Fascinating: Only 3 in 10 Syrian families even want to be resettled in the West

The new Canadian prime minister, boy Trudeau, had campaigned on the promise to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by December 31, 2015.  They fell short by about 19,000!   Here is one important reason why (you won’t see this mentioned by the NO borders agitators in the US resettlement industry!).

Trudeau promises
Promises, promises! The do-gooder (paternalistic!) Liberals run into a bit of a problem. 70% of Syrian refugees don’t want to go to Canada.

They want to stay in the Middle East!  Can you believe it!  They like their culture and they hope to go home!

From the Globe and Mail:

Omayma al-Kasem is bold, forthright and speaks clearly and with confidence. She has completed four years of law school and volunteers as a mental-health worker with a Jordanian charity, and as such, is exactly the kind of Syrian refugee Canada wants to welcome. The trouble is, Ms. al-Kasem isn’t interested in coming.

The 26-year-old from Daraa, Syria, is one of a sizable number of Syrians turning down the chance to become permanent residents of Canada. According to UN figures, just three out of every 10 households contacted about resettlement in Canada go on to relocate.

“Some families are still hoping to return home, others are concerned about their ability to integrate into another country – including learn the language,” said Aoife McDonnell, an external relations officer at the UNHCR refugee agency in Jordan.

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One of the unspoken truths that the resettlement industry is loathe to admit is that many refugees who do reach the West are unhappy and want to go home, but they are trapped in a land where they have discovered (to their great disappointment) that no streets are paved with gold.

4 thoughts on “Fascinating: Only 3 in 10 Syrian families even want to be resettled in the West

  1. Who voted Liberal , what does this party stand for, who voted for Trudeau part 2, mmm?

    Just a little backgrounder please, some perspective… Liberals – This is the party of massive government growth and debt under Trudeau part 1, Lalonde, changing our banking system, the way we borrow money and from whom, the party of forcing a new flag on the nation, forcing bilingualism (French) on the country while allowing English to be banned (allowing bills 22, 178, 101…) in Quebec, forcing multiculturalism, renaming our founding constitution the BNA act and forcing a french style charter upon the country signed only by people from Quebec (Trudeau, Ouellette, Chretien)… The party of adscam, the funneling of millions into Quebec, Shawingate, hotel burning, contracts on napkins, cash changing hands in brown paper envelopes in Quebec restaurants, the party of the most corrupt, slimy, sleazy province in the country (MacLean’s magazine), where mayors all across the province are being charged with corruption, fraud, money laundering, bribery… ongoing trials as we speak, the party of equalization (the stealing of your money and funneling billions into Quebec, every year for over 50 years now with no change in sight …), the stealing of farm land (Read – The tragedy of Quebec)…I could go on for hours with facts…the Liberal party of Canada has a long , long history, a pattern of greed, slime, deception and corruption dating back to the 1960s.

    Don’t believe me, please go read a few books, just a few, try to keep an open mind, try to learn something new. Read – 1 – The monstrous trick, 2 – His pride, our fall, 3 – Enough, 4 – Bilingual today French tomorrow, 5 – Conspiracy of two, 6 – Conning the Canadians, 7 – The tragedy of Quebec…and many more. .”

    This IS the party of massive government growth, deficits, high greedy public sector salaries, pensions, bonuses (see Sunshine list)…, high taxes, and more debt. Now, you see who voted for this party? What does this really say about Canadians? See how corrupt, crooked, and greedy the people of Canada really are. These people are your neighbors, nice eh?

    Get ready for it, higher taxes, more debt, bigger government, more intrusion in your lives, more public sector greed…

    Just the facts folks, but of course you ‘know it all’s’ will deflect, deny and resort to name calling as usual… Brain dead, that’s what you have in Canada, all over the place, be very careful when you walk out the door, you are surrounded by these parasites.


  2. No surprise!

    The U.S. has cadres of employees roaming the 3rd world looking for potential immigrants. Some of the “New immigrants” I have seen in the Middle East and Africa don’t even know where or what “America” is, they are lured by promises of and easy life and “free stuff”.

    I recall a visit to the region by G.W. Bush (http://tinyurl.com/4q7xmve ) when he demanded that the status quo surrender to the Muslim Brotherhood (Morsi etc). Bush turned to a crowd of young men and said “Why don’t you move to America and make lots of money”?. Bush’s efforts were wildly successful, the Muslim Brotherhood took-over the Egyptian government and America’s cities are flooded with 3rd world taxi drivers.


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