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Austria joins Hungary in warning of the end of the EU if migrant crisis continues…..

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 25, 2016

…..and there is absolutely no sign of the flow ending (predictions are that it will increase as the spring advances).

Invasion of Europe News!

All along, Austria had appeared to side with the “welcoming” Angela Merkel of Germany, but it looks like that relationship has frayed with Austria and Hungary warning of the death of the EU. (LOL! Worrying about the EU? I’m thinking they better worry about the death of each of their countries and clearly Orban is!)

Viktor Orban

The Donald Trump of Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban: Migrant quota would ‘redraw Europe’s ethnic, cultural and religious identity.’

From the Daily Mail:

Austria warned yesterday that reducing the record influx of migrants was a ‘question of survival’ for the European Union.
Vienna has come under fire from Germany and Greece for imposing daily limits on the number of migrants that can apply for asylum or pass through to other countries.

It hosted a summit yesterday with ministers from nine countries along the west Balkans route used by migrants travelling from Greece towards northern Europe.

‘We have to reduce the influx now. This is a question of survival for the EU,’ Austrian interior minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said after the talks. Austria believes measures are necessary because the EU has failed to get off the ground any effective common response to the continent’s biggest refugee crisis since 1945.


Hungary’s prime minister yesterday called a referendum on whether his country would accept an EU plan to share out refugees that he warned would ‘redraw Europe’s ethnic, cultural and religious identity’.


Mr Orban said yesterday: ‘We cannot make above the heads of people, against the wishes of European people, decisions that seriously change their lives, and the lives of future generations. The quota could redraw Europe’s ethnic, cultural and religious identity. Neither Brussels nor any other European body is authorised to do that.’

Continue reading here.

And be sure to see my favorite interactive map by clicking here.  Note that migrants enter Greece from Turkey and move northward every day and this map does not show those coming across the Mediterranean from North Africa (where Obama and Hillary helped create another failed state—Libya).

Yesterday no migrants entered Austria, but slide the little courser back and you will see how many thousands entered the country earlier this month.

Over 110,000 migrants have entered Europe in 2016 alone, here.  Millions more on the way.

Our lengthy archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ is here.  It extends back many years because Europe at one point had plenty of time to stop the boats and safely return them to where they were launched, but leaders lacked the will to send a tough message and now, frankly, it is too late!

10 Responses to “Austria joins Hungary in warning of the end of the EU if migrant crisis continues…..”

  1. misterpaul5a said

    Correction, with respect. The Donald Trump of Europe,IF there is such an equivalent, must be Nigel Farage. For something like twenty years he has promoted the exit of the UK from the EU. Indeed, had it not been for the courage of Farage and his supporters, the subject may not have even been considered.
    This man, almost singlehandedly has turned the tables on the Eton and Harrow cabal who for the most part are the ones who profit from the UK membership of the EU.
    This is most certainly the last opportunity for the UK to extract itself from the chains of servitude to the EU, and of course German dominance.
    Neither Trump,or Farage are angels – but they are most certainly in tune with the feelings of disillusionment of the people of the Western world and could well be written into history as the saviours of our civilisation from a new Islamic Caliphate.


  2. kerberos616 said

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  3. nafbpo7 said

    In my morning paper there was an article about the UK seriously considering withdrawal from the EU. They even have a date set to vote on the matter. Immigration was huge factor they were considering.

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  4. great post. posted to my facebook


  5. It seems as if even the good guys of Europe have taken a slow-motion stupid pill, sort of like the Japanese saying, ‘Godzilla has destroyed half of downtown Tokyo, we must have another serious meeting about this whole problem.’

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  6. lehi48 said

    It’s never too late to turn the tide if the Will is there. Imagine if these were armed combatants trying to reach European Shore the Navies of Europe would blockade North Africa and send an Army to blockade attempts to enter by land from the South east. Any who did make it through would be jailed and then deported. No welfare benefits or jobs and those who knowingly hire them forfeit their business. It would stop it DEAD. Since it comes down to Will and the current European Leaders won’t Strike, mass demonstrate till they are replaced within there Party or new elections. It’s Europeans future at stake here. The US problem is allowing our Constitution to be rubbed into the ground by The Constitutional Scholar from Harvard but he’s getting help from both Dems and GOP.

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  8. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:


    On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 6:36 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “…..and there is absolutely no sign of the flow > ending (predictions are that it will increase as the spring advances). > Invasion of Europe News! All along, Austria had appeared to side with the > “welcoming” Angela Merkel of Germany, but it looks like tha” >


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