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Angry Turkish Prez: We will open our gates and let them go through to Europe

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 11, 2016

Invasion of Europe news…..

Europe get ready! Tens (hundreds!) of thousands more migrants could soon be on the way.

Erdogan is angry:

“….the time could come when the country would open the gates for refugees to travel to Europe.”

But, I’m wondering when exactly he ever closed his border to Europe?  See this interactive map which shows just how many are going every day from Turkey to Greece.  The screen shot is for Tuesday of this week.  3,676 crossed in one day!  See the map and scroll back each recent day and prepare to be shocked.  And, while you are at it, note how many passed into Germany from Austria just in one day (Feb. 9)—3,314! in ONE day!


Screenshot (24)


The Telegraph:

Turkey is at breaking point and the time could come when the country would open the gates for refugees to travel to Europe, the Turkish president has threatened.


Erdogan, Merkel and Obama. Faux outrage? Maybe this all part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan attacked the calls for Turkey to accept more refugees and accused the UN of insincerity over inaction in Syria.

In recent days, the UN, EU and other organisations have called on Turkey to take in thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and Russian air strikes on its southern border.

“In the past we have stopped people at the gates to Europe, in Edirne we stopped their buses. This happens once or twice, and then we’ll open the gates and wish them a safe journey, that’s what I said,” Mr Erdogan said in a speech to a business forum on Thursday.

“There is a chance the new wave of refugees will reach 600,000 if air strikes continue. We are making preparations for it,” Mr Erdogan said in a speech to a business forum in Ankara.

Erdogan is also (supposedly) angry at his ol’ pal Barack Hussein Obama (US responsible for sea of blood), here.

For our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive, go here (the invasion has been going on for YEARS).

20 Responses to “Angry Turkish Prez: We will open our gates and let them go through to Europe”

  1. janny11 said

    Reblogged this on PACIFIC ISLAND BEACON.


  2. ironwolfF1 said

    Fine. If they do it, eject Turkey from NATO… and forget about EU membership.

    Good Luck with the Russians, Erdogan.


    • Lol do you even know why they’re trying to be okay with Turkey? Have you heard of the word “geopolitics?” And you can’t avoid seeing the news about the last news leaked from Greece. EU supported Erdogan in the last elections. Just because of your “smart” politicians, we have a so called president with unlimited power. Thank you Europe, for two faced strategies and dirty politics. Oh, by the way, it would be so fun to see a Turkey apart from NATO, so that way, you can have fun with having no idea what’s coming from the straits.


  3. […] Wheeeeeeeeeee! […]


  4. Elan Plisick said

    This is blackmail, pure and simple, and even if Europe caves in it will send a message that all some third world country has to do is threaten it’s victim with a flood of “refugees” unless they pay shakedown money. When and where will it ever stop? If the EU wants to stay together and remain strong, they need to invest in a good border patrol. Maybe we can sell them ours, since thanks to our esteemed leader we are no longer using it.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Global ‘leaders’ are complicit in this Chaos. Not a doubt in mind they knew the consequences of allowing this invasion. This pretense they are now concerned is insulting to say least. Obama promising to veto any Bill re. pausing ‘refugee resettlement’ says volumes. Bottom Line? Destroying from within well established thanks to these NWO Players.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. FatherJon said

    What happened to the agreement Turkey accepted to take billions of Euros in return for disallowing any more refugees into Europe?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Maybe they got their billions in advance and now the deal is off!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, if you follow the “real” news you’ll see the small detail that explains Turkey has spent 10 billion dollars so far and the 3 billion that was promised hasn’t been given yet except a small amount of 300 million dollars. It is none of Turkey’s problem as UN says “Turkey should open its borders,” but if it is made Turkey’s problem, Turkey will release the immigrants -safely- to the problem creators. I do not support any activity of Erdogan and actually personally hate him; however, this action he takes – 3 billion and keep all the refugees- is just unfair to any one living in Turkey. I hope the deal will be off somehow and Europe will face the same problem with Turkey, lots of Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi unknown, possible threat and turning the country to a third world. I believe Erdogan has his own benefits -somehow- from Europeans and will turn to Turkey a dump hole. None of Turkish citizens supports his idea of taking all refugees and they know supposed to be fair -somehow pro-christian at the same time- European countries bribing a dictator.


        • FatherJon said

          It’s the whole of Europe that’s turning into a ‘dump hole’, a hell hole ultimately as these Muslims become a regular feature and radical elements within gradually wield more power and influence over their own brethren and ultimately over so-called ‘progressive’ elements amongst the European political elite.
          The future’s very grim, and unless firm action is taken I foresee a huge civil war across the continent from north to south.


          • Well, Turkey asked for a safe zone so they could keep the refugees in Syria. As you know, EU rejected this idea “for some reason.” Turkey is still asking for it, but the answer is the same. You know UN has this ability as they did it before. Believe me, nobody wants to see many outsiders sneaking into their homelands, and it is 3 million people for Turkey and now and 10 billion dollars spend just by Turkey.. If you want a change, organize, take an action and convince EU governments to keep all those people in safe zones created in Syria. The future won’t be grim, if you guys can avoid dirty politics in Europe.


