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Announcement from US Embassy in Jordan: Syrian refugee surge to America is now underway

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 6, 2016

Obama is reducing the screening time of 18-24 months to 3 months!

Regular readers know I have been reporting how the Obama Administration is way behind (so far) in resettling the 10,000 Syrians it has ‘promised’ you would be coming to your towns this fiscal year (by September 30th).  Well, here comes the news!

The Syrian Muslim surge is underway!  And, it could involve MORE than 10,000!

From AP:

Since October last year, 1,000 Syrian refugees have moved from Jordan to the U.S. The resettlement surge hopes to increase that number ten-fold.


US Ambassador to Jordan saw the first “surge” Syrians off at the airport in Jordan this week. Thousand more right behind them! Help! Where is James Comey and the FBI?

A resettlement surge center opened in Amman in February to meet President Barack Obama’s target of resettling 10,000 Syrians to the United States by Sep. 30. Every day, the center interviews some 600 Syrian refugees.

The temporary processing center for the surge operation will run until April 28, U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Alice Wells said. She travelled to the airport to greet the family before their departure.

The regional refugee coordinator at the U.S. embassy in Amman, Gina Kassem, said that while the 10,000 target applies to Syrian refugees living around the world, the majority will be resettled from Jordan.

“The 10,000 is a floor and not a ceiling, and it is possible to increase the number,” she told reporters.

Now get this! How many times have you heard about how our screening process takes 18-24 months? They are getting it done now in THREE MONTHS!

While the resettlement process usually takes 18 to 24 months, under the surge operation this will be reduced to three months, Kassem said.

As we reported here (and we expect the trend to continue) 99% of those being rushed to America are Sunni Muslims.

23 Responses to “Announcement from US Embassy in Jordan: Syrian refugee surge to America is now underway”

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  2. […] Announcement from US Embassy in Jordan: Syrian refugee surge to America is now underway April 6, 2016 […]


  3. We are literally paying to import crime, poverty, and the destruction of our culture. We have not been given any say in this matter, so we are being forced to “tolerate” these undesirables being given automatic, permanent citizenship, despite the transitory nature of the supposed emergency used to justify this transgression. Probably the best thing to do is try and find out where they are dumping these invaders, and publicize the findings. Local patriots can take it from there.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      That is what I try to do whenever I find any notice of where they are going. Like Ithaca just today. But, this program is very secretive and most citizens never find out until it is too late.


  4. I assume Ms Alice G Wells lives in a neighborhood where she doesn’t worry about about being raped or knifed by muslims. So she is carefree and smiling when discussing importing a violent, backward, totalitarian ideology into her country, an ideology that others and their children will have to contend with. I’m beginning to think all leftists are psychopathic.


  5. […] Announcement from US Embassy in Jordan: Syrian refugee surge to America is now underway April 6, 2016 […]


  6. Only those from the Middle East that are persecuted for their faith as Christians should be allowed entrance into the US, Europe, or any Western nation. The Islamists, those found to be an endangerment to humanity after THOROUGH vetting, should be repatriated throughout Muslim countries.These Islamists, in their worldview, have too often proven themselves hostile and deadly.

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  7. […] Announcement from US Embassy in Jordan: Syrian refugee surge to America is now underway April 6, 2016 […]


  8. domstudent11 said

    I’m keeping my eye on Evanston, Illinois where I have family members. This article was published yesterday:
    Remember your article on the Rohingyan refugees, Ann? A center to help them will open this weekend. Another chilling sentence: “The city acts as an intermediary for other nonprofits and religious organizations which assist in resettlement.”


  9. I have a friend that married a Christian lady from Indonesia about 10 years ago…it took him a YEAR to get her here…and I had to write numerous letters to INS in support of her!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      There are so many stories like yours—people who deserve to be admitted. Now, if the Syrian civil war ended next week, the pipeline is open and they will be coming for the next 3 decades just as the Somalis are. And, the Republican Establishment will do nothing to stop it!


  10. This is sooooo wrong in so many ways, do the due process………….or get obama out of office (impeach him) now


  11. mjazzguitar said

    Did they decide on the curriculum for the classes that teach them it is not okay to rape?

    Liked by 1 person

  12. ascomanni said

    It’s not like we don’t already have enough Mexicans surging into the USA. Let’s bring in the Muslims. Adding Muslims to a population always livens things up. As in “boom boom shoot shoot complain complain boom!.” Wheeeee. I’m sure they’ve thought this one through. Good days a comin…Next up: cries of “Islamophobia”


  13. Guess he has to so a problem can be created in time to suspend the elections.


  14. kerberos616 said

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  15. jdelaney3 said

    I’m impressed by your work, Ann. In anticipation of a possible influx of inadequately vetted Sunni Muslims from Syria, the local paper published my editorial warning against resettling these refugees. Was surprised it was actually published at all. Don’t know what else I can do except to keep my ear to ground, read your reports and sound the alarm if warnings aren’t heeded in my upstate NY community. Keep up the great work. As a former (retired 2003) refugee program manager, I am, of course, keenly interested in this issue. With both overseas and domestic resettlement experience, I can’t be easily duped. I KNOW it’s about money and precious little about humanitarianism which motivates these agencies, top to bottom.

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  16. So, of the FIRST 1000, how many are young, strapping, healthy MALES? And the next 9000? 99% YOUNG, MILITARY-SERVICE PHYSIQUE MALES??????

    Lock and load, folks, lock and load. get your Concealed carry license and get something small and potent to defend yourself and protect your spouse and your CHILDREN! These backward mutants are authorized by their Quran to rape women AND Little Girls AND BOYS. In Europe, thousands are raped every week.


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  18. kerberos616 said

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