More evidence that big business is a driver of refugee resettlement in America

Update:  Be sure to learn more about what you should do about this during Election 2016 at American Resistance 2016!

The so-called ‘religious’ charities*** that resettle refugees in America and those in the UN/US State Department administering the refugee admissions program that is bringing tens of thousands of Muslim (and other) refugees to your towns want you to think this is all about ‘humanitarianism.’  It is not!

The do-gooders bringing refugees to America are shills for big business whether they know it or not!

It is about globalization and multi-national corporations’ need for cheap migrant laborers!

Did you read our post about BIG MEAT and Amarillo, TX just this week? It went viral and has brought thousands upon thousands of readers to RRW!  The business model is that companies, often times companies in the food industry, encourage (lobby for!) more refugees to be admitted to the US (or for amnesty for illegal aliens).

They get the slave laborers, your town gets the social/cultural tension, and taxpayers at all levels of government supplement the meager wages with WELFARE!  

Chobani Twin Falls Idaho
Twin Falls plant. As a driver of refugee resettlement, Chobani Yogurt is changing Idaho by changing the people.

Dems get reliable Leftwing voters!

(See also our post on foreign operatives changing America with refugee labor, here.)

Rich people going to Davos to make plans for your town!

This is what got me started this morning.  The Financial Times tells us that the founder of Chobani Yogurt will be making a pitch at Davos this week at the World Economic Forum for more companies to adopt that ‘business model’ and hire (read IMPORT) more refugees to small and medium-sized American cities!

Financial Times:

Last year Hamdi Ulukaya, a Kurdish entrepreneur who created the billion-dollar US-based Chobani yoghurt empire, travelled to Greece to see the swelling refugee crisis with his own eyes. Unsurprisingly, he was horrified by the human suffering that he witnessed, particularly as he shares a cultural affinity with many of the refugees — he grew up near the Syrian border in Turkey, before moving to the US as a student.

But Ulukaya was also appalled by something else: the hopelessly bureaucratic and old-fashioned nature of the organisations running the aid efforts. “The refugee issue is being dealt with using [methods from] the 1940s and it’s in the hands of the UN and mostly government and you don’t see a lot of private sector and entrepreneurs involved,” he told me last week. “I decided we have got to hack this — we have got to bring another perspective into this issue, there are technologies that can be used.”

So Ulukaya decided to act. Last year he established a foundation, Tent, to channel financial aid and innovation efforts into refugee work.


And he has stepped up efforts to hire as many refugees as he can at his yoghurt plants, where they currently account for 30 per cent of the total workforce, or 600 people. “There are 11 or 12 languages spoken in our factories,” says Ulukaya. “We have translators 24 hours a day.”


At next week’s World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, he will call on other CEOs to join a campaign to channel corporate money, lobbying initiatives, services and jobs to refugees. Five companies have already signed up: Ikea, MasterCard, Airbnb, LinkedIn and UPS — and Ulukaya says more are poised to join.

Continue reading!  Reporter Gillian Tett quotes me, and mentions protests in Idaho and New York where Chobani is bringing in the refugee laborers.

See our complete archive on Twin Falls, Idaho and the ‘pocket of resistance’ that has formed there.

P.S. When I first learned about what Chobani Yogurt was doing to rural America (here), I never again bought any Chobani Yogurt!  I go down that dairy aisle and give them a mental finger (sorry to our more proper and polite readers).

***Nine major federal contractors which like to call themselves VOLAGs (Voluntary agencies) which is such a joke considering how much federal money they receive:


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  1. The owner of the company is part of the Turkish Gulen Movement, of TUSKON Islamic businessmen they have many American businesses they are purchasing including operating the largest network of publicly funded charter schools. They also own Godiva Chocolate.,this owner was in the day when the movement would use food to entice poor Kurdish families to let them go to a Gulen boarding schools. Today the Kurds hate Gulen as much as they hate Erdogan.


  2. Great. Posted:


    On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 6:39 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “The so-called ‘religious’ charities*** that resettle > refugees in America and those in the UN/US State Department administering > the refugee admissions program that is bringing tens of thousands of Muslim > (and other) refugees to your towns want you to think” >



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  4. Let’s remember Chobani has received a lucrative contract, with the USDA, to provide yogurt (as a meat substitute) for Michelle Obama’s healthy lunch program. This is a nationwide contract which some think was awarded under suspicious circumstances. More about this at link.

    “Chobani’s fast-track to school cafeterias across the U.S. – with a contract awarded faster than other companies have even gained approval for their products – raises the same question Green Mosters! blogger Kristina Pepelko first raised in 2013: is the National School Lunch Program and the tightened restrictions on school food truly designed to produce healthier students, or are special interest lobbyists driving menu recommendations from Washington, D.C.?”

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    1. Their plant was also fined for having lots of bacteria, fungus growing in the machinery. Look it up. The owner is a Turkish Gulenists and no doubt so are those workers they are bringing are too and soon they will apply for a charter school once it’s ok’d in Idahol.


        1. “Steve Terrell, a reporter at the Santa Fe New Mexican, did a bit of digging and found that a remarkable number of local lawmakers had recently taken trips to Turkey courtesy of a private group, the Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians, that is tied to Gülen. In Idaho last year, a full tenth of state legislators went on the Turkey-trot tour, thanks to the Pacifica Institute, also inspired by Gülen.”

          We spent years being a thorn in the Pennsylvania Pasha’s side.
          Some of our archives still exist: and more can be found at the Internet Archives (


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