over national security and a genuine love for our own people, regardless of race, creed or color. The best help we can give anyone is to teach them the morals and principles of a successful life, get government out of the way so they can get a foot in the door and get bleeding-heart liberals on the first plane out of their lives.

      Every illegal alien, green-card holder, lottery visa recipient and refugee you lobby to bring here or to stay here takes a job, a home, an educational opportunity and a future of independence from a black or low-skill American worker. That net is widening out to include other economic groups too. We are overwhelmed with people who should not be here or could have been better aided nearer their home. That’s not to mention the complete incompatibility of Islam with any living thing or the $20 trillion debt that we can never repay…not with money anyway. It is morally bankrupt and wholly despicable to displace and replace Americans (and to corrupt aliens) in this quest to satiate the vampire do-gooders’ thirst for sucking the life out of people in the name of compassion.

      If black Americans want to deal constructively with their issues, their best start would be to send the bleeding-heart liberals that have “helped” them into despair and poverty to Syria, with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a card that reads in Arabic, “Hi, I’m an Infidel.”

      Sorry, Ralph. I’m standing with black Americans in this and have been doing just that for some time. And, oh, yes, plenty of them get it. They know what this willy-nilly, open-borders, “compassionate” immigration ruse has done. There’s no compassion in it for them. Monthly checks, new narratives, community organizers, pre-printed signs with slogans divorced from reality and bloated federal programs that do nothing aren’t compassion. Plenty know it’s not white people that are their problem either. More and more are realizing it’s the manipulative leftists and their bleeding-heart camp followers that never moved on from the turn-of-the-century progressive’s eugenics programs. The strategies simply morphed from overt to covert.

      So, yeah, let’s get real. Americans come first, no matter their skin color. You, your proud bleeding heart and all the others who care more about “feelings” and ideological “change” than the real people you hurt own the damage. And it’s about to get bigger, thanks to the followship of the vampires.

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      • Mist'ears Mom said

        Excellent post Delta7!


      • That almost sounds like all of Ted Cruz’ talking points. Don’t worry, I’m with you on everything except for lumping all Republicans into the same corrupt cesspool. There are a small number of Republicans trying to make things better, including Ted Cruz.

        Liked by 1 person

        • 7delta said

          I got my talking points from my own research, so maybe Ted and I found our way to the same documents. I’ve not heard him talk about the above, but it wouldn’t surprise me, since we are both Constitutionalists and reason our stances from the underlying Natural Law philosophies and the founders’ original intent.

          I’m not lumping all of anybody into groups, but noting that the Republican establishment has not upheld their oaths to support and defend the Constitution and are not serving their constituents or this country. The ones who are trying are fighting a full-time battle against their leaders, the media, the other party, the White House and sometimes the judicial branch. I also think there are Democrats who may disagree with conservatives on social issues, but they are not onboard with what their party is doing. They are fighting the same battles as their counterparts across the aisle…or worse. A wedge is constantly being inserted to prevent the two parties’ members with common ground from banding together.

          Throw the wedge out and forget party, because if they (and we) don’t, parties (and we) will be irrelevant anyway. We’re pretty darn close now, if not already there.

          I appreciate your comment. I like Cruz, but I’m still watching.


    • rae9582 said

      @Ralph Parker – I have some questions for you to answer,
      You tell us there have been ‘not many terrorist attacks by refugees in the past 10 years. So you acknowledge there have been some. Just how many would you say are too many? How many innocent people were killed in those ”not many” attacks you acknowledge? How many do you think is acceptable, since you evidently think some deaths are acceptable? How many Americans have to die in the name of humanity towards people who admittedly do commit some violent acts? Look up the subject. You will find quite a few such attacks. Look up the names of victims. These deaths are avoidable, 100 percent.

      And as you are ”progressive”, what about the damage to the environment caused by hundreds of thousands of refugees trampling through Europe. Or the ”increased carbon footprint” of millions transported to first world societies, where they will indulge in our ”unsustainable” lifestyle.

