Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson—you are very very good!

Update #2:  Virginia blogger confirms it, you must call your Member of Congress tomorrow and say you support the Trump ban on Muslims entering the US, here If the media beats him down all other Republicans will run like scared rabbits!

Update:  See what happened when I called my US Senator’s office, here!

I happened to see CNN just now where they are having a massive heart attack over Trump’s call for banning Muslims from entering the US and Trump spokeswoman and Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson was a guest on the morning show (sorry I don’t know these CNN moderators, some blond who knew a whole lot less than Katrina!).

Katrina and Trump
Trump spokeswoman Pierson has done her homework on refugee program and Muslim immigration!

Pierson was impressive with her quick responses and detailed knowledge of the refugee issue, immigration and the Constitution generally.  As soon as I find a clip, I’ll post it.  (If you see it, send it).

One piece I read on Pierson said she was an early Cruz supporter.

BTW, what is up with Cruz? Yesterday morning he was saying moratorium and according to some news accounts now he is distancing himself from Trump. Not getting cold feet is he?

Action Alert!  It is not too late, as a matter of fact today would be a good time to call Congress again!  I’m going to call and tell all my representatives that I support Trump’s call for a ban!  Go here for instructions on who to call.

Do it! even if you aren’t a Trump fan!  It will make the heathen rage!

I doubt we will ever see this opportunity again to begin to roll back the Hijra (Modern Day Trojan Horse)!  Please don’t let it pass without at least a fight!

P.S. Don’t get hung up on bill numbers and who is doing what on the Omnibus… just keep it simple:  “Trump is right, stop Muslims from entering the country right now!  Do it on the Omnibus appropriations bill—cut the funding for refugees, halt visas to those from jihad producing countries.”



24 thoughts on “Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson—you are very very good!

  1. I am a huge supporter of Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump as well. Someday it will be brought to a head and their differences, more style than substance, will necessitate a decision, and I will probably go with Cruz.
    I have been involved in Texas with Cruz for several years and remember that Katrina was his consummate “right hand” during that time.
    But recently I became aware that she was a spokeswoman for Trump and wondered what prompted her change.
    Perhaps that will be explained soon, for those of us who have known her longer than we have known Ted Cruz, it will increasingly become an issue.


  2. I called the offices of my two Senators and my Representative today to tell them that I do not want them to support Muslims coming to the U.S. and that I want them to remove all related funding from the Omnibus spending bill. God Bless and Save America from the terrible things that will happen if Hijra is not stopped immediately. This includes the masses coming across our Southern border as Muslims with Mexican IDs are coming across daily. Remember, Mexico is not our friend. They are fighting to have our gun rights taken from us entirely. Can you imagine what would happen if we were totally disarmed? All of Mexico would surge into the U.S.

    It may sound horrible to not want to help people that supposedly have encountered hard times. Lets support them in, or near their homelands so that they can go home again when bad times have passed. Most would prefer this. Only 6 percent of refugees interviewed say they want to come to the U.S. Lets help them where they want to be helped, not drag them into a totally new and unfriendly environment where they don’t fit in and where many of the people there do not trust them.

    Please do some research on Islam and Muslim culture. In their minds they are right because they act as they have been forced to act their entire life. Islam controls every aspect of their lives both socially and privately. They know no other way to think or act. They have been told that the way non-Muslims live is against all the dictates of Islam and it is their duty to their Allah to remove those offensive people from the Earth.

    We must not be foolish and bring those people here with the hopes of converting them to our way of living by being nice to them. They do not appreciate nice because it comes from people that should die because they are not Muslim and do not honor Allah and follow Islam and Shariah. We are fighting centuries of forced submission to Islam wherein those that don’t conform, die. That means that all that remain are devout followers of Islam and all that are are dangerous to all non-believers.

    Who are being brought to receiving countries? Young males between the ages of 18 and 35 or thereabouts. These are young men of the ages best for fighting and for being totally committed to Islam and wanting to kill Satan (us). True refugee situations would find women and children plentiful amongst those needing help. Pay attention, folks. Things are not right with forcing us to accommodate peoples who most certainly do represent threats to our Constitution, our people, and our country.

