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Office of Refugee Resettlement threatens governors, says they can’t discriminate against Syrians

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 28, 2015

Looks like the ACLU and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) are on the same page.

The way to solve the latest argument by the Obama Administration and the NO borders gang is to defund all refugee resettlement in the upcoming ‘omnibus’ and not single-out the Syrians for special treatment.

First Reema (from Jeh Johnson) and now this as the administration pulls out all the stops to get those 10,000 mostly Muslim Syrians resettled in your towns.

All of this activity demonstrates that the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program is in the greatest crisis it has ever faced in 35 years since Senators Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden, among others, sent the bill to Jimmy Carter for his signature.

The revolving door!

Bob_Carey (1)

We wrote about Carey, at the IRC in 2013, out stumping for Syrians to be admitted to the US. Unfortunately, but no surprise, all links back to what Carey said have been removed and the IRC doesn’t allow you to check their employees list either. What are they hiding?

Before I get to ORR chief Bob Carey’s letter to governors, a little background on the revolving door for new readers (also go here to our recent fact sheet for general overview of program):

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees chooses most of our refugees.  The US State Department admits them and Homeland Security screens them (as best they can).  The State Department PRM (Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration) contracts with nine supposedly non-profit group contractors*** to resettle them through about 312 subcontractors (at one point the State Department was throwing the number 350 around) to most US states.

PRM is overseen by Anne Richard who was a former vice President of contractor—International Rescue Committee.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is in the Dept. of Health and Human Services and is the major dispenser of your money to the contractors through myriad federal grants.

The present director of ORR is Robert Carey who came over from one of the nine contractors (wait for it!)—International Rescue Committee (IRC)—where he served as a vice President.  His predecessor at ORR was Eskinder Negash who had come over from another contractor the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

Negash has since returned to a perch at his former employer—US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI).

Are you still following me?

Negash’s boss at USCRI, Lavinia Limon, was Bill Clinton’s director of ORR before she left to become President of USCRI.  LOL! did you get that!

Both Carey and Anne Richard came from the International Rescue Committee headed by BRITISH former foreign secretary David Miliband, bff Clinton, Soros and Samantha Power.  (We have an extensive archive on Miliband, brother of Britain’s “Red Ed.”)

Contractors enter government and become the dispenser of your tax dollars and then they leave government when administrations change and become the recipients of your tax dollars—and around and around they go!

Back to the Bob Carey letter to governors (remember he is relatively new at ORR and was pulling down a six-figure salary from the IRC before becoming the big shot now threatening governors).

From Breitbart:

bob_carey_large_photo_1 (1)

In April of this year, Carey moved from his job with super-wealthy contractor, IRC, and into the government where he dispenses your money to his former employer. Shouldn’t there be a law?

The Obama administration has warned states to comply with federal efforts to resettle Syrian refugees in communities around the U.S. or else find their states subject to enforcement action.

In a letter this week, the Office of Refugee Resettlement threatens states concerned about resettling Syrians with punitive responses if they refuse to accept the refugees. ORR explains that states may not refuse ORR-funded benefits for refugees on the basis of religion and national origin.

“Accordingly, states may not categorically deny ORR-funded benefits and services to Syrian refugees,” ORR Director Robert Carey wrote in the letter. “Any state with such a policy would not be in compliance with the State Plan requirements, applicable statutes, and their own assurances, and could be subject to enforcement action, including suspension and termination.” [I’m afraid of overloading you, but beware of termination because the feds and contractors may well make your state a Wilson-Fish stateif it isn’t already.  They would like nothing better!—ed]

The agency also pointed to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, prohibiting discrimination for federally funded assistance benefits. Refugees are immediately eligible for welfare and other benefits upon admission to the U.S.

“Thus, it is not permissible to deny federally funded benefits such as Medicaid or [Temporary Assistance for Needy Families] to refugees who otherwise meet the eligibilities requirements,” the letter reads. “ORR is committed to ensuring that all refugees receive assistance and services vital to achieving their potential in the United States and becoming self-sufficient, integrated members of our communities.”

If nothing else comes out of this, we are pleased to say that the American taxpaying public is being educated about the huge costs this program places on our welfare system—nationally and locally!  The contractor’s job is to get refugees their welfare benefits and then they move on to the next paying batch of refugee CLIENTS.

***Nine major federal contractors which like to call themselves VOLAGs (Voluntary agencies) which is such a joke considering how much federal money they receive:

21 Responses to “Office of Refugee Resettlement threatens governors, says they can’t discriminate against Syrians”

  1. EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse Bomb:


  2. momodoom said

    Once the governors stood up to say “No!” to refugees, they set into motion the Ann Corcoran Plan – despite anything the Obama Administration may do, these states have become… UNWELCOMING.

    Oh, NO! The HORROR!! The states’ actions have already yielded fruit – Syrian refugees originally destined for Unwelcoming Indiana were re-routed to “Welcoming” Connecticut.

    This is the last thing the Obama Admin. wants to talk about – this power that the grassroots have. So the Admin. goes on about “laws”, and “enforcement action”, because they have NO power to MAKE Americans “Welcoming”.


