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Foreign operatives and foreign-owned businesses changing America by changing the people

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 13, 2016

The Wall Street Journal’s Miriam Jordan gives us a peak inside the employment services that the nine major refugee resettlement contractors offer American businesses.

I just want to scream when I see stories like this—what about Americans who might like to own a small business or need work?

Everyone working in ‘pockets of resistance’ must begin to expose the businesses in your city and state that work with refugee contractors to displace American workers. And, don’t forget the Chamber of Commerce!  It is all about keeping wages low!


David Miliband, the former British Foreign Secretary (bff Hillary) is changing America by changing the people as CEO of the financially largest US refugee resettlement contractor. He wants 100,000 Syrians in here by the end of Obama’s term.

And, then be sure to find out which elected officials are receiving campaign donations from those same businesses—expose them!

You also must check out the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s micro-enterprise loan program which gives grants to contractors like the International Rescue Committee so they can be big shots and hand those loans out to their refugee ‘clients.’ The story says that the IRC is dishing out $4 million in loans to refugees, but if you could ever get to the bottom line, I will bet you find that most of the $4 million comes through federal and state taxpayers’ pockets.

See the story at the Wall Street Journal and take note of the businesses in Ohio and Kentucky that are working with a federal resettlement contractor to get the cheap refugee labor.  It is all the more galling when you know the cheap hourly wages are being supplemented with your welfare dollars in the form of subsidized housing, Medicaid, and food stamps.


Jordan mentions JBS Swift & Co. hiring refugees in the Louisville, KY area.  Swift is a Brazilian-owned company.


Swift CEO is Andre Nogueira a Brazilian, changing America by changing the people! See all others who are helping bring refugee laborers to your towns.

Think about it, a Brazilian company is changing your American town by bringing in cheap immigrant/refugee laborers with the help of federal government supposedly ‘religious’ refugee contractors!

Click here to see where Swift & Co. is operating (and changing your community).

We first learned about the impact of meat packing in conjunction with the refugee industry here in 2008 when we learned about Bill Clinton bringing Bosnian ‘refugee’ labor to Iowa!

I was told repeatedly for years that meatpacking wages were excellent and American workers were very happy with the work until the industry discovered first cheap illegal immigrant labor and then legal immigrant labor, so I took a few minutes (and it only took a few!) to find out that it is factual—wages in meatpacking were excellent BEFORE the 1980’s.

(Related? Remember Hillary’s special little gig involving Tyson Foods)

Really someone should write a book:  

How the meatpacking industry demographically destroyed America!

So check this out.  Here is some information (and I will bet there is much more if someone really looked into it!) about how wages declined when the industry (now monopolized by four major companies) discovered CHEAP immigrant labor.

The average wage of animal slaughterers and processors remained comparatively strong from the 1960s through the early 1980s. The average wage earned by a meat packing employee during the 60s and 70s was 14-18 percent higher than their counterpart in the larger U.S. manufacturing sector. The peak average hourly wage of a meat packing employee during this period was nearly $20 an hour when adjusted for inflation.  [Remember Jordan reports that the refugees in KY are making about $10 an hour today—ed]


The 1980s were a transitional decade for America’s meat packing industry. Developments such as improved distribution channels allowed meat packing companies to move out of urban, union-dominated centers and relocate to rural areas closer to livestock feedlots. New industry powerhouses like Iowa Beef Processors (IBP) sought to undercut the competition by operating on slim profit margins, increasing worker speed and productivity, and cutting labor costs.

Please remember readers that this is all about MONEY (Democrat voters, and erasing borders)!

Forget the BS about how bringing refugees to America is all about humanitarianism!  

17 Responses to “Foreign operatives and foreign-owned businesses changing America by changing the people”

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  3. No it’s about the redefining of America (i.e. the destruction of America as we have traditionally known and understood it) for the transformation of it into just another third world region of the new world order!
    And it seems to be further along this path than any of us think.
    Some say beyond the point of no return.
    Despite the election theatrics and all the supposedly good intentions.
    Depressing isn’t it, get use to it, we are all going to find out how good we really had it and failed to appreciate it.

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  5. Diana West brought me here.
    I am brazilian and let me post some english articles about JBS(they are deeply involved with our Workers Party):


  6. Reblogged this on causingfitna.


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  9. How About a NATIONWIDE BOYCOTT OF ALL SWIFT PRODUCTS—–This is yet another Social Program supported by Hillary/Obama to bring down our Country


  10. 1776blues said

    When one does a keyword search like Jewish Groups push for amnesty or Jewish Groups support Syrian refugees, articles from online Jewish news sites pop up. Miliband is Jewish. The bottom line is; Jewish groups worldwide are using their money and Jews who currently hold positions of authority along with their control of the western world’s mainstream media to multiculturalize majority white countries. This is and always has been a war on whites.

    The Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project


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  12. The libtards aren’t giving up but when TRUMP gets in office spring cleaning the White House is in order .GO DONALD !!!!!

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  13. Big Meat is the best reason for going vegetarian.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Good point! Did you ever think about the potential for sabotage of the food supply with all the ROPers working in the food industry?

      Liked by 2 people

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  15. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:



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