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1,000 US Rabbis sign letter to “welcome” Syrian Muslims to America

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 4, 2015

The Washington Post is reporting the story here.  The letter was gotten together by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (one of nine federal contractors which benefit financially from the resettlement of refugees to your towns and cities).   We told you here and here that HIAS is pulling out all the stops to pressure Congress right now.


One of the 1,000 Rabbis signing the letter seeking more Syrian Muslim refugees for the US is Rabbi David L. Abramson. I was looking for someone from Maryland (Bethesda) and he was near the top of the list and that is the only reason I chose him to illustrate my post. Photo and bio here:

HIAS has said it wants 100,000 Syrians to be admitted to the US before Obama leaves office, and we know that as of a few days ago 99% of the Syrians admitted in this fiscal year are Sunni Muslims.

The greater the number of Muslim immigrants admitted to the US the greater chance that someone like this poor Messianic Jew*** murdered in San Bernardino two days ago will die. (His wife says he died a martyr for his religion.)

Get this through your heads!  Muslims are not going to love you more if you help them to migrate to the West!

Did HIAS tell the Rabbis the truth?

Before they signed, did HIAS tell the rabbis that 99% of those HIAS is resettling from Syria are Muslims?

Did HIAS tell them that the UNHCR is NOT focusing on religious minorities, but almost exclusively on Sunni Muslims for America?

Brigitte Gabriel at ACT for America is famous for saying that “moderate Muslims are irrelevant” because they don’t stand up to the extremists.  This is going to sound harsh, but if you are a Jew who disagrees with HIAS and yet don’t stand up to them (or your rabbi who might be on this list), you are irrelevant too!

And to make it fair! As we pointed out here on Sunday, if your church is on this list and you don’t say anything, you aren’t only irrelevant, but complicit!

***See this whole article about those slaughtered at their annual Christmas party.  I was struck by the diversity of the victims of the devout Islamic killers—many races, religions, sexes, are represented, no one was spared!  They, and you, have one thing in common—you are all infidels!

35 Responses to “1,000 US Rabbis sign letter to “welcome” Syrian Muslims to America”

  1. It is a logical and good thing. To displace all Muslims from Middle East. Than the Jews can rebuild with all the money they have into paradise.all middle East.
    The trouble with this plan is that than they will be invaded by barbaric hordes, and they will loose everything again.


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  6. 7delta said

    I guess I’ve read too many old documents brought to us by defectors from Russia and their testimonies to go the “It’s da jooos” route. The National Archives has reams of these documents that few dare to peruse. A little too revealing, I suspect.

    At any rate, we know from the documents (and testimonials) that the Comintern (Communists International), and the KGB’s instituted an active plan through CPUSA (Communist Party USA) and through Russian agents (often infiltrating government positions or as advisors to officials) to seed the public narrative with subtle pro-communist/anti-American propaganda (education/news/media/Hollywood), to undermine, shape and silence religious influence (Immigration Roundtable/Interfaith Roundtable, World Religion Conference, Freedom from Religion), to de-moralize America (remove the ability to discern right from wrong/ promote “relativism”), to discredit the founders (just a bunch of white, slave-holding racists that created a system to reward themselves and their friends), to agitate on college campuses and among minorities for social justice (community organizers/activists), and of course, the demonizing of Jews (part of discrediting religious faith and using the Jews and Israel as a means to attack the U.S. through the back door, which came naturally since Russia has a long history of persecuting the Jews and Islam was readymade for using as a tool.)

    This started from the time the first communist party organizations showed up in the U.S., prior to WWII. I can’t remember the exact early 20th-Century date, but they were well organized by the beginning of WWII. Early on in U.S. communist history, the three original CPUSA groups merged into one that’s located in Chicago.

    The USSR fell apart, the Comintern evolved and changed its name and the KGB morphed into the FSB, but the narratives live on, practically word for word, from the time they were first seeded into the U.S. Now, we have a generation of people who actually believe they’ve invented or discovered new ideas and strategies or uncovered a truth that’s been hidden. These narratives have never been really hidden, just subtle influences in shaping narratives and public opinion. They’ve never been true either, but for the most ardent believers, whom Stalin called “useful idiots”, truth is what they say it is, so there is no documentation or historical record that will convince them they’ve been had.

    Propaganda/indoctrination must teach and persuade its targets that they are superiorly educated, superiorly compassionate, and to be distrustful of original documentation, facts, history (winners get to write history) and the motives of “the other”–anything or anybody that disagrees with them. Therefore, they must demand tolerance for the object or premise of their “work” by eschewing contrary facts/opinions and by discrediting, demeaning and silencing the “intolerant, racist, phobic” people who disagree with them. Alinsky is their role model, even if they’ve never heard of him.

