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Buffalo, NY: Are refugees being placed in unsafe housing

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 25, 2016

More housing issues involving refugees—this time New York—see our previous post this morning on Michigan.

I saw this news the other day, but didn’t find time to post it.  As I said in my previous post, look for many housing problems especially this year as federal contractors like Journey’s End in this story are desperate to find housing for the 85,000 refugees Obama is bringing to America.

They will argue that they don’t get enough of a federal hand-out to put them in decent housing, but they will never argue that that means the flow has to be slowed or cut off!  Just get them in, get their per head payment and move on! That is how they roll!



Karen Andolina Scott is the Executive Director of Journey’s End in Buffalo. No comment on ceiling collapse story.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- A refugee family living on Buffalo’s West Side is having a difficult first few weeks in the United States. On Sunday night, the ceiling collapsed in the kitchen of their rental home on Grant St.

“It fell on me and my kids we were all inside,” said Roger, who was visiting a family friend that lives in the home.

Roger told News 4 he was taking a call in the kitchen when the collapse happened.

“It’s really discouraging when someone comes here seeking a house and you find yourself in these conditions, this situation,” he said.

His family friend, Ley Baunda, lives in the house with his wife and seven children. They are refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo.***

They told us they blame local resettlement organizations for placing them in an unsafe house.

“I’m afraid because there is many, many things that is not good in the house,” said Baunda.

Baunda’s landlord wouldn’t talk to News 4.

We reached out to resettlement agency Journey’s End who wouldn’t comment on this case.

Continue reading to learn more as Ms. Scott explains the “federal program.”

From our handy list we learn that Journey’s End (a “Christian based” organization) is a subcontractor of both Church World Service and Episcopal Migration Ministries (two of the nine major federal contractors).

See our very large archive on Buffalo by clicking here.

***Just a reminder, on refugees from the DR Congo, we are in the process of bringing in 50,000, see one of many posts, here.

6 Responses to “Buffalo, NY: Are refugees being placed in unsafe housing”

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  2. The thought that first hit my mind when reading the title of this article was… we’ve got extremely poor American families that are living in unsafe homes. Won’t even go into those that are homeless. Meanwhile, these resettlement organizations only care about the bounty they receive for hauling people into America from all over the world. If we decide to relocate to other locations around the world, many of these governments demand that we show we can house and take care of ourselves before they allow us to come into the county. This is wrong putting Americans out of housing so that we can house the rest of the world.


  3. Skip Patel said

    MN Schools Provide Prayer Rooms, Rugs For Influx Of Refugee Students…

    Where are the native born “Americans” supposed to go?


  4. […] Buffalo, NY: Are refugees being placed in unsafe housing […]


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