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Wyoming Public Radio pushing refugee resettlement for Wyoming

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 14, 2016

Oh, they will say they are just promoting the discussion about opening Wyoming for the placement of third world refugees, but it is just this sort of thing that the Open Borders Left uses to keep the pressure on a recalcitrant population which has made it very clear over recent years that they do not want Wyoming to become a new resettlement site.

Republican Governor Matthew Mead of Wyoming listens to remarks during a "Growth and Jobs in America" discussion at the National Governors Association Winter Meeting in Washington, February 23, 2014. The governors will be meeting with administration officials, members of Congress and business leaders as they discuss the nation's economy, education issues, environmental concerns and health and human services. REUTERS/Mike Theiler (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT) - RTX19DNM

Republican Governor Matthew Mead of Wyoming wants third world refugees resettled in the state.

This is what the Leftists and complicit media do all the time to wear down their opposition.

For new readers, Wyoming is the only state in the nation that has never had a UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program.

Montana, the only other state not ‘welcoming’ refugees at the moment, did have a small program a few years ago.

With the big push from the Obama Administration to expand resettlement from around the world to 85,000 this year (10,000 from Syria), the US State Department and its contractors are out scouting new territory and the Republican governor of Wyoming has invited the feds to come on in!

We have been following the controversy in Wyoming ever since Governor Matt Mead wrote a 2013 letter to the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in Health and Human Services saying they were setting up an office in Wyoming.  A huge political brouhaha ensued and the governor and those pushing the plan ran for cover (for awhile!).

This March 24 event, being put on by Wyoming Public Radio and the Wyoming Humanities Council, signals that the Open borders (diversity is beautiful) gang is beginning a new propaganda salvo against citizens who object to the expense and cultural disruption that impoverished refugees from Africa, Asia and the Middle East would place on rural Wyoming.

This is a summary of the upcoming event:


One of the panelists will be former Congolese refugee Bertine Bahige. It was Bahige’s story about how he wanted a refugee program in WY so he could bring his family from the Congo to Wyoming that spooked citizens there before the Lutheran resettlement agency could get its structure in place in Casper. From my own experience and vast evidence over the years, these agents for the US State Dept. must get set up and start operations before the word leaks to regular folks in the town. Secrecy is the watchword for federal agencies/contractors.

Wyoming PBS and the Wyoming Humanities Council are partnering to explore immigration and refugee policy in Wyoming in a special March 24th Wyoming Perspectives. What is the federal government’s refugee program? Why doesn’t Wyoming participate? What are the numbers of immigrants and refugees in Wyoming? What is Wyoming’s history with immigration? Should Wyoming help in the world’s refugee crisis? Why or why not? These questions and more will be discussed. Brian Liesinger, Executive Director of the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center, will provide a historical perspective.


Wyomingites need to find out more about those on the board of the Wyoming Humanities Council, here.  And, use the election season to question Liz Cheney about the refugee program. You should be guaranteed to get publicity by doing so.

Concerned citizens of Wyoming should weigh in here:

We invite your questions about immigration and refugee policy in Wyoming. Call in your questions during the broadcast to: 800-495-9788 or submit questions now via email to

If you live somewhere else in the US and have witnessed problems with the refugee program where you live, please send in questions and comments as well! (Even if your questions/comments never make it on the air, you will be educating Wyoming PBS).

Also, please send ‘educational’ information to the legislator, see here, who will be on the program.

For all of you who have not followed the controversy in Wyoming, see our archive here.

Two years ago this week, we had a good laugh when we learned that the wannabe refugee contractor, Lutherans!, admitted that the reason they got politically shot down was that the news was out about their plans before they had all the skids greased.  They had hoped to keep the plan secret longer! Jumping the gun! Go here and see that the ORR already had Casper, WY on their map of resettlement sites.  The latest map shows no office in Casper.

See especially, Governor Mead suggests RRW is racist, here (a usual line of attack by the Left!).

