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Lutheran Social Service changing the face of Minnesota with Somali refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 6, 2016

Be sure to see my newest post at American Resistance 2016!  Someone needs to take on the mission of exposing every move LSS of Minnesota is making, including figuring out how their income is going to skyrocket to $123 million this year.  Click here to learn more.

5 Responses to “Lutheran Social Service changing the face of Minnesota with Somali refugees”

  1. Why is “no one’ speaking up about the influx of RATS to America? Except Trump? Why? Because they live in gated homes guards protect them! Not us who must survive out here with them.Our people do without, but they get free food, housing and medical and that we can’t afford?! Get them out and stop them from coming to America on our backs!


  2. You’re a terrible person, Ann!


  3. Tate Diggs said

    Hello Ann,


    Here is a link to a story in today's DC Caller.  There are actually two stories that should be shared – one about the actuality of phenomenally increased sexual assault in Cologne by Muslim "refugees" and another about Obama's "emotional" public appeal to build support for his manuveurs to squash the Second Ammendment.  The DC Caller allows their stories to be shared.  They have information about how to do so at the end of the story.




    Thanks for all you do to spread the word, facts, and data about what is happening to our country.  I only wish people would wake up!!


    Miguelle Lee

    Sent: Wednesday, January 06, 2016 at 11:02 AM


  4. […]… […]


  5. Ship the Somali Muslims out. They will destroy you


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