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Senators Cruz and Paul use the “M” word! MORATORIUM! Trump follows

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 8, 2015

Be still my beating heart!  There it is, out there—the M-word!  Several of them in fact!  Moratorium on Muslim Migration!


Put this word in your vocabulary!

I started to write this post yesterday, then spent the day running out to the doctor (nothing is fast with doctors these days, have you noticed that) and as I’m trying to read news on my phone, the Cruz and Paul news was eclipsed by The Donald news when he jumped on the bandwagon.

However, all of the news reports I was reading and hearing claimed Donald Trump was alone in his call for a ban on Muslim migration to America.  He was actually the third Presidential candidate to make that call. Trump called it a “ban,” but that sounds like moratorium to me.

This is what I started to write about yesterday from Julia Hahn at Breitbart.   She has Senator Cruz uttering the word and I heard Senator Paul say it on Fox News yesterday morning!

trump paul cruz ap ap reuters

Separating themselves from the pack in a big way!

Presidential candidates Sens. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are demanding a halt to immigration from Muslim nations with jihadist movements.

Their fellow contender, Sen. Marco Rubio, did not call for curbs to Muslim immigration in his live response to the President address on Fox News – a response promoted by Rubio’s campaign.

Cruz tweeted that if elected president, “I will shut down the broken immigration system that is letting jihadists into our country.” Cruz elaborated in a statement:

The President should place an immediate moratorium on refugees from countries with a significant al Qaeda or ISIS presence, such as Syria. I’ve introduced legislation to make this happen; it is not a desired step, but a necessary step for the security of the United States.

Similarly, Rand Paul tweeted, “While ‪@POTUS paid lip service to this fight, he plans to keep failed rules in place & allow tens of thousands of refugees to enter the US.”

“Immigration visas & refugees from countries with active terror networks must be halted while we determine how to better secure our borders,” Paul in a separate tweet. “His administration is focused on gun laws that won’t stop terrorists while pushing policies that will let more of them in the country,” Paul wrote.

Continue reading here.

Go here to see the ten Senators who might be counted on to support these calls.

Action Alert!  It is not too late, go here and follow instructions to call Congress today!  Stopping the funding for refugee resettlement is the surest way to get the job done immediately!  Details can be worked out once the money is cut off!  If they can cut off the visas too, more power to them!

5 Responses to “Senators Cruz and Paul use the “M” word! MORATORIUM! Trump follows”

  1. Reblogged this on America at War and commented:
    I’ve noticed the media ALWAYS credits Donald with things often talked about by Ted Cruz first. My theory is that Trump is the media’s choice for President, they have shown it over and over again by keeping him front and center. And we all know, we don’t want what the media wants!!! So just vote Ted Cruz!!! 😉


  2. hitrestart1 said

    The problem with the “M” word is that it’s not enough. Donald Trump didn’t jump on the moratorium bandwagon, he’s calling for an out and out BAN on allowing anymore Muslims into this country. Quite different than just a pause.

    Islam is incompatible with the West and importing its adherents is national suicide. It isn’t bigoted to refuse Muslims into our nation, it’s prudent and wise.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I think if you go to what Trump actually said, he implied it was a short term thing. I guess I shouldn’t quibble, but this avoidance of any discussion (a moratorium) has been going on for so many years, that forgive me if I’m excited by the use of the word. It is one more example of the death of political correctness, if the word is even being uttered!

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  3. […] what is up with Cruz? Yesterday morning he was saying moratorium and according to some news accounts now he is distancing himself from Trump. Not getting cold feet […]


  4. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:


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