CAIR organizes anti-Islamophobia march in Minneapolis

As Election 2016 heats up (could it get hotter—yes!), I expect you will see more ‘marches’ and rallies organized by the community organizers at the Council on American Islamic Relations which are involved in getting Muslim voters registered to push back on those of you who have security concerns about more Muslim migration to America.

JAYLANI HUSSEIN of CAIR Minnesota that organized the march.

CAIR has been learning its lessons well from the likes of the Southern Poverty Law Center*** which throws out their hate label to anyone who has a differing policy view from theirs.  CAIR and the SPLC want more Muslim migration to America and I, for one, don’t. It is simply a policy discussion America needs to have.

And, of all places, Minnesota Somalis have given us reason to have security concerns as dozens of young Somali refugees, who benefited from the generosity of the American taxpayer have joined the jihadists in Africa and the Middle East (since 2008 the FBI has been aware of their activities).

Some have been arrested, either before leaving to join ISIS or upon their return. Some are dead. Some have been sentenced to prison. Some are unaccounted for.

Any sane person should be concerned about these Minnesota Somalis who did not assimilate, became more devout and have joined the Islamic terrorists.

Here is the news (Feb. 20th) from WCCO CBS Minnestota.  Watch the clip! LOL! Is there even one Somali in the march?


MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Dozens of protesters marched down Cedar Avenue Saturday, taking a stand against something many are all too familiar with–discrimination.


The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations organized the march as part of many happenings throughout the country to raise awareness of Islamophobia.

“We created Minnesotans Against Islamophobia. 26 local organizationsendorse our action today,” said organizer Karen Schraufnagel.

Minnesota has the highest population of Somalis in the country, making Islamophobia a reality for many of them.

***Readers, I consider it a great honor to be called-out by the SPLC!  See here.  I had been hoping for years to be noticed by them!  I was green with envy when Daniel Greenfield was noticed a few years back and wrote this hilarious piece about his “hate group” (Greenfield and his cat).  I have a cat too!

My first response on finding out that I was now a hate group was to look around to see where everyone else was. A hate group needs the group part and one man and a cat don’t seem to be enough.

Back to the notice the SPLC has taken of RRW…..

(Not sure what they mean by my increasing radicalization.)  The only thing I can figure is that they see a change of tone over the years which can be attributed to my anger over a growing realization about how much power and money drives the secretive UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program on the political left and the political right (cheap labor for big global corporations!) and how unwilling elected officials are to even discuss it! Or, more accurately, they are willing to discuss it, but do nothing seriously about it!

GAO says Obama Office of Refugee Resettlement puts Unaccompanied Alien Children at risk

….and it puts you at risk because they are not being properly monitored!

Update February 23: Here is a link to the critical GAO report.

Hot off the press this morning is this Washington Post story about a GAO report released today that is highly critical of HHS’s Office of Refugee Resettlement’s care of the ‘children’ who have been flooding our borders for many years now (the numbers are expected to rise, see here).

UAC children
UAC ‘children’ in Texas in 2014. Where are they now and what are they doing? Breitbart photos:

No surprise for those of us who have been following the Refugee Program for years that the contractors hired to take care of the kids are doing a rotten job.

BTW, the UACs are NOT refugees even if Obama and the contractors want them to be. They want them to be designated as refugees so they can get in line for welfare goodies and apply to bring their families to America.

Here is one recent story about how the contractors are squabbling over Obama payola for legal services for the UACs (mostly teenage boys!).

According to the WaPo story 125,000 ‘children’ have been distributed around the US since 2011.

I don’t know if any contractors are mentioned by name in the report, but we know that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and Lutheran Immigration and Refugees Services, both federal refugee contractors, receive millions of dollars to care for the ‘children.’ Also, we learned in 2014 that there were two other HUGE contractors: Southwest Key Programs and Baptist Child & Family Service.  

Senator Grassley initially wanted answers from HHS here in 2014.

This is the Washington Post story this morning.  I’ve just snipped a bit of it, but you should read it all.

The government agency tasked with placing thousands of Central American children into communities while they await immigration court decisions has no system for tracking the children, does not keep complete case files and has allowed contractors to operate with little oversight, according to a report released Monday by the Government Accountability Office.

“Based on the findings in this report, it’s no wonder that we are hearing of children being mistreated or simply falling off the grid once they are turned over to sponsors,” said Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa). “The Obama administration isn’t adequately monitoring the grantees or sponsors whom we are entrusting to provide basic care for unaccompanied children.”


The report also criticized the agency’s oversight of nonprofit groups that it pays to operate shelters for the children and locate sponsors.


Grassley sharply criticized the lack of follow-up for released children.

“Beyond the risks to the children created by these shortcomings, our communities are left to cope with the crime and violence from gang members and other delinquents who are not identified or tracked because of HHS’s haphazard and porous practices,” he said.

BTW, it is still a mystery about why the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (Eskinder Negash) resigned abruptly in December 2014.  Rumors are flying that it had something to do with the UACs.

Tomorrow the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on this report.  Go here for more information.

For more reading pleasure, all of our posts going back many years on the UACs are archived using the words ‘unaccompanied minors.’

And you will see there (among those posts) that Europe is having the same problem with ‘unaccompanied children’ flooding the Continent. In their case, they are mostly from the Middle East and Africa. One of the children recently murdered a care giver in Sweden.