    In addition to the communist infiltration, we can add in progressivism, European/Fabian/feudalist/socialist dogma, and Islamic stealth jihad, all working collectively toward their individual goals. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” There are various shades of multiple totalitarian ideologies that all share enough in common to ally, but not enough to submit to the other in the end. Everybody wants to rule the world.

    For some inexplicable reason, when applying logic and history, a swath of the American Jewish population tends to be progressive liberal. Many of them are simply Jewish by birth, but not necessarily practicing Jews. Many are good-hearted and unaware of the manipulations of the “true believers”, AKA “useful idiots” of all stripes, and are sincere in wanting to help the people they have been taught are the underdog. There are other theories about why, I’m sure.

    I think most of the rabbis are like most of the Christian pastors and priests; they don’t know they’re being manipulated and simply believe they’re helping poor persecuted people and that there is nothing to worry about, since our government has declared Islam is a religion of peace and that the proper authorities are carefully vetting refugees. Why should we expect them to know what a lot of the general population doesn’t know? (But are now catching on.) We, as a culture and a society, have forgotten what we once knew and we are generations in to educational/media subversion that continues to serve the narratives planted over a century ago by the Comintern and the CPUSA, plus the newer additions that promote Islam and whatever else is on the agenda-plate, at any given time, but almost all of it circles back around the original cultural subversion plan of the Comintern.

    Without a doubt, the Jewish population contains terrible, selfish, conniving, greedy, power-hungry people, just like every single other population does. I have no doubt that there people involved in what’s going on behind the scenes today who happen to be Jews. They are accompanied by people from every other demographic who are equally deranged. That, IMO, is far as the “Jewish conspiracy” goes.

    I believe we should judge people on their character, the ideologies they exhibit by what they say and do and that we need to know what those ideologies actually entail, believe and promote, historically and presently. What they believe is what can be expected from them, regardless of what they may say.

    Jews are not commanded by God to be social engineers for personal, political or collective power or to be conquerors of the world. If some Jews lust after power and wealth or world domination or spreading the wealth of other people around, without the other’s consent, they’re on their own, just like anyone who may claim to be Christian or anything else, but is up to their necks in collectivism and subversion.

    Islam is a different story. It has an absolute “divinely revealed” obligation to dominate, not be dominated. Muslims are individuals who must decide if the benefits outweigh the risks of doing what they believe is right, wherever that falls on the measuring tape, just like everyone else, though it’s harder since their belief system requires dominance, conquest, jihad and their death for dissenting from the mainstream. I don’t expect many to buck Mohammed’s system, but those that do and have a consistent history of advocating reform of the Islamic Median Period violence and conquest, should have our support.

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    • jstro61283 said

      Thanks for the erudite history lesson. I wish that I had your flare for detail. However, I don’t think that these 1,000 rabbis are just like a bunch of pastors. American Jews wield a great deal of power, a disproportionate amount unless you go strictly by financial resources, and they are disproportionately in favor of the leftist agenda. I don’t need to name names I’m sure. It is worthy of note and concern, and not worthy of ridicule. We are a point in time where people need to come forward and state their sympathies and not try to be magister ludi. I have no interest or inclination to vilify Jews but their level of support for the leftist agenda needs to draw scrutiny.

      Liked by 2 people

      • 7delta said

        I’m not surprised that Jews excel among all other demographics or that they rise to positions of power. They hold more Noble Prizes, per capita, than any other ethnic group, as well as numerous significant achievements and tend to be focused on being good at whatever they do. That’s not something I condemn them for, nor do I think you are. Neither do I think that makes them any more or less inclined to go wrong than other people, which I don’t think you’re saying either.

        The fact that they tend to be progressive liberal is, to me anyway, an odd turn of events, considering Jewish history and the current anti-Semitism fomented and disseminated from the left, but you’re right that most are. Like I said in my previous post, I’m sure there are many reasons, but I think the narrative push toward secularism and a skewed progressive educational system has pulled them that way, just like it has many others. They get the same anti-American (blame America first) and “it’s da joos” indoctrination, overtly and covertly, as everyone else. As a small and specific demographic that generally tends toward being highly intelligent, with a cultural view that values education, they have, perhaps, been more exposed, as a group, to the manipulations of lingering and new narratives taught as absolute truth than the majority-at-large. I think the same could be said about black Americans aligning with the left. They’ve been had too.