    • sturandot13 said

      I believe that Erdogan was trying to use this as a battering ram to get Turkey accepted into the EU. Then, of course, with the Schengen Agreement, muzlims (sic – on purpose) from Turkey would be able to travel – and live – anywhere within the EU without having to apply for visas, “refugee” status, or anything else, just that lucrative EU welfare. How’s that for blackmail?

      Liked by 1 person

      • FatherJon said

        Yes, that’s always been the main thinking of Erdogan, to have open slather for Turks into Europe without restrictions. But, what happened to the agreement? He’s giving the ‘open house’ option away by reneging on his agreement. Has the money been paid, that’s what I’d like to know.


      • “They would be,” but they won’t be able to live, apparently…And Turks aren’t applicable for regugee status, as long as they aren’t terrorists in Turkey. I would much prefer you to keep the refugees and terrorists and no deal between EU and Turkey


      • 7delta said

        Let’s not forget that Erdogan is all in on reestablishing the caliphate, with him as the caliph. The Islamic obligation to work toward the caliphate is independent of anything any Western country does or doesn’t do. Islamic Doctrine stands alone. Islam, both Sunni and Shia, are taking advantage of the opportunity to migrate into Western countries to spread Islam while Western leaders and their grossly uninformed do-gooder foot soldiers are doing everything possible to help Islam take advantage of the opportunity, whether they realize it or not.

        No one in their right mind opens the door to a demographic that routinely gets their jihad on, and has for 1400 years, sandwiched in-between the days the Islamic Mouths of Sauron are telling you they’re going kill you, because Allah told them to, which he did, in rotation with the Islamic apologists telling you the refugees aren’t the jihadi-droids you’re looking for.

        The West’s disconnect between reality and fantasy is startlingly schizophrenic. It’s important to know that the only two absolute authorities in Islam are Mohammed and Allah, not CAIR, not the State Department, not Barack Obama, nor a volag or a welcoming NGO’s bank account, and why that’s the case, straight from the camel’s mouth. However, without having read one single word of the Qu’ran, the Hadith or the Sira, rational people grasp cause and effect.

        So what’s in it for the mentally unstable leaders perched on the “thrones” of the West? I mean, besides the risk of having their heads separated from their bodies or their fair share of body parts being forcefully redistributed among their poor citizens.

        Everybody wants to rule the world. No matter how things shake out, these leaders and their welcome wagoneers won’t still be sitting pretty, drinking champagne and nibbling on caviar-laden toast points when all is said and done. Never works out that way. Not once.

        This isn’t solely the West’s fault, though the West could have stopped it long ago and should have. It’s everybody with a self-serving agenda’s fault. That most definitely includes Erdogan and all others who submit to the psychopathology of mainstream Islamic Doctrine.

        When all the deranged combine their efforts, even if only for a short trip down the road to their own destination, it’s lethal for everybody who just wants to live in peace in their own country too.

        Liked by 1 person

        • FatherJon said

          Well said, our leaders have let us down big time, and are continuing to do so despite the overwhelming evidence that we’re all being slowly undermined by an impending gloom via our immigration and asylum programs which are just ‘hijrah’ in disguise. Once these people reach a critical mass demographically, they will start to change host populations to their own sharia agenda. This was amply expressed by an Islamist spokesman in Belgium who is aiming for a new Islamic state called Belgistan –

          From the mouths of their imams and rabble-rousers, they are determined that Belgium will be a Sharia state by 2030. Already the capital, Brussels, is 40% Muslim. How to tackle that? The spokesman advises smugly ‘Belgian men must take 4 wives and procreate madly’.

          Liked by 1 person

          • 7delta said

            I’m not surprise, FatherJon. Most people probably aren’t, except for the ones who watch that video, then dismiss the Shariah fatalist as just some fringe guy that doesn’t really understand Islam. Yep, “everybody”–the world’s most prestigious expert in every field the left always cites–knows it’s just that fringe guy…and Mohammed, Allah and 1.8 billion other fringers.

            Thanks for the link. Very interesting and clarifying to hear Mr. Fuzzy Fringe explain what Western leaders are willing to sacrifice…like their fellow countrymen and women…for their literal and metaphorical 40 pieces of silver.

            Just as an odd observation while watching Mr. Fringe…did anyone else notice that his buzz cut looked like the kid next to him in the booth gave it to him? It was gapped and uneven in stubble length. Is that the new ‘do now among jihadists? I mean, he was stylin’….if you’re into a badger reclining on your face and a haircut that looks like it was done with nail clippers. That’s probably why they blow people up. The West has created electric hair clipper inequality.


  7. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  8. The sons of Ishmael will continue to invade until the people of Europe, once again, stand united against them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The People of Western Europe will soon fall to Islam rule because of cowardice and apathy. They will wake up one morning under shiria law with tyrant leadership in full swing. Leaders will convert or hop a jet to S. America with a wad of payoff from the globalists for handing Europe over to tyrants per UN agendas. Few will resist, most will convert to Islam and some will flee to E. Europe or God knows where. Mayhem, rapes and executions will be the order of the day.


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