What is the predominant refugee group in your state?

Oregon Live has produced this very cool map.  Please read the story to learn more.

For all of our new readers, go here, to see the federal list of refugee contractors working near you.  You should also see our Frequently Asked Questions.


map with predominant refugee group in your state

15 thoughts on “What is the predominant refugee group in your state?

  1. Hi Ann – I’ve been following you for quite a while and I know you regularly point out how basically no refugees go to Montana or Wyoming. Mississippi is also ridiculously low. I’m wondering if you can direct me to where you’ve talked about why this is – or if you could speculate on this now, please?




    1. I don’t really have an answer. But, will hazard a guess. I think its a combination of two things (maybe three!). First, whether there were ‘non-profit’ groups getting organized to become federal contractors and where the state is perceived to be “welcoming.” I also think it has to do with whether there were industries looking for cheap immigrant labor and thus pushing the politicians to get behind the resettlement. One thing that is concerning now is that the feds are desperate to find fresh territory where they have not worn out their welcome and so any place in America, I believe, is now fair game. You should know that the Republican governor of Wyoming is asking the feds for refugees and the only thing holding that back is the local grassroots opposition.


      1. Keep an eye out for food stamp fraud in those convenience stores. It is a favorite scam among certain immigrant groups. Those stores couldn’t possibly make it without some sort of fraud going on, if they could Americans would be buying those stores. As a matter of fact, I have been yammering for years about the need for someone to please investigate all of the investor visas that allows foreigners with relatively little assets to get in here and buy stores… Please, someone, this and welfare fraud generally is a topic that someone MUST investigate!


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