28 Responses to “Wyoming Public Radio pushing refugee resettlement for Wyoming”

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  2. […] Wyoming Public Radio pushing refugee resettlement for Wyoming […]


  3. NO! NO! NO! We do no need to bring refugees here to Wyoming..and especially when this is being done “secretly” and for the benefit of a church..mainly to promote more contributions and tithes by the church members ”and SHOCKINGLY..most of this refugee work is funded by the TAXPAYER through government subsidies and payments to the church.


  4. […] Source: Wyoming Public Radio pushing refugee resettlement for Wyoming […]


  5. […] you know, Wyoming has never had a program, see our recent post by clicking here, but Montana had a tiny program that died nearly eight years ago.  Open borders activists are […]


  6. Mark Matta said

    Dear Ann,

    Thank you for your tireless, liberty-loving, service to your country and all of us via your informative blog! Praise the Lord for your excellent work.

    I used to work for a Senator in CA (years ago) and he would say, “WHEN they [our elected officials] ‘feel the heat’ [get a lot of contact from the constituents] THEN they will ‘see the light’ [do the right thing on behalf of the people].” If we will put the pressure on decision-makers, whenever they can be found, then I believe this will help to “retard” the refugee resettlement process.

    I have three comments / questions:

    1. No one likely knows better than you do who the decision-makers are in the various communities where refugee resettlement is planning / coming: Could you please pass those decision-maker names and phone #s and Email addresses to us, whenever you have them, so we can directly make call and impact the process?

    2. In your Email message below, you have a red text section which tells us to contact the PBS broadcast, and gives a phone number (thank you), but I cannot find the date and time of that broadcast so I can call in? By the way, I love red text that is clearly identified with a little subtitle such as ACTION POINT which clearly tells us, “Hey folks, this is where to focus your attention immediately to put as much pressure on the decision-makers as possible, when they are known.

    3. I live in Sacramento, CA, where there reportedly brought in 1,276 refugee in FY 2015 (according to the spreadsheet). I have read your blog posts (like the one dated 11-2-15) with great interest, and have noted that Debra Ortiz is taking over as CEO of “Opening Doors” as of last Jan. 1. But I’m still not sure who to contact – who is a decision-maker (is it an elected official who will decide about whether or not to allow “Opening Doors” to import more refugees(?)) – and what is their contact info.
    I have a small non-profit that equips people of Judeo-Christian faith to pray for our leaders and nation, and to actively participate in the process of identifying and selecting Constitution-honoring leaders (local, state, and federal). In my various Email broadcasts, I provide specific action points with names phone numbers so that people can not only be informed, but can take immediate action to impact the process.

    THANK YOU AGAIN for your excellent work, and for reading my comments. I know that many times, the evil-doing refugee resettlement “profiteers” operate under “stealth mode,” so it’s hard to know whom to contact. BUT, IF there is a known decision-maker (especially an elected official who is concerned about his own “job security”) THEN please pass along the specifics of who to contact, their phone and Email info, dates/times/locations of meetings-to-attend, and a summary at the message you’d recommend we relay to them. I think these suggestions may help “the cause.”

    Gratefully, your servant in Christ,
    Mark Matta
    Director of North Region — 916-853-9777 Office — 916-716-1075 Cell
    “Passionately Proclaiming Uncompromising Truth”


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Thanks for your kind words Mark. I’ll have to answer the rest of your questions tomorrow, but very quickly if you click on the hot link “this March 24 event” in the text of my post it will open to the full announcement with the time.


  7. Skip Patel said

    First German, Now Austrian Government Admits That MINIMUM 50% Of All Crimes Come From The New “Refugees”,
    Not only that, but Austria has proved these numbers are consistent going back as far as 2003.


  8. […] Source: Wyoming Public Radio pushing refugee resettlement for Wyoming […]


  9. Jim Cain said

    The whole Public Radio (NPR) network in the USA is littered with — and controlled by — Jews. They all do their part, by tribal instinct, to push the multicultural agenda (everywhere EXCEPT in Israel)!



