Missoula, Montana! Beware! Refugees could soon be on the way

Forty eight states resettle refugees. Wyoming has no refugee program. However, over the years a trickle have gone to Montana. All that could soon change if a supposed ‘non-profit’ group hooks up with the refugee resettlement behemoth, the International Rescue Committee to open an office in Missoula.

Stacy Rye
Stacy Rye, a new member of the county council signed off on the letter expressing support for a refugee resettlement office in Missoula. Photo: http://missoulian.com/news/local/stacy-rye-selected-as-next-missoula-county-commissioner/article_41659d02-f171-537f-8a3e-d53ca7b2f258.html

The local city council has already expressed interest in pursuing the idea of bringing 100 refugees a year to ‘Big Sky Country.’

And, as all of you living in refugee-overloaded communities know—you do not get to control how many refugees will come!

They might say 100 now, but I guarantee it will be 200, 300, more, as each year passes. And, the reason for that is that the “seed” families will be able to bring their relatives and it never ends!  If your community complains later you will be vilified for wanting to stop “family reunification!”

I am here to tell you Montana, that once the seeds of resettlement are planted in the state there will be no stopping it!

Here is the story at NBC Montana:

Missoula residents could possibly see a refugee resettlement office in the future. Missoula County commissioners signed off on a letter of support on Thursday. The letter outlines supporting approximately 100 refugees per year.

A group of residents is working to bring the International Rescue Committee to Missoula. The IRC helps provide health care, learning and economic support for people in more than 40 countries. They resettle thousands of refugees each year in 26 U.S. cities.

“I can’t imagine families in the world not having another place to go, and they can’t go home, and the U.S. is the land of opportunity,” said Missoula County Commissioner Stacy Rye.

Rye signed a letter along with the other commissioners showing support for a group of volunteers in Missoula called Soft Landing, who are working to bring refugees to the area.

“Being on the positive side of things, where you can affect the positive change in lives is hugely important,” said Mary Poole, with Soft Landing.

Soft Landing is working through an application process with the IRC.

Continue reading here.

Mary Poole
Mary Poole, Soft Landing, is working with the IRC to bring the first 100 refugees to Montana. Her organization will receive payment on a per head basis from the IRC, a federal contractor (your tax dollars). Photo: http://missoulian.com/news/local/refugee-crisis-soft-landing-group-initiates-plans-for-missoula-resettlement/article_33c84357-8f46-50cb-b8bb-cea654dd047f.html

The International Rescue Committee, a half a billion dollar a year organization, headquartered in New York City and headed by David Miliband, the former British Foreign Secretary and bff Hillary Clinton and George Soros will be calling the shots for Montana!  See our massive archive on the IRC by clicking here (find out who you are getting in bed with!).

Miliband is calling for the resettlement of 100,000 Syrian refugees to be admitted to the US in the next year.  Do you really believe he will not bring any to Montana???

Montana readers must immediately contact all of your elected officials and tell them NO!  The most important thing you need to make clear to them is that even if they say only 100 will come to Montana, they are lying!

Local county councils have NO authority to set the number!

If you live somewhere else in the country and are experiencing horrific refugee overload problems, please take a few minutes and write to the Missoula County Commissioners, and politely explain why they should not go down this road!

Maybe the Commissioners could call the mayor of Amarillo, TX and he could explain what happened to them and how they now can’t slow the flow.

Or, they might call the mayor of Manchester, NH, Springfield, MA, or Lewiston, ME.  And, last I heard the mayor of Athens, Georgia kept the IRC out!

They are running out of ‘welcoming’ communities and unsuspecting communities like Missoula, Montana are in their crosshairs!

We have written about Montana previously, click here for older posts.

***Update*** Make sure Montanans know that the United Nations is choosing our refugees!  Click here and here.  Local government officials will have NO SAY!

19 thoughts on “Missoula, Montana! Beware! Refugees could soon be on the way

  1. I read European press reports on the migrant situation, and someone commented that the entire Western world (including China) should band together and fight the Muslim world. That would include Russia, Europe, Mexico, Central America, the United States and China — World War III.


  2. You little ” do gooders” in Montana are truly brain dead if you allow this. Do not listen to the happy dancing Stacy Rye. You have no idea the Pandora Box you are opening. Take if from a Californian…..keep your doors closed and locked.
    You people don’t even like wolves or native born Americans because we in other states are the ones that support both…….you will be very sorry….that is my warning. If you have the chance, don’t do this!!! We have no choice in CA as we are loaded with liberal, socialist, multicultural idiots running the state.
    I love Montana…..don’t ruin it.

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  3. Are these people going to support,these school systems by interpreting English to these children, tutoring them and the children. Are. They going to help them become part of American society or will they continue to be isolated both the Americans and the refugees. They will continue to live under sharia law and the
    citizen will still not understand how this could possibly happen; nor how ignorant the refugees are. Americans I know who live in Arabic countries have not do well assimilating there either. They do no have anything in common , the Arabs are very excluding and basically do not enjoy Europeans orbAmericans. Our cultures are too different and each language is difficult for the other,
    Unless you personally going to help, teach, invest time in these people please do not be tempted by the money and sell America so cheap.


  4. What I would like to know is just WHO is paying Mary Pool; and WHO gave the start-up money for “Soft Landing”??? Five will get you ten that the money came from Soros or one of his front group “philanthropies”!


  5. I have spent wonderful days in Missoula. I love Montana.
    The last thing they need is an imported multi-culti welfare-dependent population.
    Worse yet – jihad agents in Big Sky Country…

    Who has programmed America for self-destruct?

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    1. If this keeps going on this country will be destroyed. A way around local officials is using military bases to house Muslims like one just opened up at Maxwell air force base in Montgomery, Al is a refugee housing area being set up. Then later the invaders will leave and go anywhere they want, find an enclave somewhere. They all will migrate to other areas. Our gov. may not be able to stop it if bases are used. Other bases are being used nationwide. They will end up on welfare and breed like rabbits.

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  6. That’s the big thing right now the cities get a dollar rate based on how many Terrorist they let in and its gonna be , I wish I hadn’t made that decision . Take a look at what has happened in Germany ,Paris and others , and now you want those in your neighborhood to recruit your kids to take over the U.S.A ?

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