    No matter what happens, do not let Obama continue to RULE the United States. He is President, not king. The United States has a System of Laws that we must make sure are followed since those we have elected have forgotten that America belongs to its People, not to them. DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR ARMS UNDER ANY CONDITIONS!! Got it? If it were not for the fact that We the People are better armed than Obama’s forces we would already be slaves living under a dictatorship.

    Please visit this site and learn about why we cannot trust any Muslims to tell the truth or be able to tell who is lying from who is not.

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    1. Important to bear in mind that within the context of 1st Amendment protections, Islam is as much a political ideology as it is a religion. It’s up to us to educate our neighbors and our “leaders”. Only then can a reasonable and perfectly constitutional strategy to combat Islamists be shaped.


      1. You take the approach that we have all the time in the World to educate friends and neighbors that dd not want to know anything about anything that smacks of news or politics. The majority of Americans don’t know what is going down and don’t want to know because they would have to come out of their bubbles and see what is happening around them. Its too much trouble to learn and get involved. They are willing to let someone else do it, that is what we elected them to do.

        They probably have never read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution and know darn little about either of them. Most don’t know who their Senators and Representative are or how to get in touch with them. On top of that, its too much trouble to find out. Besides that, what good does it do for me, just one person, to complain? They don’t listen anyway. These are the same people that don’t want to vote because it doesn’t do any good to vote, someone has already chosen the people that will be elected. My vote wouldn’t mean a thing.

        There are so many Americans that think similarly that we don’t have time to educate them if we could get through to them in the first place. They won’t wake up until the lights go out and the shooting starts. Then, they will want to know who let this happen and why isn’t someone stopping it? They don’t seem to know that the someone is them and they should have been taking part all along so they could work as part of a group to stop and prevent the horror that will ensue if Obama is not stopped cold in footprints.

        Islamists are our self-proclaimed enemies. They have publicly declared that they want us all dead. They are ordered by Allah to kill Satan (the United States) and Little Satan (England). They have made large advances in England towards that end. Hijrah has placed so many Muslims in England that are “breeding” with English women and girls that this past year the most frequently use name for newborn boys was “Muhammad/”

        As far as I am concerned there are far too many Muhammads iin the U.S. now and I would be darn happy if not another one is allowed. We need to package up all Muslims and Mexican illegals and ship them to Panama or somewhere further South so there is no way in hell that they can get back to the U.S. Then we have to demand the immediate impeachment of Obama and his merry men followed by civil trials that will put them away forever for treason and plotting to overthrow the U.S. government from within.

        There are two very important and influential women in Washington that must be imprisioned. They are Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Chief Adviser and Huma Mahmood Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s side kick since the late 1990s. Right now Jarrett is pulling the Presidents strings and telling him what to do and say. Abedin is already attached to Clinton who has been slated to be President after Obama ever since before the office sex scandal involving Bill Clinton. Abedin will take over after Jarrett goes wherever Obama goes. She will tell Hillary what to say and what to do and when and where to do whatever. Just like Jarrett is, and has been doing with Obama. You have noticed that he is nearly illiterate without teleprompters, right?

        Now with Obama deceiving everyone about what was being planned at the so called Global Warming Conference in France (COP21) we have the threat of the cost of power being driven so high that most citizens will not be able to afford it. Obama agreed to pay the U.N. $3 Billion of U.S. taxpayers money as a down payment on a proposed payment of $100 Billion a year to start and then going to $250 Billion a year out a few years. That adds up to $Trillions which will destroy the U.S. economy all together. It will make paupers out of most Americans. Just what Obama wants to happen so he can exact his Marxist/Islamic scheme against Americans and destroy the Constitution. He wants to redistribute the wealth of the United States to all of the miscreants belonging to the U.N. who will not use it to benefit their peoples. They will put it in their own pockets.

        There has been a bill introduced in the House that would solve all U.N. related problems. It is H.R.1205, American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015.which will get the U.N. out of the U.S. and the U.S. completely out of the U.N.. This bill has to be brought to the floor and passed with a veto proof margin before the new Congress is seated. That doesn’t leave us long.