        I also think the persecutions of the past have created generational sympathy for the underdog. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when you combine generational empathy with collectivist ideological indoctrination, the results seem to produce people who are as confused about right and wrong and their own self-interest/survival instinct as many other Americans. Jews simply stand out since they’re a small, generally successful minority that experience should have taught better.

        As for the unnamed Jews you mentioned, I think they fall into the secular Jew with no real attachment to anything but themselves and a consistently failed, Utopian ideology that, in the end, will value their contributions and their lives less than they do being Jewish.

        The good news is that while the majority (of an unknown, to me anyway, percentage) may lean left, there are many Jews who get it and are serious and loyal defenders of America, the Constitution, its philosophical foundation and of Israel’s right to exist and live in peace. Their generational memory is of being defenseless and being denied the institutionalized rights to protect them from evil. They found equality under the law in American and value it. They can cut out the heart of a paper target with a precise grouping, because they know how quickly the hearts of men can turn dark. They know what happens to disarmed people and what happens to Jews when the guilty requires a scapegoat. For the first time in my life, I’ve heard rabbis warning Christians that evil is coming for Christians first this time. Unity and speaking out before that happens is imperative, for everyone’s sake.

        I know it’s hard for people, who see the conflict between reality and ideology as plain as the nose on our face, to understand why people, who have suffered greatly for no reason other than being born a Jew, would align themselves with the very collectivist ideologies that, in one form or another, have repeatedly tried to destroy them and hasn’t given up. It’s enough to make me beat my head against my desk while yelling, “What are you thinking?”

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    • lehi48 said

      As a Jew, I do want to point out to these 1000 Rabbis that they are at War regardless if they believe they’re participating or not. There is a Jihad larger than ISIS, including Obama’s pals in the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, HAMAS, IRAN, HIZBOLLAH and a host of others. They can defend themselves or allow the Jihadists to slaughter them like in a 1001 other places of the Caliphate 1400 years ago. Now, Learned Rabbis forgetting Moore, Soros, Obama Marx and Lenin going to Jewish Sources Rabbis for guidance: What does the Talmud command if a Man comes to your House to kill you? THE TALMUD COMMANDS YOU 1000 SCHOLAR RABBIS PROTECTORS OF OUR COMMUNITY THAT IF A MAN COMES TO YOUR HOUSE TO KILL YOU, KILL HIM FIRST! Now how do we know that Men are coming to kill us in our house? They told us so many times! They beheaded 25 Christians on the shores of the Mediterranean and declared that they were on the March to Rome (Vatican) and the rest of Europe. They told us of the HIJRA, and how MOHAMMED seized Medina using the HiJRA tactic. Shortly afterwards, a sea of humanity crossed over into Europe and the rest is history. Though they try to absorb them the sheer numbers is overwhelming the Economies. There has been acts of terror. Cells of ISIS have been discovered. They said they would do the same here, in the US. FBI DIRECTOR COMEY said WE CANNOT VET THESE PEOPLE. Therefore O’Pious Rabbis what the HELL are you doing? Who put you up to this? Your Ruling and Expression of support for Mr. Obama is meaningless. It does not follow the Talmud and it doesn’t follow Jewish Law nor protect our People. SHAME.

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      • 7delta said

        I do want to point out to these 1000 Rabbis that they are at War regardless if they believe they’re participating or not

        Exactly! You just hit the nail on the head. This also applies to all Americans, the volags, the pastors, the Christian denominations, the atheists, the LGBT community, Europe, leftist ideologues aiding and abetting the hizra…heck it applies to an entire world of infidels and apostates, which includes Sunni v. Shia conflicts, backslider/secular Muslims and reformists.

        It’s that simple. Islam is at war with us and has been since Medina, whether we’re at war with them or not. Islam commands it. It’s mainstream Islamic belief. We cannot change their obligations by trying to make them like us or by ignoring what their own texts, scholars, mullahs and imans tell them are holy and virtuous commandments from Allah. Islam does not care what we think or do or have done in the past. The complaints against the U.S. and Europe, etc. are merely to meet the smoke-screen justifications for waging jihad in order to establish the caliphate. Islam is what Islam is. The fatwa has been written.


        Again, you’re absolutely correct. Man’s right to self-defense is Natural Law…the laws of nature and Nature’s God. It is our right of sovereignty and civil government’s duty of granted sovereignty to protect our lives, resources, and to protect our borders from invasion, which includes preventing and punishing illegal entry and to protect the citizens and the country by not allowing the enemy in the gates through the misuse of legal means.

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  9. FatherJon said

    A mere 1,000 to welcome Syrian refugees? I wonder how the other several hundreds of thousands of American Jews feel about that.