      What about adding more population to the most densely populated places in Europe, such as the Netherlands and Great Britain. How many more millions can these small countries sustain? Land and housing are getting scarce. How does this fit with progressives ‘concern for mother Earth and the environment?

      What about the strain on infrastructure, water supply and other resources? Schools, hospitals, prisons all crowded, as the governments announce that millions more may come?

      Please answer those pressing questions. They need to be answered by those pushing for more refugees and open borders. Nobody is addressing them.


      • I surrender! I guess in a way I cannot get my point across when there is so much hate. I am not addressing Europe. It is a mess created by frustration on the part of Syrians, Afghans etc. By opening its borders Europe has lost control. I think Merkel made a mistake. European society is far less comfortable with immigrants than we areo,

        I do not want to see anyone killed by a terrorist in the US. No life is expendable. I define terrorist to include not only lone wolf/single cause individuals but those who are mentally ill. Some of my friends do not want to go movies, fear churches and shopping centers. We cannot live this way Think about domestic terrorism post 911

        Planned Parenthood anti abortion, Racist Dylan Roof in Charleston, Theater shootings in Colorado, Oklahoma City, Anti Semitic killings in Kansas City, Sandy Hook, 2 Muslims killed in NC, Sikhs mistaken for Muslims in Wisconsin, Virginia Tech. Are you not afraid of crazies in this country? Only 2% of Syrians resettled are single men. The vetting process can not be perfect. How is iit we did not know about the perpetrators of the incidents above and did nothing to stop them? If you look at todays Atlanta Constitution you should find an article on the vetting process for refugees. I am guessing if you read it you will not believe it, but the system has worked

        I have spent 20 years volunteering with refugees of all types. I see mainly good. I teach and ESL class to adults as a volunteer once a week and I hear so many stories and see how difficult it is for adults to learn English especially if they never went to school. I see some of the same students not promoted year too year. They all try to help each other and these students mostly ages 40 and above have so much respect for the teachers.

        I guess I do not see government as being the enemy. I expect my government to step up regardless of who is president. I am not a fan or Obama or the Republicans. The system is broken. What I also do not understand is that the hatred is against the teachings of Christianity as most churches support the Syrians. How do you reconcile hatred with religions that want one to help the vulnerable? I hate the term bleeding heart liberal. My feelings transgress politics. I took on the task or helping refugees as I wanted to find a cause to volunteer with. I do not seek recognition -to me it is the refugees with specific accomplishment who should be recognized such as the Muslim Burmese young man who just came back form 2 years in the Peace Corp in Africa. By the way it does make one feel good when one volunteers for a cause. It is a sense of satisfaction when one helps and there is a need in humans to do things that contribute and make one feel better about oneself. I hope that RRS readers do some volunteer work

        One responder talks about immigrants taking jobs from Americans. Most of the less educated refugees here get jobs in chicken plants. When asked if there are Americans working the answer is none or few. When Georgia tightined up immigration enforcement and droves of Hispanics left, it caused issues huge issues in the Agricultural industries i n Geogia since the y could not find Americans to do the work. They ended up using prisoners to work in the fields. Who would do landscaping, roofing and cooking if not for immigrants?

        Sorry but i still feel all the objections to the Syrians is political and not on fact as to the process. I just do not understand the stereotyping by religion. I am sure that mots or you do not believe the anti ISIS position sated by numerous Muslims leaders and Imans as you all feel you cannot trust even those who speak out. That is really sad.

        In the end I make judgements based on personal interactions with families and I really do not see the threat from 10,000 mostly families. We cannot contain terrorism. We just fight as best we can. Radicalism, extremism and mental illness are with us and will lead to more problems. We are in a very different world today..


        • 7delta said

          I guess in a way I cannot get my point across when there is so much hate.

