African human smugglers getting rich off money transferred from US


Gaddafi bloody
Col. Gaddafi warned Obama/Hillary: Take me down and Libya will become a launching pad for the invasion of Europe!

Invasion of Europe news….

And I bet if you could actually follow the money you would find that you, the US taxpayers, are footing some of the bill as “refugees” in America send money home (through illegal channels) to fuel the trafficking of their relatives into Europe.

Blame it on Hillary and Obama as many of these Africans pass through now lawless Libya.  Just yesterday Sec. of State Kerry warned that Libya could soon become a failed state. Could be!!!

‘The Migration Machine’ is a very long investigative piece by Reuters and worth reading if it doesn’t make you sick!  (Hat tip: Joanne)

See our previous posts on Obama/Hillary/Rice and Power and what they did to Libya.


8 thoughts on “African human smugglers getting rich off money transferred from US

  1. IRS was taxing wire transfers send by aliens to foreign nations. The aliens then went to an American bank, established a bank account, using some form of foreign ID. The bank issues them an EIN#. They deposit money in their account, send an ATM card to their relatives back home. They call the relatives when they deposit money, and tell them how much is available for withdrawal.


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