        1. I am an unabashed supporter and admirer of Katrina Pierson, and will always believe in her.  I have been in her presence many times at Tea Party meetings and other functions.  She founded the Garland Tea Party in Garland, Texas.  I am a member of that group. I am also a founding member, 2005, of the Texas Border Volunteers.  Several years ago we enjoyed meeting Ted Cruz and his father at a remote areaof the Rio Grande Valley, in a ranch house located on the property that served as our headquarters for our organization.  At that time Ted was standingat 2% in the polls for his candidacy for Senator in the Federal Government.  Most did not know of him, and it is a special memory that we all sharedin watching him eventually win over a sitting Lt. Governor of Texas. Katrina Pierson was also an avid supporter of Ted and I saw her at many Cruz functions and appearances serving in what “appeared” to be an official staff capacity. Now it appears that she is supporting Donald Trump in his campaign for the presidency of the United States.  I am curious to know what prompted her change in position, it seems at odds to her original involvement with Ted Cruz. I have the feeling that Ted and Donald have a special relationship, at times cooperating and sharing their beliefs in a way that would suggest that they have a “plan”. I’d like to hear what happened to cause Katrina to switch her allegiance.   Has she also become a part of the Ann Corcoran, Frank Gaffney, Jim Simpson team? freshideaguy  Gary Henderson From: Refugee Resettlement Watch To: Sent: Wednesday, December 9, 2015 4:55 AM Subject: [New comment] Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson—you are very very good!

          josephdhollinger commented: “You take the approach that we have all the time in the World to educate friends and neighbors that dd not want to know anything about anything that smacks of news or politics. The majority of Americans don’t know what is going down and don’t want to know” | |


          1. I only first heard about her yesterday. She is apparently a full time employee of the Donald Trump campaign and not involved in our “team.” If you search the internet, you will find more stories on her and why she made the switch to The Donald.


        2. Well said, Joseph. Realistically, it really will be up to the informed minority to fix things–whatever that may entail. The somnabulant majority haven’t a clue or won’t devote the time to learn and act. Hey, if the American Revolution could be successfully pulled off with but 30% of the population actively engaged, I guess we can pull it off too. But, we must all be united locally, regionally and nationally.


  3. I just viewed the CNN discussion and I wasn’t impressed by Pierson’s performance. Clearly intelligent, nonetheless she tended to spin and get caught up in semantics which was distracting for me. Banning immigrants oh and tourist non-immigrant visa holders v banning refugees v ???? Clarity was the victim. The two male guests were a tad hyperbolic and added little cogency to the discussion. I was left annoyed by the whole fracas. Uninformative.


      1. Ann,
        I viewed the one cited below. Where can I find the right one?

        Also, never got email from you re that post I wanted to review/edit before submitting to you for final posting. Lost in the shuffle somewhere. Oh well.

        Keep up the good work.


        1. Dashing out the door. I forgot all about sending you that former comment… will do it when I get home. And, I didn’t find Katrina from this morning on CNN but will look again… My brain is old!


      2. Ann,
        AH, yes. The video cited below is the one I watched and is the one upon which I based my comment.

        I the watched the video which Tallowtree cited above. I guess that’s the right one, right? If so, Pierson is sharp once again. I like the fact she didn’t let CNN off the hook re the number of cheering Muslims on 9/11. Is she a lawyer? If not, she’d make a good one. (Not always sure that it complimentary.)

        I’m still troubled by what appears to be a rather consistent inability on Mr. Trump’s part to clearly and fully explain his positions, especially the issue of the “ban on Muslims”. I still haven’t figured that one out. Perhaps that’s intentional to remain in the spotlight. Who knows? I don’t.

        That said, am glad the issue is out on the table now. It needs to be thoroughly, objectively, honestly discussed.


        1. Should have read all the comments before I answered your other one. Glad to see you are all on top of it, even if I’m not!!!


    1. TwoLaine,
      This is the third video I’ve watched and, hands down, it was the best. Pierson was exceptionalIy sharp and convincing. I was also pleasantly surprised by the inoffensive demeanor of CNN’s Brian who, though clearly out-witted, didn’t come across as a petulant, snobbish elitist. I was amazed. He won’t last long at CNN.


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    1. No idea! If you are talking about my facebook posting, it is screwed up (because of yours truly not putting it up correctly) and I’m waiting for my helper to fix that!


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