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Big deal! (Not!) So-called SAFE Act expected on the Senate floor tomorrow

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 19, 2016

I have to make myself write about this mostly because I am so sick of Congress pretending to do something about some of the greatest issues we face—this time the expected arrival of tens of thousands of unscreened Syrian refugees.  This bill is fig leaf, they think we are dumb!

And because I’m bored and disgusted you can read all about it here at World Net Daily when it passed the House in the wake of the Paris terrorist attack.

But to see the HUGE grassroots campaign the federally-funded refugee resettlement contractors are undertaking you would think the bill (assuming it passes AND is signed into law by Obama) would actually slow their flow of mostly Muslim refugees they want to move into your towns and cities.  They are screaming bloody murder!

This is from a campaign launched by one of their latest fronts #WeWelcomeRefugees.  (If you look closely, it is the same gang, just a new-sounding name.)

Here is what our old pals at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) are telling their followers:

Wahhhh! Don’t let those meanies take away our Syrians and Iraqis! (We get paid by the head to drop them in your towns!)

From LIRS lobbyist Brittney Nystrom:

BrittneyNystrom_290 (1)

Brittney Nystrom LIRS lobbyist: “Make certain that in 2016 America stands for renewed hope not renewed hate.”

We hope you are well-rested from your Christmas and New Year celebrations because we need your help! Urge your Senators to vote with compassion next week on a bill that would cripple the United States’ refugee program’s ability to protect the most vulnerable.


If this bill were signed into law, it would become nearly impossible to welcome certain refugees. Further, the bill subjects Syrian and Iraqi refugees to differential treatment and intense scrutiny as a means of preventing their resettlement in the United States. [I agree, they should have added all the refugees from Muslim countries including Somalia!—ed]

This reactionary bill passed the House of Representatives just days after the tragic attacks in Paris, displaying a lack of understanding of the robust [What the h*** is ‘robust?’ so sick of that word!—ed] and secure vetting process before a refugee is admitted to the United States. In fact, many Representatives who initially voted for the bill signaled regret later.

LIRS believes, based on over 75 years of experience resettling refugees, that our resettlement system must not be foreclosed to the most vulnerable, including Syrians and Iraqis …..

Go here to read the rest and see how they are urging their Open Borders friends to call their Senators before tomorrow.

‘Faith leaders’ in support of more Muslim migration to America!

Is your rabbi, pastor or priest on the list?

By far the most useful information Ms. Nystrom provides is this list of all the “faith” leaders on the ‘religious Left’ who support MORE Muslim migration to America, more ‘unaccompanied alien children’ for your towns, and who were involved I’m sure in lobbying for the Gang of Eight (amnesty) bill as LIRS did as well.

There is even a state-by-state list of the clergy “welcoming” Muslim migrants to your towns!  Go here and also (quickly) save the list!


12 Responses to “Big deal! (Not!) So-called SAFE Act expected on the Senate floor tomorrow”

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  2. […] Big deal! (Not!) So-called SAFE Act expected on the Senate floor tomorrow January 19, 2016 […]


  3. Skip Patel said

    DHS: More than Half a Million Aliens Overstayed Visas in 2015

    Nearly 500,000 aliens likely staying illegally in U.S. IN A SINGLE YEAR!


  4. Skip Patel said

    Immigration Implications of the U.S.-Iran Prisoner Swap

    The deal is more accurately described as a trade rather than a swap because most of the individuals benefiting from the clemencies will be staying in the United States, despite the damage they’ve done to U.S. national security. How can this be? Why, supreme irony of ironies, it’s because they’re “American citizens”.

    They are not.


  5. I posted this link to my FB wall with the following comment:
    Thank God I am not religious for if I were I would have to refer to these people as associates instead of the traitors that they truly are. This is one of the links referenced in the article above and it provides a list of religious leaders who support open borders and an endless migration of Muslims to our shores. That lists of the traitors who signed the letter to the Senate goes on and on in a seemingly endless list on page after page after page. You need not read all of the names but you owe it to yourself to view those pages. Then you need to rethink some of your current affiliations with the churches of America.

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    • ourcatsgotfleas said

      That list is a very handy ready-reckoner of wolves in sheep’s clothing. I wonder how many of these “Christian” signatories have actually bothered to read even a page of the wretched Koran? I notice a dude from the Nation of Islam has also signed on!


  6. said

    They got the phone number wrong at the ELCA LIRS …lol, they published a White House toll free that was established for promoting refugee projects…too funny, I hung up, then got a reverse text thanking me for support! I looked up my two senators numbers and then called them…also told them that the service is Lutheran in name only…that they do not speak for a huge portion of the LCMS as well!

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