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Calling Donald Trump! You need an ad like this one! Real men and border fences (Hungarian style!)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 1, 2015

Invasion of Europe news….

Video of the day! I love it!  Watch this! Or read about it here at World Net Daily.  (For some reason it plays through twice, I guess to be sure you get the message!)



15 Responses to “Calling Donald Trump! You need an ad like this one! Real men and border fences (Hungarian style!)”

  1. kerberos616 said

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  2. Micky said

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  3. […] Real men and border fences (Hungarian style!) […]


  4. Tate Diggs said

      Thank you for sharing this video filled with a mayor and people who understand it is THEIR RIGHT and GOOD SENSE to protect their country from those who would enter it illegally, disrespectfully, and unrepentently while demanding that society feed, clothe, and shelter them.  Good for the Hungarians!!  I only wish we had some folks in office with their heads on straight but alas we don't.

    Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2015 at 2:54 PM


  5. Dawnasong said

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  7. lavagabonda said

    Awesome! Our soldiers and guards are buff like these Hungarian men.But our leader is spineless and will not let them perform as they might. The Austro-Hungarians have a long history of fighting bellicose muslims.Send their leaders over here to take over for the wimp in the White House.


  8. 7delta said

    Oh man, be still my beating heart. Real men! I’ve got ya backs, guys. I’m heavily armed and able to put a nice grouping right in the bulls eye, not to mention, I’m a pretty dang good cook too. You haven’t lived until you’ve had my shrimp and grits. Don’t let anybody tell you differently, there are rewards for not being a Pajama Boy.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Last I heard you had a hubby, is he monitoring your social networking?


      • 7delta said

        It’s okay. He’s not a Pajama Boy. ;>)


      • 7delta said

        I thought later that maybe I should clarify my comment. My intent was to praise the male! There is a War on Somebody and it’s the male of the species. With little effort, it’s easy to see why. My intent was to encourage men to be men, not the girly-man Pajama Boy who snuggles up on his designer sofa to sip hot chocolate in his adorable flannel jammies while pondering the wonders of how Obamacare leaves the hard lifting in life to someone else.

        Ignore the Fem-i-tyrants. They got equality wrong from the git-go. You can’t achieve equality by denigrating and oppressing another, then act like a spoiled child by demanding “the other” be responsible for providing your wants and needs…by legal force.

        Ever wonder why women seem to be attracted to bad boys? Which is, btw, a bad idea. Women are wired to be attracted to strong men for protection and for sustaining them and their offspring. Women with small children are vulnerable. Doesn’t mean they’re weak. In fact, most women are incredibly strong and innovative in the face of adversity. It just means they have tiny people they love and nurture to the point of fighting to the death to protect them, but being able to live to care for them is the better choice, especially when the male is better physically equipped by nature to do that.

        Strong men aren’t afraid to be kind or gentle. They would never harm a physically weaker person, in any way, or deliberately hurt anyone when it wasn’t in a legitimate self-defense scenario. They don’t have to prove anything to anybody, because they know who they are and cherish the ones they love and protect, but when it comes to protecting that family and home (including country) there are times when issuing sincere warnings to being utterly ruthless is required. As a rule, women don’t have the physical capacity and can’t do that when they’re responsible for the next generation already present or on its way. It’s not discrimination. It’s biology.

        Neither male or female has anything to be ashamed about in being who they are, loving their families and their home or doing their part to protect it.

        My message was to the guys…and the women who have also been browbeaten and confused by deceitful, selfish, fake fem-o-nators. Stand strong. Be moral and principled and be yourself. Women love real men, so I was offering to cook as my contribution to the causes of life, because I’m more useful doing that than I would be in hand-to-hand combat. If you expect me to trot off to the front line, you’d just be out of a cook.

        BTW, my other half just laughed when I read it to him. What can I say? I love that real man.


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  10. Kathleen Connors said

    No link, just anticipation!


  11. MeThePeople said

    right on


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