  3. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:



  4. domstudent11 said

    I think what upsets me more than anything is that I can’t trust anybody, even people “of the cloth.” Now that federal funds are involved, even church leaders are suspect. I am a Missouri-Synod Lutheran, but the ELCA (the Evangelical Lutheran Church that broke away from LCMS in the 1970s), is a strong advocate for Syrian refugees. Why? Do they get some sort of kickback from LIRS? I was shocked by this statement from the new female ELCA bishop, dated 11/18/15:
    I don’t know how ELCA can hold on to their tax-exempt status when they have an advocacy page with instructions on how to contact state representatives and urge them to accept Syrian refugees.
    I am so angry at organized religion that I have not donated a single penny to my church over the past year.

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  5. Yes, defund the entire ‘refugee’ scam now!

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  7. sturandot13 said

    If I were a governor of one of these states, I would stand my ground and DARE the Usurper-in-Chief to foist these potential jihadists upon us. I would then call up the National Guard in my state to make sure that this does NOT happen.


    The forcing of so-called “refugees” upon the states and communities within those states is UN-CONSTITUTIONAL on its face. I don’t care if I had to take the thing to the Supreme Court. And if they upheld the Obamanation, I would STILL stand by nullification!

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  10. mjazzguitar said

    This probably is not relevant specific to this article, but just as an example of what is happening in Europe.
    Many thanks to Melissa Mészáros for translating this from the original Hungarian. There is foul language but you really can’t blame the guy:

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  11. 7delta said

    Okey dokey, then. Two things come to mind. Why can’t States counter-sue the feds and volags for violating the 10th Amendment and the Wilson-Fish Amendment, since Wilson-Fish does not provide the authority or means to operate the way the feds are using it and why can’t Congress repeal Wilson-Fish, which President Pen and Phone will surely not sign? When that happens, the House then needs to be certain that the amendment is de-funded, along with the entire RRP and all other means of entry or residency that violates the spirit of the law.

    Congressional reps are obligated to look after the best interest of their districts, their own home State, the Union and the citizens first. So is the executive branch, but we all know how that’s gone. Obviously, California’s Wilson knew the program was not operating in the best interest of the People and the States when he authored the amendment to try to remedy the problems. Maybe we should point this out to our State reps, including governors and AG’s, and ask them to counter-sue, based on these violations and the State’s authority, as well as demand Congress repeal both the 1965 and 1980 Acts or de-fund the whole shebang until the programs can be carefully reviewed and revised. As it is now, the feds are forcing States to participate, physically and financially, in an unconstitutional scheme that jeopardizes the wealth, health, well being and safety of its citizens without their consent (not to mention the recent threats from the feds…and jihadists, but I repeat myself.)

    Misusing Wilson-Fish to skate around State sovereignty seems very much inline with Printz v. U.S. where SCOTUS ruled (not for the first time) the federal government cannot force or enforce any rules, regulations or regulatory schemes outside its limited Constitutional authority on or in States, directly or indirectly, by bypassing the legislature to require State or federal officials to enforce them, without State consent. I’d say withdrawing consent to participate in the RRP program is withdrawing consent and the feds are doing exactly what Printz said the feds could not do.

    Congress has the authority to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization” but neither it nor the executive has any authority to force States or the People to fund any part of an immigrant’s or refugee’s personal expenses, before or after entry into this country, from either the federal or State treasuries. States have police powers to determine who may or may not enter or live in the State, if that person or persons pose a threat medically or to the safety of the citizens. In the past, during disease outbreaks, States refused entry to citizens from other States, if they were infected or possibly exposed until the person proved not to have the illness. It’s not a novel idea that States can protect their citizens from harm. SCOTUS also upheld…again…in the Arizona case about illegal aliens that the States possess the police powers within its jurisdiction, not the feds. The State may not have control over the act of immigration, but it does possess other more important powers to protect its citizens and the State. States have simply not been enforcing their own authority. As Chief Justice Roberts said in the otherwise disastrous and unconstitutional first Obamacare ruling, “States are sovereign and should start acting like it.” He tried to tell States what to do about Obominationcare, but people were too angry to ferret it out of the ruling. It’s still useful information.

    All these programs of admitting and providing public aid to all-alien-comers sound warm and fuzzy, but the potential for ideological abuse by “ambitious men”, as the founders called them, is as great now as it was in their day. Fortunately, the framers of the Constitution understood human nature. They were right too, because ambitious men have done exactly what the Constitution is meant to prevent. Therefore, the feds were not given a blank check and unlimited authority for anything and everything that may be construed or invented out an actual authority, which progressives call a “living and breathing Constitution.” They are, of course, the only ones who get to decide what new breath will live in infamy. Constitutional limits and divisions of power are there for a reason and we need not look any further than this program (for merely one of many examples) to see the usurpation of power ambitious men (and women) will engage in when left unchecked. Progressives have nearly lived and breathed us into oblivion…which is no miscalculation on their part. Both parties. There are no innocent parties, just a few decent members in both parties that are spitting against the wind. It’s past time for the People and the States to get their checks and balances on. Do not retreat and sue the feds right back.

