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Lancaster, PA rally against more refugee resettlement TOMORROW!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 1, 2016

***Update*** Here is news about what happened in Lancaster today.

Please see the story at ‘American Resistance 2016.’   And, if you happen to be in the area, help them out by attending!

See multi-purpose Leftwing protester Barry!

The funny thing for me is that in 2013, in Lancaster, the feds and their resettlement contractors were discussing ‘pockets of resistance’ but assuring the largely Pennsylvania audience that no resistance could be found in that state!

10 Responses to “Lancaster, PA rally against more refugee resettlement TOMORROW!”

  1. james17011 said

    Seems that the only resiatnce I saw was to you and your fellow xenophobes and fascists.

    Why not just go back to Alabama, etc. . .

    #IStandWithRefugees. #SmashXenophobia #HammerFascism!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Sounds kind of bigoted to me—what is wrong with Alabamans?


    • 7delta said

      Yeah, what’s wrong with being an Alabamian? Not that I am one, but I agree with Ann that your comment seems a tad bigoted toward an entire class of people simply based their geographical location. How illiberal of you. #hypocrite

      I don’t hold you accountable for your birthplace, but I can’t help but laugh at someone who hashtags fascism and xenophobia while supporting migration into your “safe space” of the absolute most fascist and violently totalitarian ideology currently festering on the planet. Maybe you should #don’thaveaclueaboutislam or #ignorancefeelsgooduntilthebombsgooff or #safespaceforsaleforwarmfuzzies. Bless your heart…

      I can suggest some educational material straight from the Islamic horse’s mouth, if you’d like to challenge your illiberal selectivity (or me) with some facts. Islam’s world view matters, since that’s what Islam is. It’s best to defer to what an ideology says it is and not define it according to what you want it to be. Cuts down on surprises, ya know.


  2. Another factor in Lancaster County is that SJW’s from NYC can take the Amtrak easily. So they can wreck it and be back in Manhattan for a late afternoon latte.


  3. Lancaster County PA is the closest White Protestant county to NYC on an Amtrak line. It has very low prices for both homes and old buildings for offices or commerce.

    The property tax rate in NJ is easily 10,000 a year even for a middle class home within commute of NYC. This commute often takes 1 1/2 hour each way.

    To rent a 1 bedroom in Manhattan, you have to have an income of 130,000 dollars a year.

    Some business has relocated back office to Chester County PA next to Lancaster. Moody’s is an example. But Chester is expensive and several of its towns have high crime and diversity the same as Lancaster City.

    Elizabethtown and Mt Joy are on the Amtrak line, are White and the cost of homes or office buildings is low with low property tax.

    You can pay White workers in Lancaster County PA much less than NYC but they can still have a house and children.

    Bringing in the refugees will raise property taxes in Lancaster County and make it less desirable for business relocation. This will push down the White birth rate.


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  5. Lancaster City PA is already overrun with Diversity and unsafe to walk at night for Whites.

    This will spread to other towns like Lititz, Mt Joy, Elizabethtown and so on.

    Sad to see this done to a people who don’t deserve it, except for not paying attention to their destruction planned from afar by those who hate them.


  6. Robert Van Meter said

    None of these people are getting medically screened as they used to do at Ellis Island.

    There is now a superbug in 3rd world countries that is impervious to antibiotics of any kind.

    Do we really want to bring it here?

    Bob ✈️ and Connie 🐶



    • Ann Corcoran said

      Bob, I’ve always thought if the American public fully understood the health ramifications of mass migration, it would scare them a hell of a lot more than terrorism does.


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