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“Single-topic” website on refugees to be launched by Lefties

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 10, 2016

Gosh, where have they been?

We’ve been a “single-topic” website on the subject of refugees for going on nine years! We’re an “organic outgrowth.” We’ve got this “microcommunity” covered! (And, we didn’t need a dime from some rich, elite, foundation either!).


“When we see a space that’s empty,” Setrakian says, “we gravitate to it.” Hey! Lara! It’s not empty!

Here is the news (thanks to Joanne) from USA Today (article starts out with the inaccurate story about the toddler who had been safe in Turkey, but who died because his Dad wanted new teeth in Europe which they never tell you!).  That opening tells you all you need to know about the spin this new website will put on the news!

And so Tuesday, March 15, will mark the debut of Refugees Deeply, the latest in Setrakian’s string of immersive single-topic websites.

There are an estimated 60 million refugees in the world, many forced from their homes by unrelenting violence.

“Every country is dealing with this, from America to Australia,” says Setrakian, a former foreign correspondent for ABC News and Bloomberg TV. “But they are in their own little bubble.” Refugees Deeply hopes to play a role in the search “for long-term solutions,” Setrakian says. “How do we make sense of it?”

And solutions, she believes, are essential. [We’ve got solutions!—ed]


In a sense Refugees Deeply, which is being supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, seems like an organic outgrowth from Setrakian’s debut project, Syria Deeply, which launched in 2012 to rave reviews. The brutal civil war there has forced many to flee in search of safety.

But, Setrakian points out, “Syria is just the tip of it. It’s happening in Asia, Africa, Latin America. Sixty to 70% are not from the Middle East. There are a lot of places the refugee crisis is unfolding, and we never hear of it.”

Yes, we know this:

The Deeplies have found that their model of obsessive single-topic coverage resonates with people with a strong interest in that single topic. The idea for each one, Setrakian says, is “to be the centerpiece for that microcommunity” and “to turn a news site into a buzzing hive of activity.”

Watch for it! We can’t wait!

7 Responses to ““Single-topic” website on refugees to be launched by Lefties”

  1. […] you about a new “single-topic” website the Left is launching on refugees. They get it! See it here.  And it reminded me to nag you all […]


  2. Truly a disgusting ‘human being’.

    Armenians were murdered in the millions by Turkish moon-worshippers.

    Lara is even married to a fellow Armenian, someone whose relatives like her own were victims of the rapist religion. But still she supports the invasion of Europe and heirloom America by the pederast cult.

    I look forward to the time that the people who support the same scum who committed one of the few real genocides of the 20th century face a reckoning. In fact, many of the same people who deny that the ‘Young Turks’ genuinely murdered millions of Europeans do it for purely selfish reasons. Emmanuel Efendi would have fit right into modern politics as a supporter of the likes of Merkel, as would Marcel Samuel Raphael Cohen.


  3. tomasrose said

    my guess is they will be utterly incapable of shedding any real light on refugee resettlement. They will basically run the same story every day and readers will quickly tire of the topic. In the meantime readers of RRW will post RRW articles in the comments section – until such comments are cut off – and RRW will gain readers.


  4. sodiumpen said

    Likely due to the international “success” of the photos of the unfortunate, little boy – now this scam is being perpetrated. Is anyone surprised?

    “Foreign journalists are paying 20 euros to refugees to lie on the shores and pretend that they have drowned, says Bishop of Kos, Nisyros Nathanael, to the Greek newspaper Greek Reporter. ”



  5. kerberos616 said

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