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See the latest on Church World Service! Will illegally hide aliens sought by ICE

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 7, 2016

Crop walk

If your church is participating, know that you are raising funds for a far left NO Borders political organization that now says it is going to embark on breaking the law by hiding aliens sought by ICE.

If you are new to RRW, there are nine major federal refugee resettlement contractors (they call themselves Volags!) and Church World Service is one of them.

They are largely funded with your tax dollars!  And, it was Church World Service whose subcontractor Virginia Council of Churches first brought this whole secretive and costly resettlement program to my attention in 2007.

See my latest report on CWS at American Resistance 2016! where we tell you about how CWS is going to illegally hide aliens sought by ICE.

Don’t you think that, if they go forward with their announced plan and break federal law, their federal funds should be immediately cut off?

By the way, if the name Church World Service rings a bell for you locally.  Know that they might be raising funds from your church through their annual Crop Walks!

Their charitable work for hungry people is, in my view, just a cover for their political ambitions.

Church World Service member churches are here.  Be sure your church isn’t planning to hide those sought by ICE.


7 Responses to “See the latest on Church World Service! Will illegally hide aliens sought by ICE”

  1. I am appalled by the lack of compassion of those above who desecrate Church World Service (CWS)as being “ignorant”, etc. I am 71 years of age and have worked closely with CWS and their missions of mercy since I was a teenager back in the mid-1950s. CWS works through its missionaries on the ground in its 37 member congregations. These missionaries serve many countries, and have been doing so for more than 70 years, since the influx of refugees in 1945 after WW II. Please do not desecrate those who risk their lives to serve “the least of these,” i.e., refugees fleeing ISIS, orphans, victims of war, atrocities, wildfires, etc., etc., etc. Thank you for your consideration.


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  4. People are idiots. Muslims will kill you when their number are big enough.


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