  10. They are not trying to be liked by Muslims. This is to dilute and destabilize the West. They have been successful this time to a degree that is almost beyond belief. When things get bad enough, they can always move to their homeland, something we are never allowed to have. That would be ‘white supremicist!’


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  12. Reblogged this on America at War and commented:
    I have heard that many of these Rabbi’s, signing this type of documents, credentials are questionable. Not this letter specifically, but others in the past.


  13. Skip Patel said

    Reblogged this on theflyingcameldotorg and commented:
    A thousand American “Rabbis” have the unique distinction of going to bed with Islamists and their whacked-out Aryan Nation-National Socialist comrades.

    Shame on every one of them….and even more shame on their congregants who have remained silent to this travesty.


    • Skip Patel said


      • lehi48 said

        Please read my other comment. 1000 Rabbis is meaningless.Are they Orthodox? or Reform and Messianic? The number 1000 sounds high, it isn’t. Do they have a Congregation, if so how many Congregants? Also don’t confuse this trash with Israelis and Zionists. They are galaxies apart.


        • FatherJon said

          This debate about Jews welcoming Syrians to America reminds me of the old saying about turkeys looking forward to thanksgiving.

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          • lehi48 said

            If a Thousand Pastors signed such a Letter, though it would rile you up you would understand that this is 1000 of how many? In any group, even the clergy you will find weak misguided souls who are incapable of facing reality so they ‘feel’ these people are like us and can be reached, touched. The Bishop of Mosul invited ISIS to dinner. He has had success with Al Queda the Taliban, and other hard cases. They sent him a message back that if they come they will cut his head off and may do so any ways. He declare that he’s been all over the World and has been able to bridge the worst of the worst until now and that this people are pure EVIL and need to be WIPED OFF THE FACE OF EARTH. Meanwhile the Pope calls for understanding Obama justifies their action and we just don’t understand What a World we are passing to our Children and Grandchildren Europe says don’t retaliate disproportionately and use restraint to Israel. Just a freaking amazing piss poor valueless World.


  14. Michael Travis said

    Very impressive!

    Meanwhile, Israelis find it extremely difficult to obtain a visa to merely visit the United States.

    80% increase in U.S. rejections of Israeli visa requests


  15. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  16. Jim Cain said

    The Zionist Jews have been known for more than 2,000 years as nation-wreckers. (That’s what got them driven out of every country in Europe, during the past 2,000 years.) The Zionist Jews (Z.O.G. / AIPAC) in the USA want and promote vigorously “multiculturalism” and open borders because it destabilizes the nation. A destabilized nation is, in the innate natural ages-old tendency of the Jews, easier to control (or, if you will, exploit). They can’t help it. It’s what they do.

    This has been written about, exposed, and explained for more than 100 years, by such astute men, who caught on, as Henry Ford, Hitler, and Dr. David Duke (and even several Jewish authors!).

    Zionist Jews want multiculturalism everywhere … except Israel!



    • Ann Corcoran said

      Actually I will bet most of these rabbis are not wild about Israel. We have seen HIAS viciously bashing Israel.


    • lehi48 said

      Jim Cain tell me where I can send your free copy of Der Strumer and Copies of Fr Coughlins Thomas Edison’s thoughts on the subject. I may consider hand delivering it if you give me the secret code into your compound


  17. These Jewish so-called rabbis are nice liberal repair-the-world DIPSHITS who are shooting themselves, and Jews like me, in the foot, or head, depending on the skill of the jihadi infiltrators who will be setting up shop here in due course. The San Bernadino KILLER was a homegrown American Moslem (btw, making more than $70,000 (!) at age 28 and living a pretty plush life with an easy job as health inspector of restaurants). The odds of his kind of jihadi killing/deliberate massacre is increased substantially if we open the gates to lots of young Moslem men seeking welfare, four wives, weapons, and engrained with machismo and violent emotions, and of course anti-Jewish and anti-Christian “values.”

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    • FatherJon said

      In Australia we have at least two dozen Australian-born Muslims in jail for plotting against the state, and several others who’ve died carrying out their dogma at home and as jihadis. It seems suicidal to bring in holus-bolus thousands of unknown people from the same militant region and religion, with the likelihood that many are likely to be the infiltrators that Al-Baghdadi has promised, ready to carry out murder and mayhem at his behest.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ann Corcoran said

        There is only one way to save America or Australia in the long run—a moratorium on Muslim immigration and a ruthless hunt for those already with a foot in the door and planning terror attacks…squash them quickly and send a message!

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  19. jstro61283 said

    The bewildering support for muslims by American Jews continues. There is the Soros connection which is out there in front of God and everybody. Its crazy but what about this isn’t?

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