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Syrian “refugee” to be Obama’s guest at SOTU tonight

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 12, 2016

marching-men 2Learn more about how “The Scientist” Refaai Hamo will be sitting with Michelle Obama tonight at O’s last State of the Union address.

He is the poster boy for the No Borders propaganda machine on behalf of Syrian refugees.  Go to American Resistance 2016! for the full story.

4 Responses to “Syrian “refugee” to be Obama’s guest at SOTU tonight”

  1. wullfe said

    It should be obvious to everyone by now; this Muslim/Communist in chief enemy to the country has a hidden agenda to displace the rightful heirs to the United States.

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  2. futuret said


  3. said

    gag me

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  4. Bruce Cain said

    I guess the only thing to ponder is whether the refugee will be wearing a bomb? [Satire]

    Let us be real. The only reason Obama has been able to get away with this, for so long, is that the Elites put him in office to execute their plan (TPP, Gun Control, Open Borders) toward a One World Corporate Fascist State. And since they own all mainstream media they have insulated him from criticism for all 7 years of his presidency. In veiled language expect him to push Open Borders, Gun Control and the TPP . . . BIG TIME. So if you are masochistic enough to watch his SOTU address be prepared to look deeply between the lines of discussion. Just saying.

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