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  12. Ann, What burns my butt is the VOLAG’s are getting paid tremendous amounts of money. As some say, follow the money. Where is it coming from? Our Government that is broke, the Saudis Royal family, the United Nations or Communists like George Soros?
    OK, so they manage to sway the opposing governors to accept the Refugees. I’m going to use a word that Civil Rights Activists don’t like, its called Segregation. Build a community like a Colony, a Muslim Colony and put them with their own kind near a Mosque. Away from Jews and Christians so friction does not occur. Tell our guests that if they don’t like the Infidel way of life and can not assimilate then flights leave daily for the Middle East. Shariah Law is forbidden in Florida and many other states. Accept your new way of life or leave, Americans are not going to cry when you leave.
    Take up arms against our Nation and they will find out what Rednecks and Crackers are and they are all good shots. Until this Loser-in-Chief is replaced with a sensible GOP leader then we have to keep throwing a monkey wrench into his mechanism.

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    • Skip Patel said

      You’ve got it partially right: “Our Government that is broke, the Saudis Royal family, the United Nations or Communists like George Soros?” However, all of above gained their power while “Conservatives” closed their eyes and slept through the Bush Administration.

      When the doors to the Republic were thrown open and the Minutemen were at the border, folks like Lou Dobbs, Frosty and myself were reporting from the Arizona border as GW Bush labeled those who insisted on border control “Vigilantes”. We winced as our contacts at the Phoenix ICE office were locked in their office by their female Assistant Field Office Director (Appointed by Bush) while thousands of brazen illegals marched beneath their headquarters.

      While recognizing the individuals and organisations you’ve mentioned in your comments, we become part of the problem by failing to identify the other (“Non-Communist”) player in this traitorous affair.

      The U.S. Chamber of Commerce hawks the “economic benefits” of mass immigration.

      Republican King-maker Grover Norquist on Open Borders and “Historically Racist Immigration Policy”

      Forbes Magazine:

      Rupert Murdoch (Fox-News)

      Marriott Hotels (Mitt Romney-Board of Directors)

      Jeb Bush and most of the Republican U.S. Congress

      If a Republican wins the presidential election, will we, as before, leave Ann to toil alone and pretend all is fine and dandy? If we fail to identify all the threats to our nation, that is surely our future.

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      • 7delta said

        I agree, Skip. Neither party is innocent. They no longer represent their constituents or even the best interest of the Union, as a whole. They represent the interests of their own power and desires. The Constitution didn’t fail. Man did. You can’t change all the ingredients in a cake recipe, then when the cake comes out a gooey mess, blame the recipe.

        Of the whole lot of players, I think the one that makes me scratch my head the most is the Chamber of Commerce. You’d think that people who understand how to run a successful business and that to be successful, they must be able to project into the future the long term effects of decisions, they would know what they’re asking for when they lobby for “cheap labor.” First off, there is no such thing as cheap labor, since what they do not pay up front in salaries, they pay dearly for on the back end in taxes, public aid programs, education, crime, etc. They may escape one or two of the consequences by snuggling with lawmakers, but neither they or their families will escape the bulk.

        And, why do meat-packers (except pork) not understand why e-coli has become an recurrent issue when it almost never was before a decade or so ago? Why do these corporations think they are safe from…let’s say, explosive statements…since the disruption of food distribution would be just too good to pass up? Because fellow adherents work in the plants too? Why would that matter when their ideology teaches them that all their rewards will be great in the afterlife and that taking one for the team ensures that? You don’t need a whole plant full of people that want to destroy anything right this very minute. You just need one or two.

        How cheap is it to recall tons of their product and go through the necessary investigative and hygiene processes, even if just once every few years? How much does the damage to their reputation and decreased sales cost? How cheap will it be when a series of their plants are smoking ruins? I know the talking heads spout nonsense most of the time about the inherent dangers of our time, but for someone to make it in the business world, you’d think they would be capable of discerning certain trends, demographics and pitfalls to avoid.


        • domstudent11 said

          Not to mention the insanity of hiring people who have access to knives and sharp equipment. I’d be really scared to work in those plants.

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        • Sadly it will take another American Revolution #2 to separate the Chaff from the Wheat, eliminate the Tories and Loyalists from We the People just as it was done in the first American Revolution. Lots of people fear Martial Law and I get sick of hearing about it. Google map the United States and Alaska and tell me how many soldiers and Gestapo type people would it take to institute Martial Law like they had in Germany? It’d take the Armies of China and North Korea and many more but that would leave their country to be overthrown by Patriots in their Nations so it would not be a maximum effort. Cities could be controlled but venture into the country side and the foreign soldiers would become Wolf Bait. Tanks and Armored Cars can be lured into traps to disable them, foreign soldiers could be lead into bogs or quicksand or across ponds of thin ice and Nature would kill them.
          One thing I fear most of all things is a EMP or An electromagnetic pulse which would send us back to 1870. Hopefully the United States can do the same to our enemies and the entire world would be in 1870. 90% of the United States would be dead within a year from bad water to diseases and suicide.

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