    • Ann Corcoran said

      Oh come on… you know that this particular issue—refugee resettlement—is driven by Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Evangelicals, Jews, mainline protestants at Church World Service and people with no religion. The common thread is not religion, it is that this is a project of the political Left (and big business on the Right)!


      • this is not the case. The “religious” profiteers are mere middlemen/brokers. Judeo-globalist, debt-bombing banksters and billionaires own the political class which pays the middlemen/brokers. The political “Left”? The core of the Left has been and is Jewish since Marx. “big business on the Right”? See, again, debt-control


    • Skip Patel said

      Yeah…”Jews” such as Dan Stein ( ), and Frank Gaffney ( ?

      People like “Jim Cain” are used by the proponents of Open Borders to sully the reputations of good folks who have given their time and energy to exposing the dangerous folly of U.S. immigration policies by linking us to neo-nazis and Aryan Nations types. This ploy worked very well with the Minutemen Border Protection groups a few years ago… why not try it with Ann, Frosty, Gaffney, and other sane minded activists?

      If “Jim Cain’s” intent is to discredit yet another patriotic movement then we must ask ourselves who is his paymaster.

      There are no nazi sympathisers here……now move along


      • Ann Corcoran said

        I don’t believe Gaffney is Jewish (but it doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t). Some of the best people I know fighting the scourge of Islamic supremacism and mass migration are Jewish. Again, it is the ideology of the Left (they have hoodwinked kind-hearted people) driven by a desire for a socialist utopia (most new immigrants vote for Dems). And the big business money on the right driving refugee resettlement, not some Jewish conspiracy.


        • tomasrose said

          I think Skip is saying that ‘Jim Cain’ is a troll – I mean, really, ‘Cain’? – and that his goal is to make anyone look bad who questions our current immigration regime.


          • Ann Corcoran said

            Good point, I tend to not think in terms of trolls and tricksters. Can’t imagine having that sort of diabolical mind and always assume that what commenters say is what they believe. I gotta stop being so naive!


  10. Bruce Cristel said

    Ann….why don’t you have a DONATE button so that we can contribute? You could hire an intern or a secretary to help out. The load will not grow lighter. Enjoy you immensely. Joseph Cristel



    • Ann Corcoran said

      I appreciate your kind words and I know, I know, people tell me all the time that they would like to contribute. But, whenever I start thinking about it, I tell myself No. I’m fortunate to have the time I do have to research and write (been kind of lagging lately though), but not sure I want to kick it all up to the next level —staff means I have obligations and can’t quit! LOL! Not planning on quitting anytime soon, but at least I am free! And, there is something to be said about this being my charitable contribution to America! That said, I am working on a plan to do a fact-finding trip of mid-western and western states this summer so maybe I’ll think about seeing if anyone wants to contribute to my project—how refugee resettlement and big industries (big meat for example) are destroying the heartland.

      Again, thanks Bruce, will keep you posted!


  11. Skip Patel said

    John Kasich Goes All In For Amnesty: Illegals ‘Made In The Image Of The Lord’

    (These things are acceptable when “our guys” do it, as it was with Shrub!)


  12. Skip Patel said

    In case you’ve missed it!

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has revealed that 124 illegal immigrant criminals released from jail by the Obama administration since 2010 have been subsequently charged with murder.

    There seems to be a pattern of devious “bait & switch” going on with our self-proclaimed “Conservatives” too!

    Remember this?

    After Paul Ryan Funds Visas for 300,000 Muslim Migrants, House Republicans Give Him Standing Ovation


    • sturandot13 said

      Paul Ryan is NO conservative. He is an establishment “wolf-in-sheep’s clothing” – and all the more dangerous for that. He should be primaried OUT this year!


  13. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal.


  14. Look at this Congolese ‘refugee’ guy. Our Open-Borders Overlords don’t miss a trick, do they? After his calculus class, he’s going to meet Ricky and David Nelson at the malt shop.


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  16. kerberos616 said

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