          That might be true, IF the issue were hate. Facts are emotionally neutral. They are what they are. Islam is what it is. There are repeated cases of thwarted jihadist attacks, actual jihadist attacks, and of the clashes between Shariah law and American law that are tested by wife-beating, rapes and murders. These events aren’t unimportant, just because jihadists didn’t blow something up or fly airplanes into buildings. The casualty list of 9-11 far out paces any domestic crimes you listed. That doesn’t justify the horrible crimes committed by the guy in Colorado or in Charleston or anywhere else, but you cannot compare the Islamic belief in conquest and forcing submission though jihad by “striking terror into the hearts of the infidel” to the always-present mentally unstable natives who commit awful crimes. They are anomalies. Jihad is not.

          The executive branch is ignoring the very professionals the feds employ to determine risks and to try to stop attacks before they happen. FBI Director Comey said not long ago that there were 500 ongoing investigations of ISIS in all 50 states. Just within the last few weeks, he stated there are now over a 1000. How do you suppose that happened? Do you think they’re all some mentally unstable white kids with time on their hands?

          Let me be very clear. I do not hate Muslims, nor anyone else. I object to Islam’s beliefs. I object to the willful ignorance of people who will not do their own research into what Islam teaches, from verified and approved primary Islamic sources. I object to the lies and cowardice of politicians and the media. I object to government breaking the sacred trust that exists between citizens and government. I object to harming one person to aid another; it’s wrong and unnecessary. I do not, under any circumstances, hate my government. In fact, I love my government and the underlying philosophies of Natural Law and man’s natural rights that underpin it. I do, however, object when that government refuses to abide by the Rule of Law, literally and in spirit. We are way off the rails, because of corrupt politicians and political ideologues who have gone renegade in their pursuit of their own ends. Government is not broken. Men in government are breaking the law and their oaths. Immigration is not broken. Laws are not enforced.

          How do you reconcile hatred with religions that want one to help the vulnerable?

          So, what is the Christian’s obligation? Let’s look at what the Bible says.

          Caring for a stranger or aiding someone in need is certainly a worthy pursuit few would reject. However, the Bible is clear in delineating the difference between individual responsibilities to help others, such as the Good Samaritan, and a civil government’s responsibility to administer justice and to maintain order.

          God delegates civil authority for government to administer justice, not mercy, even though courts can exhibit mercy to individuals. Civil government “bears the sword” on behalf of the people they serve. Government preserves the peace, maintains law and order, fights off invaders and delivers punishment to those who break the law.

          Government is allowed to use force because it is the protector of a specific body, its citizens. The power granted to civil government is for the sole protection of its citizens and resources. They are obligated to guard their citizens against evil in the world and in the hearts of men.

          Its primary purpose is to safeguard its citizens by protecting its national sovereignty, which includes its borders, and by wisely using its natural right to determine foreigners that may be admitted into its jurisdiction and under what conditions. It’s charged with immigration polices that primarily benefit its citizens. Civil government has no authority, legally or morally, to allow harm or risk to come to its citizens regardless of any perceived political or social benefit for itself or for the immigrant.

          This concept is not unique. Every country, throughout man’s history, has been charged with protecting its borders and its people. America and the West have become anomalies in their lack of border enforcement and excessive immigration, even by the standards of today’s world.

          From the Biblical and Natural Law perspective, God charges government with punishment and expulsion of foreigners who do not abide by the law. There is no Biblical requirement to admit anyone from a foreign country or from another society or culture. There is no obligation to accept unlimited or uncontrolled admittance of aliens. Foreigners who are admitted are obligated to comply with our laws and culture. They are obligated to assimilate to our culture, language and laws and to not impose their laws and customs on us. Fair treatment of visiting or resident aliens is expected, but this expectation does not alleviate the alien of his responsibility to assimilate and abide by our laws. “Equal justice under the law” is Biblical.

          The “least of these” applies first and foremost to our own citizens who are in need. They should be protected from unfair competition with immigrant aliens for jobs, resources and education. Citizen equality under the law is the government’s priority. An alien has no Constitutional rights before entering the jurisdiction of this country. Once here, the federal government has the authority to protect their civil rights to be treated fairly, but their rights never supersede the citizens’ rights. The aliens/immigrant/refugee’s country is responsible for their well being. If that foreign nation fails to do its duty, aid from another country should never come at the expense of its own citizenry.

