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Sign up to join ‘pockets of resistance,’ James Simpson tells Daily Caller audience why you should do it!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 4, 2015

This is an interview by Ginni Thomas for Daily Caller, before this week’s slaughter of innocents by devout Muslim immigrants. (Simpson does mention that the children of Muslim migrants are becoming more devout and may indeed be of greater concern to us than those supposedly ‘screened’ before admission.)

Here is what Thomas says of the interview:

red green axis book cover

Simpson is the author of this important book published by the Center for Security Policy Press and available at Amazon.

As Americans awaken to dangers to our homeland, they are losing confidence in President Obama. A new poll shows Americans’ confidence in President Obama’s efforts to keep us safe after the Paris jihadist attacks is dropping. [Remember this interview was taped BEFORE San Bernardino.—ed]

Jim Simpson, author of “Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America,” has no confidence in the screening or border security policies of the Obama administration. To Simpson, a host of open border policies — including the Refugee Resettlement Program — provide a fertile ground for terrorists to enter the United States.

In this 25-minute video interview, he says, “This president and this administration have little if any concern for the welfare of American citizens. They are all about advancing their agenda and amassing political power at the expense of our welfare, our safety, everything. They are greedy for power.”


The three things he wants more people to know about the refugee program are: (1) The inordinate influence of the United Nations in determining the bulk of who comes to America; (2) Governors, mayors and Congress have almost no say in the refugee resettlement process; and (3) Refugees are but one program bringing in outsiders who could threaten our national security.

Please visit the Daily Caller to watch the 25-minute interview by clicking here.

Pockets of Resistance forming across the country!  Join them!

Simpson is helping the grassroots citizens organize across America.

Go here to the Center for Security Policy and sign up to join others in your state who are fighting back against Obama’s plan to change America by changing the people.  Someone will contact you.

See our category on ‘Pockets of Resistance’ here and see especially this latest from Breitbart, here.  By the way, Redlands CA where the killers were building their bombs had formed a ‘pocket of resistance’ two month ago.

Action Alert:  Call your members of the House and Senate at 202-224-3121 and ask them to vigorously oppose the Refugee Resettlement funding contained in the Omnibus Spending Bill that will be voted on by 12-11-15! Please call by this Friday, Dec. 4th.  Today!

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