Migrants now headed to Libya (from Turkey) to invade Europe from there (blame Hillary!)

Invasion of Europe news….

You probably know that the European Union has clamped down finally on the arrivals of migrants in Greece (from Turkey) with their latest scheme to return those who have no legitimate claim to asylum back to Turkey.


boat_people from Libya
Photo: http://conservative-headlines.com/2015/04/farage-us-britain-created-boat-people-crises/


So it is no surprise that smugglers are finding a new (old!) route.  It is not really new because ever since the Obama Administration launched its foolish attack on Libya (with its equally foolish European partners), Libya has been a launch pad for invasion, albeit the flow from there slowed during the winter months as the invasion of Europe by mostly Muslim migrants was directed at the Turkey/Greece route.

Blame Hillary!

And, in this hot US Election 2016 season why is there no mention of the fact that Hillary (and her girls) are to blame for the hellhole Libya has become?  

At least strongman Libyan leader Col.Muammar Gaddafi was able to keep the invasion of Europe from launching from Libya! Now it is a crime-ridden hellhole where smugglers ply their trade with impunity.

Here is what UKIP’s Nigel Farage said last year:

Libya was actively working with Italy to prevent illegal aliens from trying to cross the Mediterranean on boats. Then the US and Britain armed and provided air support to Sunni Jihadists to topple Gaddafi. Now, people from all over Africa are packing into small boats and trying to illegally enter Europe.

USA Today tells us how the Turkey to Greece smugglers are turning their attention again to Libya.  “Refugees” will not sit idle in Turkey they say:

Abu Hassan, the administrator of a Facebook page dedicated to smuggling, said that’s already happening. “People are now traveling from Turkey to Libya by air and then to Italy by sea in a more expensive and more dangerous journey,” he said.

Of course the government of Turkey is complicit too, surely they must know that “refugees” are hopping planes to Libya in increasing numbers!

Every photo of invaders of Europe from Libya should be juxtaposed with this video of Hillary cackling after her plans killed Gadaffi!  (Watch Huma hand her a phone in front of the cameras).



Think about it! History could easily blame Hillary as the chief architect of the death of Gadaffi, the demise of Libya and ultimately the destruction of Europe.  Now that would give her a huge historical footprint!

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8 thoughts on “Migrants now headed to Libya (from Turkey) to invade Europe from there (blame Hillary!)

  1. When Bush toppled Hussein the Left and the media went apoplectic.
    Obama topples Gaddafi- who was not a threat to us, and terrorists fill the vacuum- and we hear not a whisper.

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  2. I hate to be so perpetually negative, but here’s another bit of information your FOX-NEWS-CNN favourites won’t be talking about!

    The United States issues twice as many green cards to migrants from Muslim-majority countries than from Europe, adding to a Middle Eastern migrant population in the country that is one of the fastest growing demographics.

    From 2009 to 2013, the U.S. issued 680,000 green cards to migrants from Muslim countries, more than twice the approximately 270,000 green cards issued to migrants from European countries. Green cards entitle migrants to legal permanent residency in the country and work authorization, federal benefits, and the chance to apply for citizenship.


    I suspect the situation is far worse.

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    1. * Let’s not forget that the Paris & Brussels attackers held European passports and would count as “European immigrants” if they were to move into your neighbourhood.

      The United States is brimming with “British”, “German”, “Dutch” and “Danish” [Muslim] immigrants who were actually born in Africa, India, Pakistan and Arab countries. The Europeans must be laughing down their sleeves at the gullible Americans and their corrupt politicos.

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