          Government can only exercise mercy through its own agency. Compassion and mercy, when practiced by individuals is their personal decision, according to what they are willing bear. Government cannot act with the same moral agency as an individual. Government has nothing that is not first provided by its citizens. No matter how compassionate an act may seem, civil government can only obligate its citizens to bear the burdens and suffer the consequences. Desperate circumstances do not justify illegal immigration or mass refugee immigration that harms citizens, risks domestic tranquility, the common defense, the general welfare or threatens liberty.

          The RRP is not, in itself, un-Biblical, but there is no mandate that precludes government’s obligation to protect its citizenry. Government is obligated, first and foremost, to its citizens’ well being.

          The argument that refugee resettlement, as it is being carried out now, is a Christian mandate is an argument void of Biblical substance and truth. The Bible does not teach, nor do Christians believe in, collective salvation. Government cannot provide spiritual works for us to do, with or without, our consent. We are, as individuals, responsible for using our own time and resources to aid others because we chose to do so, in accordance with God’s mercy toward us.

          Government has no authority to force citizen compliance under the guise of mercy. It only has the granted authority to decide who and how many can enter, without violating its primary obligations to protect the citizens and the Union. The rest is our responsibility…financially and physically. Government has no authority to use federal or State treasuries to fund the volags or the needs of the immigrants before or after entering. It has the obligation to not allow more to enter than citizens are willing or able to bear personally or as a group.

          Everything I have written above is Biblical. I can provide the scriptures, if you like.

          With what the Bible says in mind, and what you have stated aiding others is a Christian duty, with which I agree, what is the best way for us to aid the refugees and to operate a program that would adhere to these Biblical principles, as well as to the U.S. Constitution?

          “If you love me, keep my commandments.”

          Love is not merely permissiveness, nor is it found in foolishness that is selfish or risky or thoughtless, but it is found in protecting your loved ones and your home while still being able to love and care about strangers through administering fair and just treatment in a way that protects all. There’s no hate in that.

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        • 7delta said

          Since my last post was primarily about Biblical immigration, I excluded responding to some of your specific comments. There are a few I would like address, because they’re important, IMO.

          I define terrorist to include not only lone wolf/single cause individuals but those who are mentally ill.

          The lone wolf jihadist is different than a domestic/non-Muslim, mentally-ill mass murder. The lone wolf jihadist is acting deliberately in accordance with a mainstream belief system and is legally recognized under Shariah law as “individual jihad.” The non-Muslim mass murderer does not act based on a legitimate ideology that recognizes such acts as legal. Legitimacy is derived from his own inner demons. While the latter mass murderer may instill terror, technically, he is not a terrorist under the officially recognized definition. That doesn’t make him any better nor does it justify him in any way. It’s just two different mentally deranged actors.

          Planned Parenthood anti abortion,

          We have yet to receive any official word on why this guy did what he did. Some news outlets have made it into an anti-abortion crime, but so far, what we do know about this guy makes that a little suspect at this point. He had no religious or political affiliations. He lived off the grid. It’s possible he never saw any of the videos about Planned Parenthood and “baby parts.” We just don’t know yet. No matter why he did it, he is known to be what sounds like could be a paranoid schizophrenic. Only time will tell.

          Are you not afraid of crazies in this country?

          No more than anyone who recognizes that there are, and have always been, crazy people in the world. You try to be alert to your surroundings and stay away from them, as much as possible. Crazy people have been doing crazy stuff since man arrived on this planet. All you can do is hope someone recognizes there are issues and can get around the people who don’t want to stigmatize them with diagnosis, so the person can get help before something goes terribly wrong.

          Only 2% of Syrians resettled are single men

          At this point that may be true, but it doesn’t sound right, since we know from current statistics that the average refugee to America is a 25-year-old male. To Europe, the UN says that males between the ages of 18-34 (I could be off on the exact age range, but it’s “young males’) make up 72% of the refugees. Syrian or not, the majority coming here and to Europe are young males.

          vetting process can not be perfect.

