One of the groups organizing against Trump in Chicago was a “refugee rights” group

The Daily Caller has posted a list of the groups (it wasn’t just Media Matters!) who organized the disruptive and at times violent protest that shut down a Donald Trump rally on Friday evening in Chicago.

ICIRR’s Fred Tsao

One group is the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR). (Note the Daily Caller reporter has garbled the name.) But below and here is what the DC says of a group we have reported on many times over the years. (See our lengthy archive on ICIRR here.)

I can’t emphasize enough that ICIRR and its companion groups, like the ones in Tennessee and Massachusetts, are not driven by ‘humanitarian’ zeal, but are hard left community agitation groups working to change America by changing the people!

The DC:

This radical leftist group, specializing in immigration, is a more extreme version of the far left version of National Council on La Raza in Illinois.

The group was featured in an article profiling some of the groups intending to protest Trump’s rally in the left-wing website, Progress Illinois on March 8 entitled “New Americans Hit The Polls In Chicago As Immigrant Advocates Gear Up For Anti-Trump Protest.”

“There’s a lot of really hateful rhetoric with respect to immigrants being voiced by candidates out there, “ICIRR’s Senior Policy Counsel Fred Tsao said in that article. “We want to show that immigrants are patriotic, contributing and eager to participate in the political process and to integrate into society.”   [Hey Fred, hint! It doesn’t help your cause to get poor immigrants and refugees out to events like this!—ed]

This group was not only instrumental in creating not only the most radical local immigration ordinance but championed the case which inspired the DREAM Act.

Go here to read more about ICIRR and other groups that organized the anti-free speech rally in Chicago.

Remember readers that when you make that foolish distinction and say LEGAL immigration is good and illegal is bad, groups like ICIRR are making no such distinction.  It is all the same to them—they want large numbers of immigrants to build a permanent voting majority for their Leftwing wet dreams.  See a list of their ‘partners’ here.

ICIRR’s former director, Joshua Hoyt, has moved on to a larger ‘change agent’ role, see a mention here.  He is the Executive Director of the National Partnership for New Americans, here.

9 thoughts on “One of the groups organizing against Trump in Chicago was a “refugee rights” group

  1. It’s not surprising that these groups are leftist-sponsored, and that their agenda is not just to ‘help’ refugees.
    I also think it’s good that you emphasized the point about not differentiating between legal immigration (supposedly the kind that is ”good”) and illegal, which we’ve been conditioned to say is the only kind we have a problem with.
    Legal or illegal, as you say, both kinds work to our detriment and harm when they change the very people of this country, and in doing so, weaken and subvert what is good about this country. Changing the people inevitably changes the nature of a country. The left knows this, and that’s why they support replacing us.


  2. You are being part of the problem by not calling it what it is. Just as Obama won’t say “muslim terrorist”, media will not say “rioters”. It has to be “protesters” instead of “rioters” or “violent invaders” or “domestic and foreign terrorists”. Heck, even “thugs” and “bullies” would be closer to reality than “protesters”. Attaching the word “violent” to “protester” perpetuates the lie.


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