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France bans protest march at Calais

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 4, 2016

More Invasion of Europe news….

Not a good idea.  As I see it, these free speech marches serve as a critical valve on the pressure building in communities across Europe. Closing the valve will only cause the steam to build to a level of much greater power—potentially explosive power.

We haven’t mentioned Calais much lately, but if you look back at many previous posts you will see that this encampment of mostly Middle Eastern and African migrants has been growing for years as they press for being allowed to enter the UK where they see the taxpayer-funded ‘services’ more attractive than what is available to them in France.

Pegida in the Netherlands

Here is the latest news from The Local:

The French government has banned public demonstrations in Calais days before the anti-Islam group Pegida had planned to march through the town.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced the ban on protests “that pose a threat to public order” days before Pegida were hoping to march through Calais.

“I have asked the Pas-de-Calais prefect to proceed with the banning of all protests that have the potential of disrupting public order, no matter who the organizers are,” Cazeneuve said.

The minister said he was referring to all groups who seek “to create tension, division and violence”.

Calais crossing

The northern port town is home to between 4,000 and 6,000 refugees who are living in squalor in a makeshift camp on the edge of town.

Tensions have risen in recent weeks with clashes between migrants desperate to make a bid to get to the UK and the French riot police who block their path.

More here.


Germany is building camps with high fences for its trouble-making migrants, it is time for all of the European governments to do the same.

See our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive by clicking here.

7 Responses to “France bans protest march at Calais”

  1. […] France bans protest march at Calais […]


  2. Two excerpts from above:
    “Closing the valve will only cause the steam to build to a level of much greater power—potentially explosive power.”
    “Germany is building camps with high fences for its trouble-making migrants, it is time for all of the European governments to do the same.”

    Both actions will create tension and that, I do believe, is part of the Globalist’s plan of action. Allow me to present another quote, from nearly two hundred years ago that well bespeaks the horrors we face today:

    “We are sleeping on a volcano…A wind of revolution blows, the storm is on the horizon.”
    Alexis de Tocqueville


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Are you saying we lose either way? If regular folks lay low and don’t allow ourselves to be agitated by their actions (stopping free speech) won’t that bring about the same outcome as if we explode. They (the Globalists) win either way by that logic?


      • Excellent question Ann! I am saying that the Globalists have the game so well wired that they are going to win, thus creating the planned Anarchy and Chaos that I have long written about They have all of the cards, and the people of Europe waited far too long to react to a rigged game, and we are following them down that honey dripping path of denial.

        Take for instance this excellent article from the Gatestone Institute:

        ‘In lieu of violence, speech is one of the best ways for people to vent their feelings and frustrations. Remove the right to speak about your frustrations and only violence is left.’
        ‘The lid is being put on the pressure cooker at precisely the moment that the heat is being turned up. A true “initiative for civil courage” would explain to both Merkel and Zuckerberg that their policy can have only one possible result.’

        “Precisely the right moment”…Those words do not herald poor planning or an unfortunate turn of events. They are quite indicative of a master plan and therefore master planners.

        If the people of Europe do nothing they lose by default and cowardice. If they react, as they should have done long ago, they will be crushed by the powers that be. The end game nears and those master planners are on the verge of saying “Check Mate”.


        • And now Breitbart has recognized the importance of Douglas Murray’s essay.

          Excerpts from Breitbart:
          ‘Murray warns that free speech provides a vital release for tensions, which can explode into violent unrest more easily in the “pressure cooker” created by censorship. As he puts it, looking back at the horrific experience of Germany between the World Wars, tensions rise when signals are sent to angry citizens that “the time for talking is over.”’
          ‘We are all totalitarians now. Anyone bothered by that reality had better speak up, loudly enough to be heard by billionaire CEOs, while they still can.’


  3. As in free-speech curbs, when the Left and their invaders feel threatened, goodbye freedom.

    “migrants desperate to make a bid to get to the UK”

    To the globalist anti-Western media, anyone who tries to invade the West is, by definition, “desperate,” in other words, has no choice but to try to invade. But what if someone just wants a better economic lot in life, or to spread Islam, or chooses to join with friends to become part of a mass-movement foreign adventure, etc, does that automatically make them no-choice “desperate”?


  4. caprizchka said

    Reblogged this on caprizchka and commented:
    Apparently, according to Cazeneuve, large groups of Muslim youths promoting Jihad, aren’t among “all groups who seek ‘to create tension, division and violence.”


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