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Iowa jobs programs for refugees could cost state taxpayers hundreds of thousands

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 4, 2016

The story is from the Des Moines Register today (hat tip: Joanne).

State Senator Bob Dvorsky

Iowa State Senator Janet Petersen (D) is working to find the money for more refugee “services” in the state budget.

Hey, folks in Montana and Wyoming, listen up!  When the wannabe refugee contractors tell you that the refugee resettlement program for your state will cost your state and local taxpayers zip, zero, nada, refer your elected officials to this article about the need for a jobs program and more “services” for the 10,000 refugees who have been placed in the state.  (Apparently the meatpacker employers don’t pay enough!)

$350,000 is being sought from the state legislature to help fund RefugeeRise and it’s “advocacy” efforts on behalf of (mostly Burmese?) refugees who don’t have enough “services.”

Of course, the first question I have is where is the refugee resettlement agency that placed them in the first place, aren’t they already being paid to help refugees get “services” and jobs?

RefugeeRise appears to me to be yet one more taxpayer-funded subsidiary of an expanding refugee industry.

This is, after all, an industry!

6 Responses to “Iowa jobs programs for refugees could cost state taxpayers hundreds of thousands”

  1. mikekiljom said

    Just for reference and maybe ideas for others…. I repost MOST of Ann’s blog articles to my PUBLIC facebook page. Typically with shouting headline like this ones:


    Write your state reps Iowa, DEMAND they stop this deadly nonsense!

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  2. […] Iowa jobs programs for refugees could cost state taxpayers hundreds of thousands […]


  3. Meat packing doesn’t pay enough? !! Excuse me but my daughter-in-law can’t even find a job for over $8.00 an hour and I bet they pay way more than that. There are not enough jobs for the people that have lived here all their lives and they want special treatment? If they came here to change their lives then change them, but not with our hard earned money. Go back to your home country and then complain. Their plan is to get rich from the American Government and send it back to their home country for relatives. Of course it is not enough to support a dozen families in the home country. We can’t make enough to support one family and they want more, more,more!! NO MORE REFUGEE’S! SEND THEM BACK IF THE JOBS ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH, THE HOME AREN’T FANCY ENOUGH OR STOCKED WITH PLENTY OF FOOD, FURNISHINGS AND EVERYTHING ELSE THEY WANT HANDED TO THEM. MY KIDS NEED HELP TO, BUT THEY ARE TURNED DOWN. SO THERE GOES MY S.S. CHECK FOR THE MONTH. Just sick of them all. They think they are worth more than our Veterans? NOT!!!


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  5. Instead of making these immigrants to learn our language, politicians think that the taxpayer should pay to have public healthcare documents printed in theirs. In my opinion, if they can’t be bothered to learn the language, than they are not entitled to vote, get free health care, or anything else requiring understanding forms written in this countries language. Better yet, if they can’t speak the language, why let them in at all? to do otherwise costs us money, and causes unnecessary problems for us.


  6. kerberos616 said

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