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Kansas governor on Syrian refugees….

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 11, 2016

marching-men 2I thought I would have more time this morning, but alas, I do not.

Please see my post at American Resistance 2016! about Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s new position on Syrian refugees.

See also, conservative icon Phyliss Schlafly:  Trump is only one who can save America, because this election is all about immigration!

7 Responses to “Kansas governor on Syrian refugees….”

  1. Dave Gorak said

    Ann: If this election is all about immigration, then I’m not hearing enough about it from the candidates, including Trump. I want him to back off the attacks on others and start confronting the remaining candidates on such things as where do they stand on continuing the 26-year-old policy of admitting 1 million legal immigrants every year. Where do they stand on the federal government’s allowing 7 million illegal aliens to keep their jobs in construction, manufacturing, services and transportation while 15 million Americans can’t find full-time work? He met with Sen. Jeff Sessions and got plenty of useful facts, so why isn’t he spending more time discussing how mass immigration is putting the screws to American workers and destroying the middle class? I think Trump was right to respond the way he did to Hillary’s charge that he abused women, but let’s not ride that horse until it drops. If he’s going to attack Bill Clinton, then why not do it for his breaking his promise to the late Barbara Jordan to implement her immigration reform commission’s recommendations for creating a “credible” immigration policy? Clinton created this commission and then trash-canned its recommendations after Jordan became ill and died.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Hi Dave, I wish I knew the answer to that good question. Trump does have access to the best minds in the country on the subject and we can only hope he will utilize them more as time goes on. But, I think you agree whether the candidates recognize it or not, immigration is THE issue as mass migration is transforming the nation.


  2. r7bravo said

    Ms. Corcoran, As a former Military professional in Counter Insurgency, I have to inform you that the Islamic Jihad is only one part of a massive political Insurgency taking place all over the world.

    It is the foreign policy of the US that reinvigorated the 1400 yr old Islamic Jihad. This foreign policy was authored by Global factions.

    As such Trump will be no savior. I really enjoy and appreciate your site, however to save this nation we need facts, action based on good intelligence and realistic leadership free of emotional biases.

    I worked in 4 Muslim nations and are no stranger to their ways nor the covert activity supporting them behind the scenes.

    There are corrective measures, but they have nothing to do with any president.

    God Bless, James R Bolton


    • 7delta said

      I’ve been mulling over your comment since I read it several days ago, Mr. Bolton. I don’t think you’ll find many here who disagree with you that massive immigration into the West is an orchestrated event, with many players. No one, especially no country’s leadership, destroys their own country or risks their own power falling to invaders or into the hands of another entity, without reassurance they will not suffer consequences or lose power…or unless they are so compromised they can do nothing but be Sauron’s mouthpiece, while pretending the sky isn’t blue.

      Some of these players know exactly what they’re doing, some are blinded by dollar signs and some, including members of the public, have succumbed to the “demoralization” the COMINTERN began multiple decades ago to remove people’s ability to discern between right and wrong. Relativism is merely a strategy, just like the promises of socialism/communism, or in the case of Islam, calling a power-hungry conquest machine a religion.

      I also agree with you that there is no political salvation. Most politicians are bought or compromised. There are some public servants who get it and are doing all the can, considering they are engaged in an uphill battle against forces far larger, better funded and that have expert snipers in every media outlet. If one of the good guys were in the Oval, it would be helpful, but in a time of universal deceit, I don’t know how to know who that guy really is or how long he would last.

      I also agree that the federal government has been long involved on behalf of global interests. Most have been bought or compromised..or silenced. Everywhere we look, it’s like a circular firing squad. Key movers and shakers know where all the bodies are buried and who buried them. However, it’s not just our Art. 3, Sec. 3 applicants. There are players from all around the world, all operating with their own agendas, each using others to fight their proxy wars or to weaken their enemy, even if they appear to be onboard with the global interests. Everybody is using everybody else.

      Everybody wants to rule the world. Globalists, without loyal armies, may not fare quite as well as they may think when the frenemies of their enemies turn out to be their enemies too. Money is a weak motivator, when power commands force. Power is the most seductive of all of man’s base drives. When you have power, everything else follows. It’s human nature. Everyone involved intends to win. Capable men will seize power over taking money when they reach the crossroads of submission to another or being the winner that takes all. You can’t manipulate strong men who truly understand power with a psy-ops campaign like you can segments of the public and private sector that willingly suffer from normalcy bias. The truly powerful, not the people who suffer from the delusion of being powerful, know how to play the game and they play for keeps. They don’t share power with wealthy globalists or silly bureaucrats that think they’re somebody important because they’ve been named to an international entity that fancies themselves as rulers. When the time is right, the innately powerful crush the pretentious and the delusional, then take the spoils. Some win. Some lose. Having to compromise is a loss. No matter where each ends up, they all plan to be the last man standing.

      I’d be interested in you expanding on your comments. From your perspective, what and who do you see as the global interests and what facts and intelligence do people need to know to understand how this machine works? There is no doubt we’re in an incredibly dangerous mess. Based on your experience and knowledge, what are the corrective measures?


  3. Ann bowman said

    Here you go Ann. The news paper article about the resolution to ban refugees from terrorist tied or terrorist run countries. This has not been approved or passed yet but it is a big step toward getting the word out. It has no doubt caused a firestorm her though.

    Ann in North Carolina



  4. Marty Hill said

    Regardless of their personal feelings about Donald Trump, our Country needs to listen closely to what he is saying, his feelings for saving our way of life and support this man in his quest to “Make America Great, Again.”


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