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China takes no Syrian refugees for several important (sensible!) reasons

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 28, 2016

This article at Foreign Policy is a must read.


Problems with their Muslim Uighurs is one reason China is not eager to invite more Islamists to China.

Why aren’t the Chinese on the bandwagon for multiculturalism and “inclusion?”  The most important reason may well be the last one given in this very informative story:

China’s narrative of nationhood is more static and exclusive. It emphasizes shared history and common heritage.

Clearly they haven’t fallen for the ‘diversity is strength’ meme unlike the political Left (their soulmates) in America and in Europe!

Here are a few snips about some of the other reasons they are NOT WELCOMING the stranger.

First, Chinese leaders say the turmoil in the Middle East is our fault:

Chinese authorities argue that Western countries caused the meltdown in Syria that resulted in the mass exodus, making its resolution their responsibility.


Chinese political ideology actively discourages the acceptance of non-Chinese migrants: non-interference in other countries domestic affairs is the cornerstone of its foreign policy, and accepting refugees is often viewed as demonstrating a political preference of the country of origin. Beijing even claims its foreign aid has “no political strings attached.” Unlike major western powers, China vehemently opposed external interference in Syria — in particular military intervention. By taking in refugees from the region, China could risk forsaking its diplomatic principle and partaking in the fallout of a failed Middle East policy against which it had tried to warn the West.

There’s also little public support for refugee resettlement.


Mirroring the concerns of some in Europe and the United States, religion is also a factor. Islam is one of the religions whose practice is permitted in China, albeit with many preconditions.

Lots more useful information, read it all.

Maybe those Chinese are pretty smart! They haven’t fallen for the huddled masses propaganda!  They know they need to take care of their own people!

9 Responses to “China takes no Syrian refugees for several important (sensible!) reasons”

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  4. And China have 60 MILLION new empty houses!!!


  5. ourcatsgotfleas said

    But I note the Chinese government has no objections to allowing its citizens to disrupt the “shared history and common heritage” of other nations by migration!

    However, if we want world peace, shared history and common (not to mention DNA), heritage ought to replace multiculturalism and open borders degeneration.


  6. Because by majority they are not even Syrian ? Nigerians, Somalis, Sudani, then every other Arab country you can think of.


  7. Japan, another country who has actually exercised very strict controls over Muslim allowed
    in their land, (in fact their policies virtually forbid any Muslim immigration) has begun to allow Islamists from a limited number of moderate Muslim countries!

    Why would they relax their wisdom-based policies? Who knows for sure, perhaps their struggling economy would benefit from the change, perhaps tourism from those countries would be a boon. The high cost of living in Japan discourages immigration from other civilized countries.

    I spent time in Japan many years ago and found it to be a lovely place to live, interesting and intriguing to my American sensitivities, although I never thought about moving there.

    But the allowance of migrants from even relatively moderate Muslim countries has already had it’s pitfalls. Several reports of sex crimes committed by these immigrants, including violent rapes and other sordid actions, have begun to give the government second-thoughts.

    The depraved and forbidding culture developed and expressed by radical Imams who control Sharia makes Western style dating and romance virtually impossible. And quite often, young Middle Eastern males who find themselves in the relatively easy lifestyles
    available in Japan go over the edge as they release their pent up, here-to-fore forbidden
    activities with a vengeance.

    Something about the danger of letting a “camel get it’s nose under a tent” comes to mind!

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  8. If you come to America then “Mamma’s don’t let your children grow up to be Muslims!” At least give your kids a chance in life by exposing them to sane thought. If they believe in the Quran they have to be radical, there is no other way. 85% of the world’s Muslims are Sunnis, beholden to the Sharia as dictated by Saudi Arabia’s strict Wahabbi version of rigid control that threatens violence to those who stray.
    Here, if you leave your Islamic roots, Jesus, or any of the other infidel faith leaders will not kill you for your choices.
    In fact, they will actually welcome you to their religion!!!

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