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Merkel on Cologne sex assaults: don’t blame refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 6, 2016

Invasion of Europe news….

Update January 7th: It is a much bigger story now as leaked police reports reveal Syrian refugees were detained and it was hushed-up! Click here.

I wasn’t planning to write about the New Years eve sexual assaults of dozens of women in the German city of Cologne because it is being widely reported, but a couple of things that are so outrageous about it are worth mentioning.  By the way, I am sure the news was no great surprise to you!

Merkel selfie

Demonstrators: “Mrs. Merkel where are you?” I’m here getting my picture taken! Photo:

First, the full import of what happened only seems to have reached the wider mainstream media days after it happened.  Why? Were many just hoping no one would notice.  I think it’s a wonderful example of the great service alternative media plays because after days of its obvious news value, I’m guessing the bigger western media was finally shamed into reporting it. (I happened to see the story on CNN this morning no less!)

Clearly Mama Merkel is now desperate to tone it down because she has hundreds of thousands of loose young men in Germany just like those accused of the violence against women as the new year dawned (and she invited them to Germany!).

But, what I found most worthy of reporting is that police obviously saw it happening and did nothing and made no arrests.

Here is a story from the BBC just this morning about a protest that occurred there yesterday, and see what the police said,

Hundreds of people have protested in the German city of Cologne over sexual assaults and thefts carried out by groups of men on New Year’s Eve.

Some held up signs demanding action from Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Mrs Merkel has expressed outrage over the “disgusting attacks” and said everything must be done to find those responsible.

Witnesses and police said that the men involved were of Arab or North African appearance.

Political leaders have warned Germans not to link the violence to the influx of more than one million refugees and migrants in the past year.

The police were able to describe the assailants, but arrested no one!

“All we know is that the police at the scene perceived that it was mostly young men aged 18 to 35 from the Arab or North African region.”

The only possible answer to this dereliction of duty is that political correctness, and fear for the wider implications for Germany, caused the police to stand down. This should scare the you-know-what out of German citizens.

See our complete archive on the Invasion of Europe by clicking here (it goes back for years!) and go here for more on Germany.

Just as I have been saying at my new blog American Resistance 2016′ that it is do-or-die for America this year, so it is for Germany (although Merkel’s decisions of 2015 may have already sealed Germany’s fate).

26 Responses to “Merkel on Cologne sex assaults: don’t blame refugees”

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  7. I am beginning to believe that most of the politicians and leaders are suffering some sort of mental illness. What next I wonder?


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  10. Merkel is actually correct in that we shouldn’t blame these animals for just doing what comes naturally to them. No… the blame resides squarely with Merkel, herself. Sadly, America is poised to elect a president (Hillary Clinton) with the same sort of twisted agenda.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Ray Rigsby said

    Merkel is out of her GD mind.


  12. said

    she is a moron


  13. The reaction is to blame the women for behaving like independent citizens.

    What happened to Merkel? In 2010 she declared multiculturalism to be a failure.


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  16. Art Reeves said

    Comming to your metro in a year or two for New Years eave celebration! Yahoo! Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2016 11:10:53 +0000 To:


  17. Markell should be removed from office. Where are the German citizenry I always thought they were a courageous people. Now they let their women be assaulted and do nothing. Weak!
    David Jackson


  18. FatherJon said

    I’ve been following the TV news clips here in Australia and am amazed at the way the local German authorities are denying the ethnic identity of the people who were responsible for these incidents. Even the pro-refugee female Mayor of Koln was at great lengths to deflect questions from journalists. The Federal spokesman was also at pains to not link the incidents with Merkel’s refugee program. I’m reminded of the rapes of female journalists in Tahrir Square in Cairo during the revolution. The men just throng together in order to allow forced anonymous sex where the women can’t identify the offenders. Not that the police would pay much attention anyway. My advice to women is to stay well away from throngs of Muslim males anywhere. They’re sexually oppressed, it’s part of their religion and culture, and given a chance they’ll just go crazy.


  19. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal.


  20. Jesus Christ himself said one has the right to defend yourself property and loved ones.
    “one without a sword should sell his cloak and buy one.”

    Invaders are in your city now buy a gun!
    Head shot opens hands
    Heart shot clench’s hands.
    Remove the traitors!
    Who is your leader?


  21. Pj Wilcox said

    If you cannot blame the attacker who can you blame? The ones being robbed or raped? Woman is out of her mind.

    Liked by 1 person

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