          Nothing is ever perfect, but there are high risk groups that we know will include people who are subversives and are coming here for jihadist purposes. Those circumstances are quite different than allowing someone to enter in good faith, then they do something horrible. ISIS has been clear about infiltrating and the FBI and DHS have been clear that it’s impossible to vet people from failed countries, so I don’t know why people don’t believe them. So no, I can’t say that I think the Atlanta Constitution is a reliable intel source. Neither do I think the State Department is. They are acting on political directives. As for me, I tend to think the professional intel agencies and agents are a bit more reliable, especially when what they’re saying matches what we can see with our own eyes and what we can observe and learn about Islam. Logical conclusions come from gathering information from numerous sources.

          One responder talks about immigrants taking jobs from Americans.

          That was me and there are numerous very good studies that stretch back for decades that evaluated the impact of excessive immigration on blacks and other low-skill workers. It has been devastating. Far worse than I anticipated when I first began researching it. The meme that Americans won’t take the jobs is another discussion too long to go into here, but let’s just say, it’s more meme than reality. There are other issues involved too that will take a long time to repair, but they should be, because I believe people are worth the effort. Sadly, it’s not likely to happen, because there are people deriving benefits from keeping people poor and dependent and they are not going to be willing to stop or ease back slowly so that people can regain their independence and enjoy the value of their own accomplishments.

          I just do not understand the stereotyping by religion.

          Which Islamic texts, authoritative works, Islamic leaders and scholars have you studied? I learned from the Qur’an, the Hadith, the Sira, multiple works that make up Shariah, esteemed clerics and scholars, “Reliance of the Traveller” (two L’s), Dr, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, (spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood), “Milestones” by Sayyid Qutb, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, The Muslim Brotherhood’s Memorandum, The Project, Muslim Brotherhood founder (Hasan al-Banna)…

          I’d like to hear your opinion on the following paragraph taken from “The Memorandum.”

          “The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all religion.
          …It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform jihad and work wherever he is.”

          One from al-Banna too. “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.”

          So who were the numerous Muslim leaders who said Allah and Mohammed were not truthful in the sacred trilogy and that for the last 1400 years every Islamic scholar who is counted among the most authoritative, as well as revered mullahs and imams, were all wrong? Maybe CAIR or ISNA representatives? There is a long list in “The Memorandum”, written by their own hands, of Muslim Brotherhood front organizations and CAIR and ISNA are among them. So who’s not telling the truth about Islam? Mohammed and Allah and 1400 years of Islamic doctrine or the Muslim spokespersons?

          I’ll leave you now with one last thought. What I’d like, Ralph, not for me, but for you, is for YOU to read at least some of those books and scholars I listed above. You’re a smart guy. If you feel as adamant about resettlement as you say, you should care enough to do the homework, so you will understand Islam. There are gray areas, when it comes to people, so there are certainly Muslims who do not want to live under Shariah, maybe don’t want to be Muslim at all, but remain so, because the penalty for apostasy is death. I sincerely feel bad for them, but I don’t know how to “vet” people’s hearts and neither does the government. I hate it, but sometimes, reality is just what it is. We can still care about the truly displaced. We just have to find another way to help.


  10. I’ve seen the Julia and Mohamed skits on said ‘secular’ Arab Muslim websites… Julia wears a hijab and Mohamed, a beard. They are portrayed as great victims and misunderstood. Sickening.
    When people point out examples of Julia and Mohamed attacking Jews and imposing their beliefs on everybody, posts are removed.
    Julia’s daddy is the OIC.


  11. I heard a brilliant analogy the other day, forgive me if i heard it on this blog. Anyway, this analogy more or less goes as follows. There are ten thousand gum balls in a jar. Yet, 10 % of these gum balls have been poisoned. Still keen to have a gumball? Didn’t think so


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