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Libs in Canada change their minds: let’s not rush into this Syrian refugee thing we promised

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 29, 2015

You knew it had to happen, the new Trudeau government couldn’t possibly get it done—-bring in 25,000 Syrians by the end of THIS December.

Justin Trudeau, his wife Sophie Gregoire and their children Xavier and Ella-Grace celebrate after he won the Federal Liberal leadership Sunday April 14, 2013 in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Does Canada’s boy wonder know what he has done to his children and grandchildren?

They still want 25,000 (actually now they are saying 35,000) but over a longer time and apparently what is happening south of the border, in the US, has influenced the decision to slow down.

As they colonize Canada, Canadian immigration officials, working in the new government, have said they will take refugees selected by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees which means they will take mostly Sunni Muslims.

Here is Christian Today on the decision. They say they will focus on women and children. Young single men won’t get in unless they are gay, or traveling with Mommy and Daddy.

Now this is the question I have been asking for years as this rush to save the homosexuals of the Middle East has gotten underway—how are they going to know they are gay?  Take their word for it? (ISIS leaders are laughing their heads off!).

Canada has delayed its plans to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to the country after New Year amid concerns in the U.S. over the vetting-system and the possible embedding of Islamic State (ISIS) militants among the refugees.

Immigration Minister John McCallum made the announcement early this week, saying the refugees will come in batches with only 10,000 expected to land by Dec. 31 this year, an additional 15,000 in January and February 2016, and some 10,000 more later in 2016 for a minimum of 35,000.

“I’ve been saying time and time again, that yes we want to bring them fast, but we also want to do it right,” he said, according to Fox News. “We’re happy to take a little more time.”


McCallum said the Trudeau government will this time give priority to the “most vulnerable” such as families, women at risk and members of the LGBT community.

Single men will only be granted admission if accompanying their parents or if they are part of the LGBT community, according to Canadian newspapers.

LOL!  And, here is that word “robust” again.  Would someone please explain “robust security screening.”  Do they really think the voters are that dumb?

President Pierre Trudeau has said robust security screening continues to be a high priority in Canada in the light of recent terror attacks.

Continue reading here.

I’ll wager they can’t even get 10,000 admitted by year-end.

Meanwhile Montana ranchers take up watch on US northern border.

See our extensive Canada archive by clicking here.

5 Responses to “Libs in Canada change their minds: let’s not rush into this Syrian refugee thing we promised”

  1. Kay One said

    Robust security measures means a full body pat down at the airport to test your vibrancy.


  2. nafbpo7 said

    “Won’t get in unless they are gay”

    Gee whiz, how do they define a persons sexual preferences? I suppose they just ask, and take their word for it.

    For years the Snake Heads of NYC Chinatown have been smuggling in people from the Peoiples Republic of China (PRC), and one of the most common claims is for the illegal alien to claim they were persecuted in China for being gay.

    I once had a Snake Head, Chan Sze Ming, locked up in a federal detention center in Puerto Rico. He spent months there awaiting trial. Posted right alongside the inmates telephone is a sign, which tells them ALL calls are monitored. At first, this warning is heeded, but quickly thereafter, they begin the slow process of communicating through codes. Because they can’t record and examine the frequency, and the manner in which they use the codes, they don’t realize how clear and simple it is to figure out exactly what they are talking about.

    We spent months recording this guys calls and transcribing them. One of the very first things we discovered was that he had a girlfriend, who adopted the American name Helen. We determined who she was, and where she lived. A check of her immigration status revealed Helen had been once one of Ming’s customers. She had, at the time, a pending asylum claim, claiming she was gay!

    Immigration judges and USCIS Adjudication Officers have absolutely no legitimate way to determine the validity of such a claim. They never have, and hey never will. The same is true for other claims such as having exceeded China’s two baby rule, belonging to a fake religion “Fulan Gong,” and others.

    The USCIS adjudication system is designed to allow this fraud to continue.

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  3. As with most lib/prog initiatives, the clueless wonder’s election promise didn’t survive contact with reality, he is just stretching out the colonization of Canada timetable by two months. So it’s not going to slow down the decline of Western Civilization by any meaningful amount of time.

    The soldiers at my Brigade are being forced to take cultural awareness training before Christmas in preparation for the “refugee” surge. If these were real immigrants, they would be the ones receiving the cultural integration training, not the natives.

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