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Come on, you can do it! Say “MORATORIUM”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 5, 2015





She could not be “vetted.”

Where are you Virgil Goode?

Did you see that even the New York Times wrote about the female Islamic terrorist and how there was no way to “vet” her or to “screen” her as she came to live among us.  Any logical person can see that.  There was no d*** data, no biographic and biometric information to tap! And, if asked about any terror connections in personal interviews she certainly did not tell the truth.

So, don’t you wonder why only TEN US Senators can see that and that 89 others are so willfully blind. See our post on Senator Paul’s failed attempt at a moratorium on issuing visas to those coming from jihad-producing countries.

And, here see Daniel Greenfield on the killers yesterday.  If you read nothing else from Greenfield’s post, this is the line every one must grasp:

It’s a matter of simple math that as the population most likely to commit terrorist acts increases, so do the acts themselves.

I went back to our archives to see when I first heard anyone suggest a MORATORIUM on Muslim immigration and want to give a shout-out to former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode who saw the San Bernardino slaughter coming 9 years ago!  Learn about how the politically correct harpies at the Washington Post treated him then.  His position, in support of a moratorium on legal (Muslim) immigration to America cost him his seat.  We told you more about him here in 2010.

Political correctness is dead! Everyone of you must start saying the ‘M’ word!  MORATORIUM!  Moratorium on Muslim migration to America, NOW!

Thank you Mr. Goode!  Goode is a Trump supporter in Virginia today!

10 Responses to “Come on, you can do it! Say “MORATORIUM””

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  2. […] still my beating heart!  There it is, out there—the M-word!  Several of them in fact!  Moratorium on Muslim […]


  3. […] still my beating heart!  There it is, out there—the M-word!  Several of them in fact!  Moratorium on Muslim […]


  4. Dave Combs said

    A 50 year moratorium is not unreasonable. With all the “immigrants” that need to be Americanized, it’s the reasonable thing to do. Limbaugh has been saying that there was no immigration from 1924 (Coolidge’s days) until the immigration “reform” measure inflicted on us with the help of Ted Kennedy, et al, in 1965.

    We don’t even need any more H2B visa applicants, we need a policy that benefits The People, not the small but very “generous” members of the US Chamber of Commerce, said to be about 5%.

    In short we don’t need to do anything (don’t gotta do nuthin) about importing more legal foreigners to displace our own. We need to get in the driver’s seat; and for what it is worth, I see the Convention of States Project and a state driven Article V assembly to propose Constitutional amendments as being the most viable means of reining in Washington to remove them as the threat they have become.


  5. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:



  6. kerberos616 said

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  7. Have had the news on here (fox) and they have stated that female shooter used fake Pakistan address on visa application. So much for state dept vetting i guess.

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  9. Father, do a repeat performance of 2 Kings 7:6.. The Lord caused a NOISE and the Syrians FLED! You did it before, deliver us from this! Cause a noise here, as well, causing all radicals, jihadists to flee here…in Jesus’ name. Amen

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