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50 “faith leaders” pressure Ohio Governor Kasich on Syrian refugee stance

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 30, 2015

I’ve told you over the holiday weekend that a massive PR campaign is underway to push back at the governors and others who are wary of admitting Syrian mostly Muslim refugees to the US.

They are very worried because this is the first real opposition to refugee resettlement in the 35 years of the program.

Here is just one example, this one from Ohio, of who is leading the pack in the pushback—CAIR and Islamic leaders joined by members of “interfaith” groups and resettlement contractors who make their living doing this work.

American Flag with Allahu Akbar

In 2014, Toledo, Ohio became a refugee resettlement city. In announcing the news the local ABC affiliate placed the newsman, Bill Hormann, in front of an American flag. The Arabic writing on the flag says “Allahu Akbar” (translated by an Arabic speaking reader of RRW). So glad we have a screen shot since the original story is now gone.

You can be sure if Obama said we were taking 10,000 Christian and Yazidi Syrians that CAIR would not be promoting letters like this one.  (BTW, I had to search for a few minutes to find the letter, at CAIR’s website, since the news article did not link to it).

Here is the story at the Columbus Dispatch:

A coalition of more than 50 faith and civic leaders sent an open letter to Gov. John Kasich last week asking him to reconsider his stance against resettling Syrian refugees in Ohio.

Among those who signed was Michael Orra, president of the Islamic Council of Ohio, which represents 24 Muslim groups and mosques in the state, including the Islamic Foundation of Central Ohio.

Kasich is “jumping on the GOP bandwagon” with his position, Orra said, one that is “un-American” in its wholesale refusal to admit the refugees.

“These people have been in refugee camps waiting their turn,” Orra said.  [Waiting their turn!—What nerve!—ed]

Toledo only began resettling refugees in 2014 as we reported here.

Toledo has a long-standing Arab-American community and leads the state in the number of Syrian refugees settling there: 54 this year.

Brittany Ford, the project manager and co-lead of the Welcome Toledo-Lucas County initiative to help immigrants settling in that area, expects more to come, despite Kasich’s stance.

Continue reading here.

Again, go here to CAIR’s website to see the letter and the signatures!  Is your “faith group” on the list?

If you live in Ohio, you must let Kasich know what you think!

The Left (the Democrat party and its friends at CAIR) need to make sure Ohio is a reliably blue state and that is why it is so important to continue to pour in the refugees and immigrants generally.

Again, those promoting Muslim resettlement to the US have never had the pushback they are getting since Paris, so please get involved!

We have many posts on the colonization of Ohio, click here for more.

5 Responses to “50 “faith leaders” pressure Ohio Governor Kasich on Syrian refugee stance”

  1. sturandot13 said

    “Kasich is “jumping on the GOP bandwagon” with his position, Orra said, one that is “un-American” in its wholesale refusal to admit the refugees.”

    No, I’ll tell YOU what is UN-American, Mr. muzlim orra: the UN-holy quran and the haddiths that calls on ALL muzlims (sic – on purpose) to spread izlam as the only recognized “religion”, and sharia law as the ONLY law governing all of mankind. THAT is called SEDITION. Read it. Learn it.
    Americans are not going to buy into the lies of the “religion of peace” anymore. izlam, by its very nature, is a arab-supremacist, totalitarian ideology that is completely incompatible with the U.S. Constitution; and with all that most of civilization holds dear.

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  3. misterpaul5a said

    Once again we see that the enthusiasm for seeding America with Muslims, not Christians, is ultimately Money and Power. Those who are pushing for Kasich to do a re-think are those with a VESTED INTERESTS either in trawling for money, or as Ann points out, influencing the vote in favour of Democrats. It is as plain as the nose on your face. On the other hand, Ann, RRW Weekly and supporters have no such interest. They are concerned only that the FIFTH COLUMN do not win the power to overtly influence the results of voting in America. Times have changed dramatically – no longer are we dealing with a democratic society. These people have an ulterior motive which is to hold sway in the forthcoming elections and the future of Smerica in the next fifty years IS AT STAKE. Those who do not pay heed to this and resist these vested interests are gambling not only with the American way of life but with the future of the world. I am English so have no vote, of course, in the USA. However, I will be supporting the party which will protect the status quo and keep Muslims out of our politics and our way of life in the UK with the last breath in my body. THE THREAT IS NOW, THE ANSWER IS IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE WHO DEFEND AND MAINTAIN THE CONSTITUTION – YOU, THE VOTERS. DO NOT FAIL THE FUTURE OF YOUR CHILDREN!

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