Pennsylvania Patriots rally against more Muslim refugees for Lancaster

Editor:  This is cross-posted from my new blog American Resistance 2016!  This kind of education effort is to be applauded and copied!

Lancaster rally
Americans First rally in Lancaster, PA yesterday. “Vets B4 Refugees”


Two weeks ago I met a young man from Lancaster, PA, a vet who had done tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I asked him if he knew Muslim refugees were being resettled in Lancaster and he said NO! (expressing shock).

He may know more now thanks to the good work of the Patriotic Liberty League which held a rally in Lancaster yesterday. (Click here for our earlier report)  See the extensive coverage here at PennLive, a large paper out of Harrisburg.  And, be sure to watch the videos!

Of course the spin from the reporting was that the pro-refugee advocates (in support of more Muslim migration to Lancaster) outnumbered those opposed.  Make no mistake, by their support for more Middle Easterners and Africans for Lancaster, they are supporting the inevitable arrival of demands for Sharia compliance in the workplace and in government programs.

Church World Service (bringing Muslims to PA) is a multi-million dollar federal resettlement contractor.  Learn more about them here (they are lobbying for 100,000 Syrian, mostly Muslim, refugees to be admitted to the US before the end of this year.) It is because of Church World Service that I began writing Refugee Resettlement Watch back in 2007.

From PennLive:

More than 200 people rallying in support of refugees coming to the midstate at times drowned out speeches by those calling for a halt to them in front of Church World Service in Lancaster Saturday afternoon.

About 40 people showed up on the side of the “End the Influx of Refugees” rally in Lancaster, arguing for an “America first” policy and said money should be spent helping people here in need, rather than on helping refugees come here.

The two groups chanted at times back and forth across King Street, but it was a peaceful three-hour protest. Eight Lancaster police officers kept watch over the group, including three on horseback.

John Rentschler of Berks County, one of the anti-rally organizers, said, “I believe we can help these refugees, and should, but we should do it over there,” referring to their home countries.

He also said the Gulf Arab states should be doing more to help the refugees, and that they should be trained to form a militia “to take back their country.”

There is much more at PennLive, continue reading here.

Keep it up patriots. And, don’t worry about numbers.  You are educating so many and giving a voice to those at home who agree with you, but are fearful of speaking up.

Remember two years ago the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement assured an audience in Lancaster that there was no RESISTANCE to seeding towns with refugees and immigrants in Pennsylvania.

By the way, we heard from one of the pro-refugee demonstrators in a comment to my earlier post and this is what I asked of him:

For the record, so, you don’t have a minutes doubt about admitting large numbers of Islamists to Lancaster? No where is there a little niggling concern in your mind about the treatment of women and gays in the Islamic world? Do you think all of that is made up? Or, do you think that centuries of prejudice on their part will magically disappear once you give them a hug in that mythical American melting pot?

Over the years I’ve invited Leftists to explain to my readers (via a guest column) why they believe the US taxpayer must welcome mass third world migration to America. Will you write such a guest post? If you agree though, you can’t do the usual emotional appeal (country of immigrants blather) and you can’t call those who disagree with you racists, xenophobes, Islamophobes, bigots etc. Could you do that? Just explain in logical terms why it is good for America. Also, be sure to tell us if you have any limits. Is there some number in your mind that would be too many? Or, do you think our borders should just be dissolved? I really want to know.

Even if you don’t take me up on the offer of a guest column (no one ever has),I and my readers really want to know your answer to my last question—do you have any number in mind that would be too many migrants? Or, should America just be erased?

I urge all of you, confronted by those who welcome mass migration to America, to ask those last questions.  (Silence!)  We all know that if America’s borders were erased, we would be a third-world hell-hole in a matter of months.

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  2. Government paying States to take in Refuges that could and will be part of a terrorist group that threatens the lively hood of our COUNTRY should be banned . The Veterans that fought to keep us free are being spit upon and insulted by the moves of our own government . America should always come before any known enemy to the U.S.A. Veterans and citizens far more outweigh any one that is not born American . We the people are being forced to accept foreigners into our United States to please The U.N. and Obama is making money along with Hillary off of it . Money that can be used to get homeless here a home to call their own . Instead we will have to sacrifice what we have to help out the enemy .. THE WASHINGTON ELECTEDS DAYS ARE COMING UP AND THERE IS TIME FOR CHANGE THAT WILL HAPPEN , IF YOU TAKE AN OATH YOU SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO SIGN THAT OATH STATING THAT IF YOU DO NOT UP HOLD IT YOU ARE OUT OF OFFICE IMMEDIATELY< NO IF'S AND'S OR BUT'S. IF YOU TURN ON YOUR COUNTRY YOU GO TO PRISON OR WORSE . Time to take back what the establishment in D.C has taken away from its people in the last 7 years . Damn right I'm upset , look what is happening right before your eyes . MAKE OUR COUNTRY A COUNTRY WITH PRIDE ONCE AGAIN ..FIX THE PROBLEM BEFORE IT GETS WORSE ….. DEPORTATION TIME IS OWN THE BOOKS < ENFORCE THEM !!!!

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  3. Enjoy writing your blogs while you can. With house resolution 569, introduced in December, the days of speaking against Islam are almost over; that is, if the Demos have their way. First Amendment–finished. Check it out–House Resolution 569. Heard about it from David Horowitz and Robert Spencer.



    1. NOT if “We The People” have any say in the matter. If everyone has an “I will not comply” attitude – and sticks by it – the feds will have a real problem. After all, they can’t arrest everybody.


  4. More to come, I am sure more people will start saying something who knows . So much political correctness it’s a joke Desiree’


  5. The Lutheran Immagration and Refugee Service is also pushing the 100,000 number too…if your still a ELCA member, say something as the crew at LIRS is being run by the liberals! They are a mouthpiece of the Democarpes! Tell your Church Councils to withhold money’s targeted to LIRC!

    The service Blog on word press keeps out any desending views…I posted three there questioning their verbiage that “robust vetting of refugees” is in their verbal and written press releases. Never approved.


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