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CAIR organizes anti-Islamophobia march in Minneapolis

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 22, 2016

As Election 2016 heats up (could it get hotter—yes!), I expect you will see more ‘marches’ and rallies organized by the community organizers at the Council on American Islamic Relations which are involved in getting Muslim voters registered to push back on those of you who have security concerns about more Muslim migration to America.


JAYLANI HUSSEIN of CAIR Minnesota that organized the march.

CAIR has been learning its lessons well from the likes of the Southern Poverty Law Center*** which throws out their hate label to anyone who has a differing policy view from theirs.  CAIR and the SPLC want more Muslim migration to America and I, for one, don’t. It is simply a policy discussion America needs to have.

And, of all places, Minnesota Somalis have given us reason to have security concerns as dozens of young Somali refugees, who benefited from the generosity of the American taxpayer have joined the jihadists in Africa and the Middle East (since 2008 the FBI has been aware of their activities).

Some have been arrested, either before leaving to join ISIS or upon their return. Some are dead. Some have been sentenced to prison. Some are unaccounted for.

Any sane person should be concerned about these Minnesota Somalis who did not assimilate, became more devout and have joined the Islamic terrorists.

Here is the news (Feb. 20th) from WCCO CBS Minnestota.  Watch the clip! LOL! Is there even one Somali in the march?


MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Dozens of protesters marched down Cedar Avenue Saturday, taking a stand against something many are all too familiar with–discrimination.


The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations organized the march as part of many happenings throughout the country to raise awareness of Islamophobia.

“We created Minnesotans Against Islamophobia. 26 local organizationsendorse our action today,” said organizer Karen Schraufnagel.

Minnesota has the highest population of Somalis in the country, making Islamophobia a reality for many of them.

***Readers, I consider it a great honor to be called-out by the SPLC!  See here.  I had been hoping for years to be noticed by them!  I was green with envy when Daniel Greenfield was noticed a few years back and wrote this hilarious piece about his “hate group” (Greenfield and his cat).  I have a cat too!

My first response on finding out that I was now a hate group was to look around to see where everyone else was. A hate group needs the group part and one man and a cat don’t seem to be enough.

Back to the notice the SPLC has taken of RRW…..

(Not sure what they mean by my increasing radicalization.)  The only thing I can figure is that they see a change of tone over the years which can be attributed to my anger over a growing realization about how much power and money drives the secretive UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program on the political left and the political right (cheap labor for big global corporations!) and how unwilling elected officials are to even discuss it! Or, more accurately, they are willing to discuss it, but do nothing seriously about it!

18 Responses to “CAIR organizes anti-Islamophobia march in Minneapolis”

  1. lehi48 said

    Ann, There is only one answer, counter-demonstrate. Expose CAIR as an UnIndicted CoConspirator in the largest Terrorist Funding Case. CAIRs roots are from the Muslim Brotherhood. A few of their past officers were Hamas operatives. Show the names and number in Prison, Dead, Deported or not allowed into the US. Let’s put them on the defensive. As far as the SPLC they just delisted one of the most Anti-Semitic figures in the US today, Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam. What the Hell is that taking them off the list. In Aug/2015 and Oct/2015 He said if there isn’t an immediate change in America he has assassins who kill 400 White People. He was not arrested. It wasn’t a splash across all news papers. No, the President attended his mm Man march in October. Perhaps this is the key to getting delisted, and our color, and questioning viewpoint. We have not called upon people to harm other people. I would not associate with you if this were so and I have read this from people writing. The SPLC does not have any Group on the Left, Why? Are there no groups that are extreme on the Left or Islamist? CAIR and MSA are terrorist groups per Qatar! The Muslim Brotherhood in almost any Muslim country is banned as a terrorist group. What about BDS, that does not permit Free Speech by Jewish Students or invited outside speakers.

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  2. ourcatsgotfleas said

    Any sane and humane person is by definition ‘islamophobic’.

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  3. This country has no obligation to take in anyone. Islamic terrorism poses a significant threat, and it is just common sense to keep it out of our country using whatever means possible. 9/11, the Boston Bombing, San Berandino, and even the Syria mess have all been caused by islam. Yet if we say anything about them we are “islamophobic”. Well, so be it. Better them than me.

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    • By the way, Ann, congrats on being noticed by the poverty palace. It looks like Potoc and the other six figure “activists” have a new person to kick around when they go grubbing for donations.

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      • Ann Corcoran said

        Thanks! I don’t make any living at what I do so it’s nice to have the honors and recognition from the SPLC so I know that I am not wasting my time and am making a difference.

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  4. usnveteran said

    How can America counter these activities when laws are being passed against speaking the truth or anything perceived as negative islamic extremism?

    February 9, 2016
    At least 40 ‘Americans’ Actively Waging Jihad With Muslim Group Al Shabaab:
    “American recruits principally come from Minnesota, …” …

    The Islamic Arabs Started The African Slave Trade:
    [How popular would islamic extremism be if everyone understood this history?]

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  5. If angry Muslims are marching in your town, it means you already have way too many.

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  6. tallowtree said

    Ann you are appreciated so much for all you do! Please continue keeping us informed.

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  7. M Starry said

    CAIR-MN is just doing their part in promoting Jihad. See the leftists lap it up? The goal is power.

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  8. […] CAIR organizes anti-Islamophobia march in Minneapolis […]


  9. […] CAIR organizes anti-Islamophobia march in Minneapolis […]


  10. CAIR and SPLC, better keep their protest up in Minnesota! We don’t appreciate Muslims down South. Selma and Birmingham, in the ’60’s are prime examples


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