Comment worth noting: Where have all the Cinderella men gone?

Editor:   We have a category here at RRW entitled ‘Comments worth noting/guest posts.’  This is a good comment from reader Cathy that I am bringing to your attention.  The comment was made to yesterday’s post, ‘Jobs Americans won’t do….’  Emphasis below is mine.

From Cathy:

When I talk to people about the hit that American citizens are taking by big companies hiring immigrants, both legal and illegal, they always come back with the statement that the American citizens do not want to work, have a poor work ethic, are not dependable, etc. My guess is that this might well be the case because we have paid people to not work, making it an option, with no stigma.


In the past, it was terrible to be on welfare or unemployment. Remember the movie, Cinderella Man? He went back to the government office and paid back the welfare money when he could finally earn enough money to feed his family. That was during the Depression.

My fear is that the government has done such a good job of destroying the working class family by introducing welfare that insisted that the man not be in the household so that we now have a deeply embedded culture of single parent families, drifting children, no concept of a work ethic, and the result is employers using that as an excuse to not hire Americans, but to go for hard working foreigners.

Remember that the employers have tax benefits involved in hiring foreigners. Also, the foreigners cannot argue with the employer because if they lose their job, then they must go home if they are here on the H1B or H2B visas. If they are illegal, they have no recourse. This makes for a diligent, compliant workforce.

The employer doesn’t have to pay higher wages, so the taxpayer picks up the additional social costs due to low paying jobs. The schools have to educate in many languages, the hospital ER takes care of the sick, and the local community suffers the double hit of paying unemployment/welfare to their own citizens and all the social costs associated with reducing people to a dependent class. The employer pockets the extra earnings.

We can thank our elites in DC for the many bad decisions that have led to this disaster that has taken several generations to reach its current epic proportions. A final blow is that the lack of worth that comes with being a non-working dependent class leads to additional social problems.

My hypothesis is that the current heroin epidemic that the government is trying to stem can be linked back to the broken family and jobless lifestyle of our formerly working class citizens. I know that heroin is ravaging children from all classes, but it is particularly bad on the people that have no hope and see no way out.

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It occurs to me that if a Presidential candidate picked up this theme in a serious way it would resonate with voters….

7 thoughts on “Comment worth noting: Where have all the Cinderella men gone?

  1. I’m going to suggest that what’s left of our country is the result of our elected officials no longer concerned with emphasizing the importance of what it means to be an American. There is no discussion of the sacredness of the ideas on which this republic was founded and for which more than 1 million Americans have died defending. Compounding the problem are a media and an education system that seem more concerned with “celebrating” diversity than they are calling for national unity.


  2. This idea is not without all merit, but I believe that, at least when it comes to European American men, they most definitely still want to have a wife and family and a good demanding job. Although they might be more agreeable to accepting something like ‘workmens comp,’ welfare is still considered a major stigma. But one problem is that humans are pack animals and they pick up on social cues. Talking about younger men, I think many are quite willing to do hard physical labor at entry-level jobs or as temporary summer employment, working through college, or even as a career. Many young men relish being physically tested, in the military or civilian work, for one thing, building and demonstrating strength and toughness, and improving one’s physical and general attractiveness to the opposite sex.

    However, once various industries, like agriculture, become the province of legal and illegal non-Whites from alien cultures, where a newly hired young White man walks out, let’s say, into a vineyard or a tomato field, and they find their clannish non-English speaking coworkers are doing double-takes, reacting in amused puzzlement, such work loses most of its appeal, as something that aware young people just don’t do. This is one of the main reasons almost all people are diligent to keep their clothes at least semi in-style. It can be socially devastating to appear so clueless that you are still attired as if encased in a bygone era–in teens, six months back–which can have serious drag-down economic, dating and other consequences.

    So by socially and culturally closing off entire industries to, especially, European Americans, our cheap-labor Open-Borders Overlords can then point at the predictable consequences and say ‘See!’ When they have in fact created the very problems they are allegedly trying to cure with their tsunami of alien Third World labor, a teeming temporarily passive slave-wage underclass workforce, a workforce that longtime American citizens, unsurprisingly, are not going to be pushing each other out of the way so they can be the next to joyously dive into.

    Therefore I believe that the charge that, at least, European American workers have generally become “lazy” and have “poor work habits” is a lie. However, it is understandable that many hardworking American buy this idea since they are bombarded with it 24/7.


  3. If anyone is actually listening, TRUMP picked up on this from Day 1. He addresses it through fair trade agreements, bringing our jobs back, and putting people to work again, building a wall and stopping illegal immigration. Hiring Americans first.

    He understands from many years of paying close attention to elections that discussing lazy welfare (of any kind) recipients is not going to get votes, but getting the good jobs back and being Pro-American is. It is all about how you brand the package. Inspirational vs Demeaning.

    Once you WIN, then you can begin the damage cleanup. You gotta’ get the job first.


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