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Germany placing trouble-making migrants in security-fenced camps

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 4, 2016

Invasion of Europe news…..

It sure is about time!  In hopes of heading off more incidents like the New Years Eve rampage when gangs of migrants attacked German women in Cologne (and elsewhere in Germany), the German government has opened a camp (with high security fences) and the first, mostly African migrants, have arrived.

If European countries built camps to hold all migrants in order to sort them out, it would go a long way to stem the tide of those still flowing across European borders by the thousands every day.  How many would launch from North Africa and Turkey if they knew they would be placed in a ‘refugee’ camp in Europe?


They are still coming into Germany by the thousands every day. Go to this very cool interactive map and see how many are still getting into Europe MOSTLY from Turkey right now which is letting them launch from their shores.

These Africans have already caused trouble and will be among the first to be deported.

From Breitbart London:

Scores of migrants with a history of delinquency and trouble making are being moved to a single camp with high fences and extra security. The camp in Stuttgart, Germany has been designated exclusively for men of North African origin.

The first group of 40 migrants was bussed in from the nearby town of Ellwangen this week, all of whom had been involved in a “large scale incident”, Stuttgarter Nachrichten reports. Half of them were “classified striking or delinquent” by the regional government office.

A spokesman for the office explained that the location had been carefully selected to secure and control the volatile group. “The terrain lends itself because it is fenced”, said Katja Lumpp. “We have increased the security service again, 40 people are now available around the clock. That’s a lot”, she added.

A different spokesman claimed that the move was about bringing the North Africans from rural to urban areas, as they are more likely to be deported than Syrians and Iraqis.

We bring you ‘Invasion of Europe’ news frequently as a lesson for the rest of western civilization!  See our complete archive here.

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6 Responses to “Germany placing trouble-making migrants in security-fenced camps”

  1. The sex crimes associated with muslims are huge. There is the “taharrush-game’ei”, which is a rape game in which a collective group gang-rapes women. There is the “honor killing” system found in Pakistan, in which women get killed by their fathers and brothers for actions which are perfectly acceptable in Germany. There is the female genital mutilation common in Muslim Africa. Finally, in Afghanistan, rape of small boys is common; google “dancing boys afghanistan” but keep the throw-up bag handy. This is all coming to EU-land, or is already there.


  2. mjazzguitar said

    German police raid refugee centers, thwart attack on Berlin


  3. Brilliant German Open-Borders Overlords: Bring in millions, place a tensy % of criminals behind “high fences.”


  4. A security fence should be constructed around Merkel, (Europe’s Obama), and she should be held accountable for her insanely erratic leadership moves that have ensured the demise of traditional German society. A total collapse is well underway and will result in the end of any sort of a civilized presence for that once powerful nation, (as they are transformed to the worst imaginable end, Islam/Sharia), or the horrors of an unlimited vicious, violent civil war between Infidels and Muslims.

    This is her legacy, (it is Obama’s legacy in America), the unlawful insertion and forced revengeful replacement of centuries-old national continuity, with some sense of responsible decorum, by a rabid invasion of wild-eyed, depraved millions led by the tattered ramblings of a thousand years of ancient thought that should never have outlived the hideous life of Mohammed.

    Obama’s recent speech in a militant mosque in Baltimore is a perfect example of the distortions and lies made possible by the mind of a distorted, lying President whose commitment to personal fantasies about Islam is made possible by the cowardice of those journalistic lapdogs and political robots who fear any obvious challenge to his “emperor has no clothes” status.

    The results are evidenced by continuing and all-too-familiar bold fabrications that reveal a personally-satisfying mental instability that dictates a daily flow of illegal policies that contribute to the bewildering sureness of our slide into oblivion.

    There will never be anything like America again.

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  6. […] Germany placing trouble-making migrants in security-fenced camps […]


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